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Dear Tsuneaki Hiramatsu,

I'm writing from New York City. I really enjoyed your firefly photos--are they available for publication?

Please contact me-- I am

+Ryan McGovern Thanks for your comment.
It is my blog. (
I didn't think that the photograph of the firefly gave such a reaction to many people.
I thought that only a Japanese showed interest in a firefly.

This photograph is a firefly of the kind of Hotaria parvula. Japanese name is "hime-botaru".
Although general Luciola cruciata(genji-botaru) and Luciola lateralis(heike-botaru) of Japan inhabit the waterside, Hotaria parvula lives into woods.
Hotaria parvula eats a univalve shell etc.
Compared with other fireflies, blink is shorter, and since it looks golden, it is called the gold firefly in the Niimi area.

Data Capture
The photograph of 2011/6/19 is taken in southern Okayama.
The photograph of 2011/7/8 is taken in the shrine precincts of a temple in Niimi-shi, Okayama.
Used equipment:NikonD300/AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F1.4G
Before dark, taking a piece of background.
Fireflies begin to fly, ISO800-1600, the exposure continuous shooting at 8 seconds.
RAW conversion with NikonCaptureNX2, is synthesized in Photoshop.

Please refer to related sites with fireflies.
+Tsuneaki Hiramatsu 私はいつもそれに魅了されてきた。我々はここでもホタル(シカゴ、イリノイ州)を持っていると私はこのように、それらを撮影しようとしてきました。私の写真は、あなたがそうであるようにように良い見たことはない。私は最初に背景を撮影するのあなたのアドバイスでこの春、再びそれを試してモチベーションを持っている。
+Ryan McGovern そちらでは蛍の季節は春なのですね。
Tsuneaki, I would like to include your firefly photos in an exhibition entitled Intergalactic this fall at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in Florida.
Please contact me @ 
Thank you!
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