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Am I being unreasonable or Verizon is feeling invincible? 

Tung MAI(11:51:45): you have access to my account now right?

Charlotte(11:52:10): Yes That is correct We will not provide information about online account access without verifying specific information due to our security guidelines.

Tung MAI(11:52:11): so you know that I'm  the owner to the account

Tung MAI(11:52:36): and some one else is account an online account to access my account

Tung MAI(11:52:49): and you refuse to delete it

Charlotte(11:53:14): You must secure the account prior to me providing the user ID and password Unfortunately you are not able to provide the account number the answer to the secret question or the email address listed - All are required to provide online account access

Tung MAI(11:53:25): and you call it for the security of your customers?

Charlotte(11:53:31): Once you have those pieces of information please contact us back and we will be happy to assist you

Tung MAI(11:55:09): when do you think I will have those pieces of information? since i'm not the one who created it????

Charlotte(11:55:54): Since you are telling me that you are not the one that created the account then I must verify the account information.

Tung MAI(11:56:02): so if someone who is successfully stole your information once.. and that's it? sorry. verizon can't do anything about it?
Tung MAI(11:56:34): you already know that I'm the account holder

Charlotte(11:56:47): You are saying someone stole your identity and registered your account online so they can pay your bill over the web site?

Tung MAI(11:56:47): I pay you
Tung MAI(11:56:53): I pay for the bill
Tung MAI(11:56:59): I can cancel it anytime
Tung MAI(11:57:17): but i can't do anything about the online account

Charlotte(11:57:37): Again without verifying the required information I cannot provide the user ID or password for online access I apologize for any inconvenience

Tung MAI(11:57:40): seriously? does that even sound right to you?

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There is no place like home.  Make it your own home with this Home Remodeling Ideas

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The question is, "Is it possible that we will have a housing bubble again?"  I was asked this question more than a few times in the past few weeks. So here, I'd like to share my answer to this question with everyone who looking to buy a home. 

Whether you're looking to buy a home as your primary resident or for an investment and not worrying about the burst of the housing bubble. All you have to do is to compare the purchasing price to its rental price. 

I know this sounds confusing but let's me explain.   It should be pretty simple and easy to understand.  This method of comparison uses a  very standard approach practice by many banks, which is the 80% of the purchasing price.

So if you see a house that you're interested in buying, do a little research on the rental market in the area and find the likely hood of the rental fee for this house.  If the number can cover your monthly payment of your 80% loan, then you know that  your  investment is solid and bubble proof. 

This is a shout out to all the current home buyers out there.  If you're thinking about buying a house, now is the best time to make the move.

The reason is very simple,  most sellers that do not need to sell their homes right  away would wait until spring because the price is still moving up and there will be more buyers compete for their homes.  The result is pretty clear. They get more money for their home. 

On the other hand,  sellers that are willing and are putting their house on the market at this time of the year are more or less really want to sell their house because of some other obligations.   Common sense tell us that these sellers are more willing to negotiate, and more willing to accept a lower offer than they normally would. 

Obviously this assumption is not always true but I believe that there is a greater percentage of sellers would behave this way. So talk to your Realtor about aggressively negotiate on the house that you like to get more houses for your money.  

By the way, if you're looking to buy a home in and surrounding the Beltway, you might want to work with an agent that really know the area.  I'm the beltway Real Estate Specialist. I'll be more than happy to help.

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Want to increase the value of your home?  Check this out

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International Business Times
Beijing Thinks Chinese Aren't Reading Enough; Is There A Law For That?

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Read this before proceeding with your home improvement projects
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