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Troels Agergaard Jacobsen
Strategy Consultant focusing on Enterprise Architecture
Strategy Consultant focusing on Enterprise Architecture

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Multireddits does not show in app? I remember this working with a previous version, but not anymore.

1) Travel Router (ASUS WL-330N3G) to emulate home Wi-Fi (remember to enable multicast routing)
2) #Chromecast
3) Media Hint Chrome Extension


Netflix on hotel TV in Qatar

I would love to see the ability to mark posts as "read later" as I often times find a topic I want to dig deeper into but does not have the time for right away. Current workaround is to open in browser and bookmark which seems silly (and does not work well on mobile devices) 

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Gumball 3000 2013, Start in Copenhagen #gumball3000  
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Enterprise Architecture is not only IT architecture. It's about supporting business strategy with processes, applications and technology. As such, Enterprise Architecture can help strengthen a company's differentiating capabilities all the way from process design, supporting the key value adding processes with applications and providing a flexible infrastructure that can adopt to changes in the business environment. #EntArch

I find it that many see Enterprise Architecture (EA) solely as IT architecture or even solution architecture - especially related to data and applications. However, while you can gain a lot of value from controlling the data and application architecture, the full benefit of EA is only achieved when you align the business strategy and processes with applications, data and technology/infrastructure architecture.
Others see it as a project and portfolio management tool or a governance framework – a way to make IT related decisions and to approve, plan and prioritize projects maybe even without a target architecture defined.
Others again see it as an excuse for IT to say NO (or at least that is often the perception from business)…
How do you guys see EA – and how do you use it? What works and what does not?

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Interesting development. Google rolling out a side channel app store for Windows. Will we see this on iOS, Android, etc. next? This could be the first practical "code once, run everywhere" implementation that will reach a ton of users. And it's all powered by #cloud  

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Accenture Technology Vision 2013, an interesting read highlighting the IT trends that will impact businesses over the coming years.

Hi all,

Today I successfully installed alarm on an external SD card on my chromebook. However, as the provided image is only 8 GB while my SD card is 32, I wanted to expand the partition. 

I did this using gparted on my regular linux box and the filesystem seems intact and all files are still visible when mounting. However, I'm no longer able to boot from the SD card. Any advice?

Hi all,

I'm considering buying a samsung chromebook and dual booting alarm which seems to be working pretty well. I just have a couple of questions, however, before I get started.

I'm running regular arch on all my home computers and would like to know how close to upstream alarm is? This is in terms of available packages (both the number of packages and the currency - i.e. how closely is alarm repos tracking upstream repos)

Does alarm function with systemd or is old rc.conf still preferred? If the latter is true, can I update?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
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