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field prOn! 
<unnamed big OP>
Summary: 50 agents, 3 countries, 22 layers, 76 MMU, 1 hour.

We have to end the summer with something Big, something we haven't tried before. Of course, it has to cover Bucharest, the capital. And it has to be difficult to take down. Hmm, those Sevastopol keys in my inventory sure look sexy... Hey, Gore, want to see some field pr0n?

This is how the plan began – let's anchor a field in friggin' Crimea, across the border in Bulgaria, and in the mountains! Not an easy task when you consider it's middle of August, and almost everybody is taking it easy on the beach; and yet keys have to be farmed and moved across the border and lanes have to be cleaned and linkers moved to anchors. But enthusiasm for the Op was building up quickly, and we felt confident enough to add another 11 layers to it. We contacted our friends in Ukraine and Bulgaria, and they agreed to help (even though they probably considered us a little crazy! Big thanks guys! +Igor Zarvanskiy  +Aleksey Radkov ). We settled on a date – Sunday, August 23rd – when it looked like we can put the most boots on the ground, and we started drawing up the final assignments. Our Bulgarian colleagues in Ruse pulled the short straw – the links went through a sea of green fields, a small green city full of links, and a bunch of distant blue blockers. And yet, agent @Kykata and his local team pulled it off; a day early, even! That same day, our agents @comediantul +Johnner Comediantul and @ChieptanGeac crossed the border to Ruse to meet up with @emolst +emil stamatov (in charge of the Bulgarian anchor) and exchange keys. We were ready.
Sunday morning, 11 different cleaning team left from Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau, Galati and Mangalia and headed for their targets. Our target was the 6PM checkpoint, and we had to start cleaning no later than 5PM in order to make it.

4:20PM – team Moeciu reaches their target;
4:30PM – team Pestera is delayed by bad roads (“bad” as in “almost non-existent”)
4:35PM – all link cleaning teams are in positions (some have been waiting for 3 hours already)
4:45PM – first blocker drops – Galati
4:55PM – all linking teams are in position; waiting on news from Crimea
5:00PM – Crimea will be green in 10 minutes; teams with more than one assignment start taking blockers down and move on
5:06PM – Bulgaria-Crimea is free of blockers; still waiting on Crimea
5:10PM – 'F5' button starts feeling the heat; Crimea is not yet green
5:12PM – short moment of panic – new blue blocker, incoming from a distant portal. Relief – at the other end there is a cleaning team already, waiting for the signal
5:17PM – Crimea is green! The last blockers (that were also acting as lane-keepers) are removed
5:18PM – It looks like the lanes are clear, but the link won't go through! IT WON'T GO THROUGH! OMG OMG OMGWTFBBQ!
5:19PM – First layer is up, nvm. 3.3 MMU Yay!
5:34PM – The first 6 layers, closed by @emolst, are done.
5:39PM – 5 more layers, anchored near Pestera Ialomicioarei, are done
5:53PM – the last 11 layers, anchored in Moeciu, are done.
6:00PM – checkpoint
10:00PM – fields are taken down by a Bulgarian team in Svishtov; congrats, guys!

Phew, quite an adventure. If this was a movie at the cinema, I'd pay at least 20 ADAs to see it!
Note: with all the excitement and the planning and the photo-sharing and the cheers, we just didn't have time to come up with the awesome name this Op deserved. So, it will keep the name of the original TG chat that was created for it.

Roll credits!

Valea Prahovei:AgentForGood, BigCloud, ShallowPenguin, ChieptanGeac
Tulcea:MariusRazvan, aShotgun, sil3ncio, callatianul
Murfatlar:JeeJeeQ, ULYSE
Eforie Nord:CornelN
Bucharest (west):Darkzor
Targoviste (north):VerdiliInvingi
Ruse (Bulgaria):Kykata, potrebitel, KocaMa, trakker2
Titu (backup):theEraser77
Giurgiu (backup):comediantul, SmurfFracker
Other:rrrr, GatoFTW, mijansky, grinrum, Mathias16, PeterHristov

Svishtov (Bulgaria):emolst
Pestera:ciiniirosii, Dima07, nadunaled, Foae
Moeciu:SagaA, Pleistoros, DwF, ScorpionMika, husseinko, ASDT2

Key Exchanges
comediantul, ChieptanGeac, LiqhtWarri0r

Ukraine team
Portal capture:FIBR, mrsSweety

sanshine, SmurfFracker, Partizanu, Bavarez, Horea

Agent @sanshine signing out!

