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I'm sitting here, spinning my literally shiny, new #Nexus5 in my hands as the sun through the adjacent window plays off its glass face, in amazement with the thought of how my ten-year-old self would marvel over this magnificent, futuristic device. We truly live in a remarkable time.

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Gotta love UK's campus in the #Fall#UniversityofKentucky
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Who can give me some tips/pointers/advice, preferably from experience, about HIT training?

A little about me first: I'm 21, and I've been consistently lifting for about three years now. I've done everything from Rippetoe's Starting Strength routine(HIGHLY recommended for beginners) to MaxOT, and I'm looking to amp up my gains, to take it to the next level.

Also, if anyone knows any extremely simple (quick not flavorless) dishes to make with chicken, I'm all ears (this stuff makes up a solid fifty percent of my diet).

#HIT #fitness #exercise #workouts

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I decided shortly before finding this article that I would begin an exercise in honesty. Emerson believed that truth is to be valued much more highly than politeness; this is the concept I seek to explore. This is the first public mention I've yet to make, though I'd like to outline the idea further in due time, with the intent of ultimately sharing a detailed account of this idea in my infrequently tended-to blog. Look for Mouth from the South on Wordpress, and stay tuned for some updates on this social experiment of mine which is sure to earn me no small quantity of scornful looks and derision. I expect that it will be enlightening,  and at the very least, entertaining for you third-party observers. Seriously, wish me luck.   #philosophy    #Emerson    #selfhelp   #SelfReliance   #socialexperiment   #ExerciseinHonesty  
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