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The well-being of children, the status of women, and the happiness of men will depend on whether more fathers are willing to take on primary parenting roles.
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Troy Morris

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Troy Morris

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Wtf is this?

Laugh track?

I can't make it past the 2 minute mark. Production: NOT successful.
On a friend's site, we made a blog where we chronicle our civentures-- usually 25 turns at a time. 

I've actually only ever done this to turn 75 and that was well over a year ago. But given the game is "done," I figured I'd give it another go.

First up: The Dutch
My biggest weakness when it comes to playing as the Dutch is my unquenchable thirst for marshes of which upon I may erect my might Polders. I become a regular… Marshpire (= marshes + empire^vampires). That joke was a stretch, but I have to warm up if we're going 300 to 330 turns of civilization ...
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+Troy Morris Loved the written gameplay! Keep them coming
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Troy Morris

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May need to get a special machine to just ruin this mambajamba.
Summon up every great space-exploration fantasy of the past century — from mining exotic planets in uncharted space to watching attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion — and convert that...
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Troy Morris

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Probably the most fascinating page on the Internet.
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Troy Morris

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Wow. Your hair and make up look fantastic.

That must have taken a while.

How'd you avoid getting any on your track suit?
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Troy Morris

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Oh good. You made it to my home state!

Troy Morris

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I'm totally prepared...
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Troy Morris

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This would eliminate much of the use for the knowledge I have memorized over the last six month.
Railroad time was fine for the Victorian Era but the internet age needs universal time.
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Troy Morris

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Rooms vary in coolness. Some random cleanliness issues, but a favorite hotel. Staff is awesome. Free beer happy hour to boot! (5:30-6:30)
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