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Why us?  That's an easy one.

Thinking of buying a new computer? Take a minute to read the key advantages of purchasing a new PC from Trobitech rather than your big box retailer.

1. All computers & tablets sold at Trobitech are backed by a warranty by us in addition to the manufacturer warranty.

2. In the event a repair is needed, we repair everything in-house, saving you time and keeping your product local instead of shipping it far away to be gone for weeks at a time.

3. Our computers are setup the right way, free of the pesky trial software & 3rd party applications running in the background slowing the computer down.

4. Our computers are also kept up to date with the latest service packs & updates (including the latest versions of Flash & Java) to keep you secure and ready for use immediately after your purchase. No more will you be at a higher risk for malware infection & early bugs just from connecting to the internet for the first time.

5. At Trobitech, we are experts in our field, and are always here to help. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns about a potential purchase, even if it's not from us!

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Top 5 Reasons to use Trobitech has been published on Trobitech - PC Support, Repair and Sales

Top 5 Reasons to use Trobitech

1.  Qualified Technicians - Our technician team boasts several certifications & degrees in our field.

2.  Affordable - Our price model was created with the consumer in mind, and you'll find that most our prices are a fraction of the competition.

3.  Speed - Most services are completed within hours, not days or weeks.

4.  Free Diagnostics - Trobitech offers free professional diagnostics on all devices.  No catch.

5.  Warranty - Trobitech also provides a parts & labor warranty on every service offered.

Test Post from Trobitech - PC Support, Repair and Sales -

Test Post from Trobitech - PC Support, Repair and Sales -

It's getting cold.  Perfect time to bring in that old device and have it brought back to life.
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