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Professional Photographer & IT Professional

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So, I've had +Trey Ratcliff's Aurora for all of 15 minutes now.
What can I say, except; WOW!

Comparison of an image rendered using NIK Software's HDR Efex Pro, and then again using Aurora. Admittedly I spent more time on the one in HDR Efex Pro, but the quality difference is noticeable!

The photo exported from +Nik Collection by Google Collection HDR Efex Pro was initially run through Adobe Lightroom CC to apply lens correction, but no other adjustments were made.

During export, files were saved in uncompressed TIFF format (HDR Efex Pro was at 16bit, Aurora HDR Pro was at 8bit). Files were then opened in OSX Preview and exported as full quality JPEG's before having their size reduced to 40% of the original, and the text plates added.

Photo was shot at Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada in September 2015
• Camera: Sony A7rII (ILCE-7RM2)
• Lens: Sony 24-70mm ƒ/4.0 ZA OSS E-Mount
EXIF Data should be intact for more details

Photos are Copyright © Tristan Findley, TFindley Photography -

#HDR #AuroraHDR #TreyRatcliff
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Downloading Aurora HDR Pro by +Trey Ratcliff - Got one of my HDR images all ready to test it with.
Comparisons to follow soon I hope!

#HDR #TreyRatcliff #AuroraHDR #StuckInCustoms

Liking the new +Google+ theme / look! Great job from the design team.

Some constructive feedback:
• It would be nice to get Events back. I know they're not widely used but they were a nice thing to have. For Google Calendar users they were quite a nice experience, and for Event Organisers it gives you a way to get photos auto-uploaded from the events.
• A WYSIWYG bar at the top of posts would be nice - I get a bit fed up of having to constantly go back to Google to find out how to format a post correctly.
• There are a few stability bugs so far, such as photos not opening up, posts on pages not appearing correctly when scrolling back to the top, etc. These could just be CSS / caching issues at my end, and I know the team behind Google+ are still working on this, so probably no biggy.
• Got a 'Your Post cannot be shared' error when trying to post this, but no further detail. it turned out I was posting to a restricted group and trying to + in some people from outside it, but the system didn't report the problem.

Overall, I really like the update. It looks clean, modern and in-keeping with the new Google look. I seem to remember that the Google+ team said they worked with the Google+ Community to build this update. I personally hope +Trey Ratcliff and his +The Arcanum cohort were consulted as they are massive users of the platform.

I stupidly went on the page though and saw a fair amount of useless comments and just general hate, along with people saying that they hate it and they're going back to Facebook. (ironically the one person who's comment like that I followed to their profile, hasn't used G+ in 17 weeks. If you use it every day, fair enough, but just coming back on to complain isnt really helpful).
I really think the Google+ team worked hard on this new layout, and did a damn fine job with it. They're being courteous by letting us preview it in advance, so show some courtesy back and give Constructive criticism.

How would you feel if someone outright told you that something you created was crap and the worst thing ever? The people who created the theme are real people, and have feelings. Yes they work for Google, who some might see as a large corporation, but they are 

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Very inspirational, Beautiful editing and some stunning visuals!
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