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See the tipped ear? Most of time this means a cat is feral, has been spayed/neutered/vetted and is part of a free roaming cat colony that someone is overseeing. Occasionally some of these cats are NOT feral, just strays discarded by their families and scared. A scared Cat can seem feral when they are trapped, mistreated or have not been around humans for a period of time. Always assume a tipped ear Cat is feral until you have had time to observe and monitor their behavior. As you can see... this one is a drooling girl that just wants to be loved. <3

#rescue #feral #TNR #cats #kittylove #rescued   #catsofgoogleplus   #caturdayeveryday
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Rely i love it
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Trisha Standard

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ı think my life ?
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Trisha Standard

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Has it really been a year since I last posted? Oh my.... 
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Doing well, +Trisha Standard . I've been doing some heavy duty re-modeling/ restoration at my place ever since the deluge of 2014. Made huge progress and this summer will be a busy one with big projects.

What's going on with you in your neck of the woods ?
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Trisha Standard

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Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!! I am back enjoying time with my family from an amazing week in Utah at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Grand Canyon north rim, Zion National Park and other hiking trips to many beautiful locations. This was taken at Zion. Thanks again for thinking of me on my special day!! =) 
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Hi .I and you here
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Trisha Standard

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Thanks G+ !!! How Awesome!! Love it!! =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday or whatever you celebrate this time of year. =) 
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Indeed to you, +Trisha Standard . And a Happy New Year to you, as well !  :-}
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Trisha Standard

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I saw this display in a gift shop in Jerome, AZ and immediately thought of +John Kampsen and the GAI crew!!  ( Sorry no JD shelf in this store +Bob ) Hope all of ya'll have been doing good!  =) 

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Just went to check it out... What a catch (hehe) +John Kampsen! =) 
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Trisha Standard

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WOW ... There are some big spiders in Arizona and they seem to think they own the road. Haha! =)
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The only spider I like is...The
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Trisha Standard

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It's like he's saying .."Could you get that camera out of my face please???" lol
My cat give me the same look.
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Trisha Standard

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One of the most beautiful cemeteries to visit... Elmwood! Located in Memphis, TN.  
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Trisha Standard

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Good Morning!  

I have really missed my nature photography and G+ !!  I was thrilled to finally get back out and do what I love.  Have a GREAT day! =)
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good after noon:P
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What a beautiful sunset ....
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which place <3
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Trisha Standard

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Finally finished going through pictures our first day in North Arizona.

Thank you to everyone that suggested areas and places to visit... We tried to see them all and hopefully I will have them added soon.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the beauty and adventure we could possibly take in on such a short trip.  =)

#Arizona   #GrandCanyon   #snowbowl   #nature  
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Larry S
Wonderful photos!
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