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The Google Music Store will integrate with YouTube...

My prediction anyway. It only makes sense. You can already view artist information along with building playlists and play songs with the album cover in view rather than be forced to watch an actual video. It will spit YouTube up, but make people that search for music to be directed towards Google Music for a better experience and broaden the user-base for Google Music as well.. Smart, if executed properly.
Almost a week ago now, on October 13, the New York Times reported that Google was finishing up talks with record labels in final preparation for the launch of their music store. Today, at Asia D, Goog...
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This would explain why the app GhostTown was taken down. It used YT api's to organize music by artists you searched for into albums, etc.
Good point. Also, there have been some cosmetic and organizational changes to the way YouTube handles Artists. For the most part, they are subtle changes, but if they are changing anything "even in the slightest" it is for a reason. I have found this out throughout the years.
+Ryggore Mettane , possible. But more than likely based around existing and stable media environments. YouTube needs a boost. G-Music needs a larger audience. It would be a win-win for Google to execute this especially to sharpen their swords against the other Music services being launched left and right. They have a good thing going here. It just needs to be integrated properly.
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