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Mentoring new drivers with a positive, yet honest view of the trucking industry.
Mentoring new drivers with a positive, yet honest view of the trucking industry.

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Another great article from Becky Prestwich that really shows how erratic scheduling can be on the road. You lay out the bets plans you can come up with and before you know it they're shot! 
If you're used to have a job that's fairly routine where things are fairly steady from day to day, trucking is going to be quite a shock. As Becky Prestwich shows here, very rarely do things work out as planned. You really have to roll with the changes from moment to moment and do what it takes to get the job done.

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If you're considering a career in the trucking industry then this article will help you understand some of the regulatory challenges and inflated expectations you'll face out there.
Becky Prestwich has a great article that will really help people understand just how difficult the rules, regulations, and expectations are for drivers to deal with. If you're considering a career in trucking, here are some of the realities you'll be facing on the road.

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Another great new article from Becky Prestwich about the challenges of everyday life on the road. 
Becky and her husband Dee have been working through the everyday challenges of life on the road including rough weather, tight schedules, logbook challenges, and detention at customers. Folks, there's nothing easy about you'll see...

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Trucking isn't suited to everyone. In fact, it isn't suitable for most people. Even those who are cut out for it will tell you there's nothing easy about it. So how do you know if trucking is right for you? Have a look....
We've all pondered becoming a truck driver at some point. But what qualities does it take to succeed out there? What is life on the road really like? Let's take a look at trucking and see if it's a career that might suit you well. 

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A great new article by Becky Prestwich! 
Becky Prestwich has been travelling with her husband Dee for about a month now and they're getting the hang of working and living together. It takes time to establish a routine and learn how to make life on the road both productive and enjoyable.

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Another great article by our newest author Becky Prestwich who is on the road with her husband.
Life on the road is so busy that by the end of the day you often feel like you've been at it for a week. The challenges keep coming, the long days never end. But at times there are people you meet and moments in each day that seem to make it all worth it.

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We have a new author! Here's her first article about heading out on the road with her husband Dee. 
We have a great new author - Becky Prestwich - and she's getting ready to head out on the road with her husband to experience the trucking lifestyle. Becky will be sharing her experiences so others will know what life on the road is really all about.

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So you think working hard and being on time will get you the miles you want and the fair treatment you deserve? Well partly. But there's more to it than that. If you can't get along with your office personnel, no matter how good of a driver you are your life is going to be miserable.
Just as important as your driving skills is your ability to get along with the office personnel. Because in the end, your happiness and well-being out there is going to rely heavily upon the people who support you. Without them on your side you're going to be miserable I promise. This is one area of trucking that new drivers often fail to understand and it lands them in a world of hurt. 

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"Old School", one of our forum moderators, has been documenting his day to day life on the road as a rookie flatbed driver. If you're wondering what it's like pulling flatbed his stories, pictures, and advice are priceless! Have a read through it and ask him anything you like.

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Our online training program will prepare you for your CDL exams. It's not only the best program around but it's 100% FREE - no strings attached. Get started now! :-)
Everyone refreshed and ready to get back to work after the holiday weekend? Hope so! Time to get started on our FREE High Road Online CDL Training Program and prepare for your CDL exams. :-)
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