Tutoring Services, LLC rolls out new feature where it shows break dancers on the google map, and inter-links them to their respective profiles, thereby allowing students to easily search for tutors using most advanced search mechanism on the planet, using power of google.

You can search for break dancing tutors by your address and radius, and see which break dancer are the closet to you,, see tutor's profile picture and link to the detailed profile that shows tutor's tutoring discount packages, tutor's intro video, hourly rates, previous break dancing performances and information about the tutor.

You can reserve your tutor directly by sending a message and our agent would respond to help you get matched with your break dancers.

We use inter-combination of several mechanisms to attract students.

1. We use local tutoring network of sites that is geographically strategically positioned to provide highest level of incentive for our break dancers from the perspective of being able to do work and travel to neighboring geographical counties and cities.

2. We use google to provide search interface that makes it extremely easy and intuitive for student to find their tutors

3. We use engaging chat icons that direct student towards our agency, at which point we notify your tutor to contact you and arrange lessons.

4. We use our own search map and our own custom portal conveniently organize and show all of the tutor details, making it easy for students to make their decision when it comes to hiring their break dancing tutor for either private break dancing lesson or public event.

The key difference between us and Facebook or any other social media platform, is that we provide a method for our break dancers to be presented in an organized fashion, in such a way that helps the make money. Facebook is good for social interaction, but when it comes to business and making money, our solution is the choice our agency managed break dancers chose.

Find out more visit link below.
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