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Just a curious question to my fellow book readers...

Have you read the "Fifty Shades of Grey" Series? Am I the only one that thinks they are over hyped? Yes, a few parts were good... Mainly just the email banter. I feel liked I missed something because I just don't get what the big deal is about them. 
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I haven't read them because the excerpts I've seen of the writing makes my eyes bleed.
Haven't read them. But I know they're nothing compared to half the ones on my shelf. (the hidden shelf) I've read worse years and years ago. Anne Rice even has worse. Once you've read one, you've pretty much read them all. Hard to put a new spin on the same 'ole story. 
It will Mel... Seriously not worth the read. Lol
I dunno how much interest I have in reading what is, essentially, the screenplay novelization of a cheesy scripted porn movie.
There really wasn't much of a story MJ... Forced myself through them hoping it would get better. It was like watching that movie Buried? Gah! 
That's why I gave up that genre...they're hidden, waiting to be photoed and put on eBay. 
Beyond cheesy .. I just started skipping those parts. 
Erotica doesn't have to be poorly written, over-hyped trash. Just sayin'
Well I have plenty to loan out! Or give away! And, I agree...
Agreed Mel! And MJ... Love Anne Rice but never read her beauty series? Loved the Mayfair witches and her last book The Wolf Gift was good! 
I think the Mayfair witches series was much better than The Vampire series. I got lost with the whole second spin off. 
I'll have to look up WG. Thanks!
Good points Lark! I wish I could get all my thoughts and imagination into words and write a book. This genre is not my normal go to type, But everyone was like OH.. You have to read it. Laurell K Hamilton, I think, did a better job on the erotic part and her books aren't even in that genre? 
Haven't read them and never had plans to, but I thought I'd share a couple of comments a friend of mine posted on her Facebook about the books:

"50 shades of horrible writing."
"And yet I continue to book three. I must be into self torture too."

From those comments I take it that they are akin to passing by a horrific accident and not being able to drag your eyes away...?
Sending Butt Glue to +Lark LaTroy !!  hahaha... I am sure that stuff was in the book somewhere?  rofl!! =)
I started skipping parts as well.... it was rather predictable to me. I read all three just because I needed to wrap it up. I did start to like Christian a little more but got SO tired of "oh my"......
hmmm Trisha.  If you liked Hamilton, I have a ton of hers on that shelf if you want them.  And, plenty more by Lora Leigh ;-)
I think I have all books in the Anita Blake Series. I got kinda bored with them right before Skin Trade or Flirt but plan to catch up soon.  I have not read the Gentry series? I would be interested in those +MJ Mossberg. Have not read Lora Leigh, will look up those now. =) 
I'll gather up a list of everything I have available, feel free to pass it around, and anyone on this thread that wants any too...I need to free up my bookshelf.  Thanks!
Totally cheesy but I loved them anyway. :)
that is hilarious!! I will have to show it to my husband (he wanted me to read him the "good parts"). Nope :-)
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