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Tristan Savatier (Loupiote)
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here a solution that works well to remove the yahoo bar :

(with also an option to unfloat the big back flickr bar, to free-up more space on the display).

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1) flickr will tell you that it does not count as an ad, because yahoo owns flickr.
2) "There is no way to disable this forced tool bar" - actually there are ways (on some browsers), but they require installing add-ons.  here are solutions that works well for Chrome:

+John Mueller  i found the cause of the bug that causes g+ to "insist" that the name of my flickr account must be "jean-francois", even though it suggest the correct url for my flickr profile.

i did a "member search" on flickr, and i found:

it shows:
1) my screen name is "loupiote (Old Skool)" and my flickr URL is

2) there is another account with screen name = "loupiote" and flickr URL =
and the name associated to this account is "jean-francois".

so that's where g+ gets that name.  apparently g+ is very confused for some reason, and it keeps insisting that my flickr name is jean-francois!
i.e. if i go edit my g+ profile, and i edit the "Other Profiles" section, g+ still says:

Google has found some public pages that you can add to your profile. Learn more
[flickr] jean-francois (but the URL is in fact mine)

this needs to be fixed!!!

almost all the questions that i recently posted on the google webmaster central forum are unanswered. TC (top contributors) do not know the answers, and no-one from google chims in. in some cases, the issues that i report could be google bugs.  this is very frustrating...!topicsearch/authorname:loupiote

Google is shoving more ads in our throats with the new gmail layout. Dislike. The new gmail is especially bad on small screens like netbooks, even with their "compact" layout.

this morning, can't sign into my google account with Chrome (with both my windows 7 and my windows XP systems). clearly google broke something. i was able to sign-in with FF. but with chrome, google asks me to enter a captcha, and then it loops on the singn-in page again. FRUSTRATING!!!

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Hot on Google+ : how to slaughter a goat the Islamic way (Halal)... WTF??? why is that "hot" on g+!!!!
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