Many HVAC professionals and students and home owners ask Rome Wells how is it possible that you can do so many things, provide advice for HVAC professionals, home owners and HVAC students.... how is that even possible?

That is indeed a valid question, and the answer is it's only possible when entire business concept is tied together or what so called networked together to produce what so called synergy.

Many people do not know what synergy is and I took a stab at entire educational industry before with an attempt to explain what synergy is using real world examples... however it didn't seem that anyone really cared... or at least attempted to replicate synergy in the educational industry world so I figured I'd turn my self towards another industry HVAC industry and see how HVAC industry responds to my process of teaching and hopefully HVAC industry cares more and embrace my level of teaching more then the world of educational industry.

In short words, my primary business model is marketing and to attract different audience I use concept of synergy. That means that I get to create positive functions within an entire industry set, functions that are relevant to one another that produce greater good.

The way I do that is I combine different audiences together by giving them something that they truly want and need. Whether it is help to prepare for exam, help to hire someone to prepare for HVAC exam or help to identify which tools to get to get the ac repair job done.

Home owners for example may simply prefer to actually ask a question in real time and get real time answer in relationship to their house project for replacing their ac split system for example with r410 refrigerant, while HVAC business owner may want help in marketing their business and needs advice and also prefers real time chat response.

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