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Tristian Blake
artist, writer, reader, gamer
artist, writer, reader, gamer

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Centaur Game Character
Concept art and renders from AIE second year character assignment. This was an eight week assignment to model, texture, rig and animate an original game character. The specifications I chose for this were to keep the model under 7500 tris, and to only use 1...

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Meet Babylon, a one man mission to rebuild the city and boy did he deliver! Created by Roi_Louis. The attention of detail is crazy!  

This build take me more than 450 hours of work.
In this project u can see :
- The hanging garden
- The babel tower
- The nabuchodonozor Palace
- many temple
- many many many original babylonian houses
The daily dose of Minecraft.

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Looking quickly over the policies, I'm struck by two things. Firstly, regarding 10.3 - we have a centralised health record service? I've been struggling forever to either communicate or get access to my own information from multiple GPs (we move a lot) and there is already a system for my information to move with me? Wish I'd heard of it.

Second, in regard to 10.8.5 (Train frontline public health and other government employees in mental health first aid) I would suggest that such training also be mandatory for law enforcement agencies.

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Brilliant - possibly better singing than the 2012 film.

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Barna’s survey also found white evangelicals enthusiastically eager to lay blame to others for their perceived “persecution.” Nearly three-fourths of white evangelicals, “72 percent … agreed that gays and lesbians were the group ‘most active in trying to remove Christian values from the country.’”
Again, that’s a direct inversion and deliberate perversion of the daily, felt, known and experienced reality for those very same evangelicals. They cannot be unaware that evangelicals are the group most active in trying to remove LGBT people from the country.

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Kittens are almost five weeks old and starting to spend more time away from mum.
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There are some real advantages to living here, namely access to chicken parmigiana at sort notice.

I wonder about the etiquette in contacting a real estate who previously denied one's application for a property, now that it's been over a month and the property is still on the market - and at a lower rent.
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