+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley +Enlightened Grassroots #ingress  
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Tudor Kovacs

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This has got to end. Preferably by running a big rusty truck over the psychopathic split-personality assholes who ruin this beautiful game. #ingress #savethisgame
This is a public, cross-faction, report against a group of spoof accounts that has been very active in South-East Romania for the past week (some of them for much longer).
Usually, these accounts content themselves to targeting guardian portals of certain players, dropping farms, destroying megafields within minutes, flipping large swaths of Bucharest and just basic COMM trolling. The usual. For the past few days, however, they escalated to keeping the entire city (Bucharest) under a field. Whenever the field was dropped (either by an annoyed player, or by an equally annoyed spoof account), they would put it back up within 30 minutes (sometimes more, if they also had to clear some blockers). Another field was sometimes put up over a nearby city, Ploiesti.
Obviously, the players usually in charge of clearing fields decided to ignore this one - spending time and fuel money fighting an adversary that can be literally anywhere within 15 minutes is not fun. Unfortunately, that meant that hundred of real players missed most of the AP bonus this week (since linking and fielding was impossible).
Plenty of reports were sent to Niantic, both recently and in the past months - it seems these bots have found a way to elude +NIA Ops ' detection methods, as at least one of them is over an year old, and still at it. Remember: these are not real players that are being accused of spoofing; these are accounts created specifically for this purpose, with (probably) multiple players behind them, sharing the account credentials. New accounts (of both colors) are still being created and leveled up as of right now, in isolated cities, to help with linking, key farming and lane cleaning for spoofields.
For your convenience, we put together a list of these accounts, and some of the report tickets associated with them. Hopefully these will help you correlate their activities and maybe (hopeful thinking) find and ban the players behind them:

@JustEnter- over a year old and still very active; now level 11; was previously known (and banned) as FaKyr: [9-4411000006497], [5-5843000006646], [6-0701000006207], [2-1009000006535], [0-4086000006687], [5-2783000006759], [8-6910000006679], [2-0323000006606], [0-2894000006575], [2-8809000006226], [3-4195000006098], [6-5931000005946], [3-4101000005598], [6-1436000006647], [8-2681000006585], [1-6011000005024] and on and on…
@CalinSB- specialized in taking down megafields, recently branched out to all other spoof activities: [0-6635000006737], [8-6577000006690], [2-2657000006615], [5-3494000006412], [6-0423000006691], [5-2608000006783], [4-1876000006687], [3-4891000006727], [4-6160000006553], [7-8639000006759]...
@FaKyrel- usually very chatty in comms, becomes easily annoyed when facing strong opposition: [3-2705000006577], [7-3611000006593], [8-9712000006674], [3-1988000006788], [6-4467000006646], [9-6195000006659], [9-7928000006677], [1-5835000005958], [6-3014000006838], [3-2004000005031]...
@Muuufthansa- a more recent account: [7-0514000006707], [8-6018000006702], [5-9382000006614], [5-9993000006662], [5-2774000006578], [0-4738000006589], [8-5504000006559], [9-5947000006522], [5-4967000006571], [1-2765000006635], [0-2303000006585], [4-5575000007030]...
@maramapff- a more recent account: [7-7580000006708], [8-3378000006895], [0-8700000006895], [8-4390000006957], [8-1779000006956]...
@ArcticSir- mostly focused on Ploiesti: [4-2620000006965], [8-1007000007035], [4-5314000006999], [9-5460000007015], [2-2378000006878], [5-3052000006935], [7-0505000007075], [6-2688000006977]...
@314FTEL- [6-0192000007066], [5-8688000006932], [1-0466000006933], [0-8626000006967]...
@spoofidon- [6-1982000006982], [5-0239000006967], [6-4081000006966], [4-3418000006868]...
@404DLL- [1-8701000006978], [4-2647000007115], [7-7415000007062]...
@bomberman1- [5-9544000006874]...
@vovonel- [7-7434000006991], [4-4827000007050], [7-0337000006973]...
@sihpopa- [8-0482000006901]...
@AirFonfOne- [9-8979000006728]...
@greensux- [2-7284000007019]...
@Vampirui- [3-8351000007103], [0-7140000006466]...
@AxxTone  - [5-6835000006880], [6-3879000006759], [3-8089000006717], [7-8878000006598], [9-3076000006674], [9-2141000006570], [5-9863000006484], [4-3008000006431]...

+Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +NIA Ops +Ingress  - sorry for the wall of tags, guys, I'm just looking for as much visibility as possible.
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It's a little more humiliating 
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Managed to get away from the meeting for 30 min to a heavenly beach spot and a drunk young French guy with heavenly blue eyes who randomly started to chat with me. 
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Ooh, very nice.  :-)
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I just decorated my desk and office laptop with some words of wisdom. Thanks, +Shawn Flanigan​ mu! 
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Ahaaa! This makes sense!
Researchers claim our ancestors developed an ability to spot and identify spiders quickly as part of a necessary survival instinct
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+longshotkdb​ that sounds like Australia. I have a few Australian friends here and once in a while they post pics of the wonderful creatures they discover in their beds, or bathrooms, or plates... 
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Looks like a nighmare, right? In 31 countries in Europe, it's a reality. #transnightmare   #transrights
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I don't want to forget this.
A recent article argued that sexuality is down to choice, not genetics. But the scientific evidence says otherwise, and points to a strong biological origin
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To capture the giant smurf. A particularly fulfilling experience. 
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Da, strumf calare pe o ciuperca ;) 
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Meanwhile, in Australia... 
A man gets a fright when he returns to his vehicle in Australia, only to find a large furry spider nestled in the groove of the car door handle
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E timpul pentru cheta. Cine vrea sa meargă?
The future of gaming, it seems, is not going to be in the next console or on the next big tablet---it will be in our physical world. At least, it will be partially in our world, existing in an augm...
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Fiul de 7 ani al lui Kate Winslet o întreabă dacă ar prefera ca el sa aibă o prietena sau un prieten când o sa mai crească. Răspunsul: dragule, depinde de tine, pentru mine nu contează.
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Kate Winslet to her son: Who you love up to you
Kate Winslet’s reaction to her 7-years-son Joe asking whether she would prefer if he was gay or straight, is quite something.   Here is Winslet’s full response:   "I like the diversity that my children are exposed to every day. I love the way their brains w...
Kate Winslet’s reaction to her 7-years-son Joe asking whether she would prefer if he was gay or straight, is quite something.   Here is Winslet’s full response:   "I like the diversity that my children are exposed to ever...
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This is the Tudor who laughs about getting old but is scared of it, the one who speaks very fast, who loves wasting time when he finds it, who loves wasting money on pricey clothes when he finds it and them, who is cynical only around his friends
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Wonderful place in all aspects but be prepared to wait a looooong time. For the food, for the dessert, for the bill. You really have to wait. And wait. Wait long. Wait some more.
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Am sunat pt teste ITS-uri și, deși site-ul clinicii menționează hepatite, sexologie, urologie și alte cuvinte cheie, mi-au spus la telefon un foarte confuzat: NU, nu puteți face asta.
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I randomly ended up here and this very cool place was having a World Aids Day party. They received me just like family and I had a lot of fun. Great place!
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5 reviews
The service, the food, were amazing! You won't believe the breakfast at this place. Better than I've had at 5 star hotels. The hotel itself won't shock you with its luxury, but it's clean, quiet, and the service is outstanding. The food is even better.
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