#Baja1000 winner Tavo Vildósola talking about his Trophy Truck 
http://baja1000.eu/Vildosola-Racing (in the meantime Team Vildosola has a brandnew #TrophyTruck - stay tuned for a report)
Tavo Vildósola is a official Red Bull athlete - http://a2zisus.com/RedBull-Motors
His #21 SCORE Trophy Truck is sponsored by Red Bull, Mastercraft Safety and Mexicana Logistics.
Tavo won the overall in the 43rd edition of the Tecate SCORE #Baja1000 http://www.score-baja-1000.com/ making him, alongside his father Gus Vildósola, the first Mexican national to win the Baja 1000.
He drove Trophy Truck #21 of Team Vildosola Racing to the finish line in 19:00.04 hrs. averaging 55.87 mph - 89.91km/h.
Since 1973, a 4 wheel vehicle had not won the overall time over the motorcycles.
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