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What is an affidavit of care and custody, and when does a party need to file one? Find out in our recent blog post. #affidavit

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Under what circumstances is a divorce based on the fault ground of desertion appropriate in Massachusetts? Read our blog post for more.

#Desertion #Divorce

Zelda and Zack have been married for ten years and are undergoing a divorce. Zack recently found out two things: first, that Zelda has won a professional award which will likely allow her to increase her income substantially in the future; and second, that Zelda is likely to come into a large inheritance from her mother, of which Zack had no idea. Zack wants to know if the Court is likely to take these two things into consideration when dividing the marital property and ordering alimony. Read on for our analysis. #marital property

Is there a law in place which requires the parents to give their child the father’s last name? May parents change that custom if they both agree? What if the parents disagree as to what the child’s last name should be? Read our blog for more information.

#Surname #Surnames #LastName #SurnameLaw #MassachusettsLegal #DivorceLaw

If your spouse has filed for divorce in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, you have several options as to the next steps to take in the case. Read our blog for more information.

#served #divorce #divorcepapers #MassachusettsLegal

The Federal Service-members’ Civil Relief Act provides that a person on active military duty is entitled to a continuance of any action, including a divorce or custody action, upon showing that the party is prevented from appearing in court due to military service. A recent Massachusetts case addressed the requirements for requesting a stay. Read our blog for more information.

#ServiceMembers #divorce #MassachusettsLaw

Once a protective order is issued, under what circumstances might that order be expunged by the court? This question was recently addressed by the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and we discuss the case on our blog

#expunging #expunge #protectiveOrder #protectiveOrders
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