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Trudy Connor

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oh this looks fun...
The photo prank.....Love it.......    :D
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I lean towards watermarks how about you?
Watermark or not watermark?

We know that nowadays more and more images are stolen on the Internet by unprincipled persons, some of them even claiming these are their own.

Recently someone is doubting that my posted images are really mine.

To remove the doubt, do you think I should add a watermark to all my future images shared on Google+ ?

Your feedback will be highly appreciated my friends!
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I think it's a really good idea. I don't put any images out that aren't watermarked anymore. The question for me is where to put said watermark? Along the edge where it can be easily cropped out? Or right in the middle covering up part of the main subject?  It's very difficult....
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Trudy Connor

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Oh I am promoting my daughters  +Deborah Connor shop today

Have a frog, I love this one.
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Trudy Connor

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Mirror would have worked better. 
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Trudy Connor

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Something I need to learn. Photoshop
An easy way to find neutral gray in a photo with photoshop
by Steve Patterson

When it comes to color correcting images in Photoshop, removing color casts from the highlight and shadow areas is usually pretty straightforward since it’s quite easy to find the brightest and darkest areas in an image. But what about the midtones? How do you find that area in the image that’s supposed to be neutral gray? Usually, you guess and hope for the best, since Photoshop doesn’t seem to have any way of easily pointing out those midtone gray areas for us. Or does it?

#photoretouch #colorcast   #photoretouching  
Learn how a certain blend mode in Photoshop can make all the 'difference' when finding areas of neutral gray in an image.
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Trudy Connor

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Now this photo would sell jewelry!

Beyond my equipment but a wonderful photo
Jewelry Photography Contest Winners:
Officially announced! Thank you and congratulations to everyone! 
P.S If you want to know how each piece was photographed, check out the forum submission, lighting setups are there (sneaky tip:-)
#jewelryphotography   #contest  
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I do some editing with Gimp. Just not to this level yet.
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Trudy Connor

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Oh I am promoting my daughters  +Deborah Connor shop today

Have a frog, I love this one.
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Trudy Connor

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Have her in circles
8,272 people
online retail, primary caregiver
  • WhatNot Shops
    2008 - present
    1980 - 1981
  • US Army
    1977 - 1980
    Radion Repair, Com Chief.
  • Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc.
    1993 - 1994
  • United Scientific Corporation Catel Division
    1981 - 1981
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Let me introduce myself.

I spend more time reading than posting. And I love to see items that make me smile.
I have been know to post a joke or two. I also post my bad photos, which have been improving thanks to the wonderful people here.
I do not claim to be an expert at anything, but I do put in my 2¢. And I make many typing errors.
I follow many different people, in many different fields. Most do not follow me, and I am not offended by this. After all I will never claim to be an expert.
I am a human who makes many errors, that happens to sell books, jewelry and whatnot online.

I am WhatnotShops and WhatnotGems on Twitter and at present run 3 online stores. While attempting to establish a brand I easily get distracted by conversations.

My life:  Primary care giver and online retailer.

Check out my newest store! WhatnotGems
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Love to read Patent
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
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This place had the worst Chinese imaginable, besides being very greasy there was no flavor. The Orange Beef was very bland, no spice in it!
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Service was quick. Food lacked flavor. fried dumplings were greasy, all breading Egg roll lacked filling and also greasy General Tso Chicken was bland and greasy. Steamed rice the only edible part of the meal. Over all very dissatisfied.
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