For Existing TVCNet Customers

Hi folks,
This is Jim Walker, with TVCNet.

Please excuse the interruption. If you'll bear with me for just a few minutes I would like to update you on, What's happening at TVCNet.

To start, from the team here at TVCNet, We love you guys! 
What a great year this has been for our company. Our focus on customer service, SSD high speed hosting, WordPress security and your steady referrals have greatly helped us expand our business offerings this past year.

That said, I would like to chat for a moment about a project that's been in the works here at TVCNet for the past several months.

We've completed a refresh of the TVCNet website and completely replaced our underlying billing system.

As time permits please assist me by logging into your account at TVC.Net. In order to do so, you will need to reset your password, as no passwords were transferred:

Why the change?

Other than the need for a site redesign for mobile devices, the billing system decision was probably one of the most important decisions we've had to make infrastructure wise in the past ten years. Suffice it to say, the complexity of moving from one accounting system to another has been daunting.

While we are anticipating a smooth transition to the new billing software, if any issues do arise, you have our promise that we will do our best to resolve any and all billing concerns within hours of bringing them to our attention.

What's changed?

Usernames have been retired (replaced with your email address instead), all passwords have been reset, and all credit card and recurring payment information has been wiped clean and securely deleted. With all of the security, credit card theft, and various other security issues we've been reading about lately, we felt it was prudent to start fresh, and have all new, verifiably secure information entered into the new billing system.

More security at TVCNet?

But that's not all... We now provide a triad of security services. 

* First, we started with, one of the most security focused website hosting companies in the world.

* A few years ago, we rolled out, a "reactive" website security and malware repair service.

* And lastly, in the past two years we've developed the service, a "proactive" security service for WordPress users.

So, if you ran out of nice things to say about our near instant customer service and website security finesse, you now have two more wonderful services you can tell your friends about.

The future is looking bright for TVCNet and we hope you'll continue to follow us as we work to develop more innovative security and customer service focused programs in the near future. Yes, we have a cloud solution as well, but that's a discussion for another day.


Best Wishes,
Jim Walker
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