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Tristan Kromer

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Please join me!
Tristan Kromer originally shared:
6:00 pm - Doors open for food, beer & networking
6:45 pm - Begin the UnConference!
7:00 pm - UnConference session 1
7:30 pm - UnConference session 2
8:00 pm - The Customer Zoom Tool with Aaron Eden, Moves the Needle

Main speaker: The Customer Zoom Tool with Aaron Eden

One of the biggest challenges facing startups (and large enterprise teams) is startling: They don’t get specific enough about their target customer which ensures that they can’t solve a big and important problem for anyone.
Large companies got large by creating value for lots of customers -- thousands if not millions depending on the business model. But they didn't start that way.

All big businesses started small by definition. And when small, they succeeded when they discovered new value they could create for a targeted audience who shared a common pain or passion.  This is exactly the same process a startup entrepreneur must follow to be successful.

As a startup or an enterprise, you need to practice focused value discovery.

In this session, learn how to Zoom into narrowly defined customer segments in order to find new opportunities; in other words how to start small to go big.

Aaron will introduce the Customer Zoom tool and discuss:
- How to define and prioritize Customer Zooms
- How to hypothesize, test and validate Customer Zooms
- Enterprise Case Studies
Participants will leave ready to go to work and as an added bonus, will receive the Moves the Needle Customer Zoom tool to help define their market segments.
About Aaron Eden

For more than 15 years, Aaron has utilized his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and product management to start over 10 small businesses in industries ranging from information technology, real estate, online continuing education, family entertainment and business consulting. 

Additionally, he has a broad background focused on business intelligence and product management in the public, private and government sectors.

About the UnConference

Every month we have an UnConference with Lean Startup Circle members sharing their knowledge in open spaces. We've had sessions such as:

- Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups - Q&A
- David Bland, Principle Advisor at Neo - What do I do with this custdev data?
- Gagan Biyani & Morgan Springer, founders of Sprig - Q&A
- Alex Cowan, author of Starting a Tech Business - Storyboarding
- Mair Dundon, UX Facilitator at QuietAction - Self Persona Workshop
- Jacob Esparza, CEO of Making Friends - Lessons Learned from Steve Blank's Lean Launch Pad

Anyone can pitch a session to:
- Share their knowledge
- Discuss a topic
- Ask for help

Book giveaway sponsored by: O'Reily Media

Beer, (real non-pizza based) food, and a good hang with great people is included thanks to the price tag. After expenses, extra proceeds go to building out for the community.
Customer Zoom with Aaron Eden + UnConference
Wed, August 20, 2014, 9:00 PM
Pivotal Labs, Howard Street 5th floor, San Francisco, CA, United States

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Tristan Kromer

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First in a series about Product/Market Fit
Lean Startup is hard. All we want is to build something people want. Which one of these tests will actually tell us if we have the fabled Product / Market Fit?
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Tristan Kromer

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I finally wrote another post!
In a lean startup, team velocity proceeds measurable product progress. Before there is velocity, no measurable progress can be seen on any metrics dashboard.
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+Mair Dundon Thanks Mair! Wow...other people actually use G+!
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Tristan Kromer

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My latest talking about how the MVP works towards Product/Market Fit and what you must have in an MVP
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Tristan Kromer

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Talking about how Product/Market Fit and MVP relate
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Tristan Kromer

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2nd post in two week! I'm on a roll!
if you're adopting lean, you need to understand this flow: Inspiration, Application, Practice. It has another, more famous name, the hype cycle.
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Thanks, I do visit about once a year to the area.
All the best, Mark
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I poke, prod, and question startups.

I've spent 10 years in the music industry, worked 5 years in IT security, lived in 5 different countries, studied philosophy and business (separately), and generally made a nuisance of myself for the past 3 years in Silicon Valley as a lean startup advocate.

I follow and am interested in, #leanstartup, #custdev, #RoR, the Tao, #bmgen, irony, and music of all varieties.
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  • International University in Germany
  • Sun Yat-sen University
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