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There are many people arguing that automation is not going to destroy jobs but actually create jobs. And they might be right because if you want to create jobs you always can - jobs and "work" are two different notions after all. So we should not focus on this "oh my god automation is going to replace jobs and this is why we need another social system" - if we rely on this way of thinking then we might be wrong and this "crucial" moment of automation replacing jobs may never come. That's not a good plan in my view. Regardless if automation will replace or not jobs in a way that will be "catastrophic" for the monetary system, we must make people aware of what kind of world we could create where trade and its children (monetary system and others) are unnecessary.

I think TVP or TZM and others should not rely on this pitch-line of automation is replacing jobs and THEREFORE we MUST change the social system. We have enough reasons to create a new kind of system than this reason.

Keep on teaching the world about its core problems and solutions to them ;) - and don't rely so much on the "monetary system will collapse and that will make it necessary for people to think of another system" - as this may never happen or even if it will, the outcomes resulting from a simple-minded population are not going to be helpful for anyone.

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Richard Feynman The World from another point of view

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Doug Stanhope on nationalism

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So here’s what kind of news is TROMnews curating:

- 3D printing
- Health News
- Automation
- Self-Sustainable tech
- Open Source
- Space Exploration
- Citizen Science
- Aging Research
- Nanotechnology/Biotechnology
- Peer to Peer News (like torrents)
…..and more

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TROMsite books page much improved (back-end) and also added pagination to it so that it loads much faster - not all books at once (which was moronic :D - but a couple per page).

Now you can see at the bottom the pages. Had to manually work 7-8 hours to improve it. Before it was a mess - whatever you saw at the front end level was awfully ‘coded’ in the back end, so much so that when I added a new book to the list I had to manually move each book further down the list, a complete mess - took me hours to add a new book. That’s why I had to load all books at once, which took a lifetime. But now it is finally fixed… I know that people see a website and do not think at what it goes behind it, and that’s how it should be, but for example ‘adding pagination’ to that page is anything but simple. TROMsite is entirely custom made. Love it :).

Interestingly I do not know how to code, but I always manage to do pretty much anything I want to do with a website - I search online, I try pieces of code and I learn what goes where, and in the end I succeed :).

Anyways, just so you know that there are other stuff to do for TROM, not only write books.

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Bill Hicks - It's Just A Ride

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Next TROM article sent for proofread. Starting to design it. Massive article as I said so it might take a bit to design it all. The next TROM Series episode will be delayed a bit - but when is done is done ;). TROM is still an active project :) - we will produce new stuff (content) for as log as we can, because people have to know in depth about today's problems and solutions to these problems, and one book or a few documentaries cannot be enough, especially if they are locked up behind paywalls or filled with advertising.

Would be great to be able to do this with a proper financial support so that we can fully focus on TROM, or build new tools, help other people to make the project better, and so forth. We are lucky that at least we get some financial support from Patreon (and a few other amazing people donating via other methods) - without them we would do nothing.

And even $1 a month helps when many people donate. I think though that many people (in general) think that others will donate so why should they ?! I did the same when I got emails from the yearly Wikipedia donation campaign thinking that others with more money would donate, then I shifted my views and I always donated 2-3$ when Wiki's campaign was on (money that I would spend on who knows what stupid thing, or I could find on the street :D ), because if more and more put the responsibility on others then such projects cannot exist in this money game world.

So if you think that TROM creates any value for you, and you can help, then even $1 a month is helpful. I bet not many realize how hard it is to create free stuff in today's world. I wrote many books so far (thousands of pages) and others worked so hard to proofread and fact check them, and never asked any money for any of them. Though even the rich sell their books on amazon nowadays because why offer them for free - that's too weird.

Anyways, enough with my rant. Back to work. Next article super mega interesting.

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What If Money Was No Object? - Alan Watts

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Eddie Griffin (2011) - On Religion
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