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Stunning blue orchids at Home Depot. #nofilter #nexus5
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I'm ready to dogfood this.  
We're working with +Cisco to bring you even more tools to easily connect on-the-go. Now, join WebEx meetings right from your Cal, and view the features you love like messaging, fax, click-to-call and Cisco presence right alongside Gmail.

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A citizen, with distinction. 

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The music and the scene (even if computer generated) made you appreciate how easy it was for medieval peasants, with their miserable lives, to embrace the grandeur of religion.    

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It's nice to see the hyper-closeup macro photos of the screens make a comeback.  


So, I was wondering how #chromecast  does its magically simple setup.  It's quite clever I think.

After a tipoff from a random comment I loaded up my wifi analyzer while I started from a factory reset.   

1. Power on Chromecast by plugging into TV.

2. Chromecast immediately becomes a Wireless Access Point broadcasting an SSID of chromecast#### 

3.  You run the URL or app to setup your device.  (The necessary thing here is that you are connected to same Wifi network you want the Chromecast to use.)

4.  The app passively scans for SSID's using the standard wifi system in your device.  It's looking for chromecast####.     

5.  If it sees a chromecast#### id, the app displays that it found the device, and asks if you want to connect to it for final setup.     The slight-of-hand begins here.

6.  You select yes to continue, but it warns you that you will lose internet access briefly.    It doesn't tell you why.

7.  The device app or laptop then logs out of its Wifi Access Point and logs into the Chromecast itself.   If you check your device wifi, you are now connected to chromecast####   (it's open without encryption)

8.   The app prompts you to enter the wifi password for your wifi network.  It helpfully auto fills in the SSID you were just connected to.  This programs the chromecast's WiFi setup.  

9.  Chromecast will attempt to connect to your wifi.  If chromecast is successful, the app/laptop silently reconnects back to your wifi, and your internet access is restored.

10.  Your app searches for the chromecast now connected to your wifi network. 

11.  Success!  

Total user time is about .5-2 minutes.   Now this is how to get a dongle onto your network that's so easy grandma can do it.

I wonder if Google has attempted to patent the process.  

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I'm not sure if this link is the official "DIAL" page or not.  This is the open protocol/secret sauce behind the #chromecast  dongle.   

You can see who has already signed up.   I think the Youtube/Netflix limitation is going to go away soon enough. Hulu, Pandora, Redbox, BBC, Turner, Crackle, Disney are all registered.  

My first thought is prepare yourself for a flood of cheap #DIAL   dongles from China.   And I read Vizio will be integrating DIAL and Miracast in all their TV's by the end of the year.     $35 is going to seem pricey in 12 months.

Oh, and Chromecast, even in its nascent state is pretty awesome.   Experimental full screen mirroring was working great for me from my laptop.

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I'm checking my tv and tuner for hdmi version numbers today. It would be nice not to need my Logitech harmony.

Chromecast’s secret weapon to take over your TV: HDMI-CEC

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I've now repaired every component type in my irrigation system.   I think I could go into the business now should networking fall through.
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