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I couldn't believe this was in my local newspaper. Still, it takes all sorts.
Ignorant and proud of it - An anonymous Cornish person opines on the rejection of science. Source: Western Morning News We are all used to reading the insane rantings of north American theist's pr...
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The ignorance and the stupidity just burn. Ouch, just reading this made my head hurt.
I have decided to blog using Blogger.

Whilst I have my own site, I have decided to use that for as yet ill-defined purposes that perhaps I will find restrictive on Blogger. Besides, setting up all the bells and whistles for each individual post was too much work for me to take on.

Obviously, I have only just started the new blog, but now that I am able to most with more expediancy, hopefully my output will increase.

Please remember to share what you like and add me to your news feeds!
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Remember, I am happy to post your godless blog for a reciprocal blogroll exchange, or even publish one of your articles on the site as a guest blogger.

Just drop me a line and I am sure we can work something out.
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Email to LIND Media regarding Mid-Ohio Atheists billboard campaign. Source; Greta Christina's Blog. Whether or not the US - or any other country for that matter - is a Christian nation, each of us...
Hitchens in as irascible a mood as ever.
Despite suffering from the effects of its treatment, Christopher Hitchens still manages to get on stage and debate and field questions. In this video he is in fine erascible form defending his positio...
Today's blog post relates to yesterday's. The CNA will not let me respond (surprise, surprise), so I'll publish my responses in a free and open forum.
True to generic religious website policy, after having vetted my comment on the above article, and letting three people attack my position, the site disabled my ability to reply to my interlocutors re...
Bishop Conley sees ‘atheocracy’ as major threat to pro-life cause
Secularism in America is openly hostile to religion? There is only one openly atheist member of Congress. State Houses have introduced hundreds of Bills that propose religious privilege in abeyance o...
Setting the world straight by the application of reason
Introduction is the personal website of Tris Stock - a secular atheist, sceptic, pop philosopher and writer of stuff.

The site covers a range of subjects that tickle my godless fancy, from politics and family worship (genealogy) to science and current affairs.

There is, of course, some mention of atheism and secularist sensibilities also. Not to mention the occasional personal journal entry for good measure.

Having said it is a personal site, I welcome others to get involved in the sites development; so if you have a blog, or have written an article you would like published, please feel free to get in contact with me here