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Trisha Standard

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Good Morning!  

I have really missed my nature photography and G+ !!  I was thrilled to finally get back out and do what I love.  Have a GREAT day! =)
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Terrific shot, +Trisha Standard !
A great big Howdy to you :-}
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Trisha Standard

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Here is one of my smallest babies in foster. This is Spike.... His mom was due to give birth at any time and was scheduled for the unmentionable surgery when I saw her and pulled her from the shelter. She gave birth to Spike and his siblings not long after. All are doing amazing!!

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Precious sweet boy!
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Trisha Standard

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What a beautiful sunset ....
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which place <3
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Trisha Standard

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Finally finished going through pictures our first day in North Arizona.

Thank you to everyone that suggested areas and places to visit... We tried to see them all and hopefully I will have them added soon.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the beauty and adventure we could possibly take in on such a short trip.  =)

#Arizona   #GrandCanyon   #snowbowl   #nature  
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Larry S
Wonderful photos!
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Trisha Standard

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WOW ... There are some big spiders in Arizona and they seem to think they own the road. Haha! =)
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The only spider I like is...The
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Trisha Standard

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I know we all have struggles and are financially strapped but any help for this wonderful family would be greatly appreciated! =) 
A kid needs a kidney. Daddy is the donor. The family is financially strained. Can you help?
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so..cute baby like you
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Trisha Standard

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Proud to be a part of such an amazing rescue group!! 😻
Christmas wishes granted thanks to an anonymous donor!
A Christmas wish has been granted... An anonymous donor has agreed to pay the adoption fee for 4 of these babies to have their Furever home. What a wonderful gift to us and these babies!! Please send email us for more information on the adoption process. sf...
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Trisha Standard

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Since starting helping with Animal Rescue last year and visiting the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I truly think I have found my calling. A group of us decided to start our own sanctuary in the mid-south. We have have saved hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits and even a pig from death or abandonment. Currently we are trying to build a structure to house the over 40 cats/kittens we have in foster based on the houses for cats we have seen at the Best Friends sanctuary. Please share this link and help us reach our goal. Any and all shares/donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 😊
Our goal is to provide a place for homeless and shelter pets to heal, grow strong, and learn how to trust and play again.
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Trisha Standard

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Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!! I am back enjoying time with my family from an amazing week in Utah at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Grand Canyon north rim, Zion National Park and other hiking trips to many beautiful locations. This was taken at Zion. Thanks again for thinking of me on my special day!! =) 
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Hi .I and you here
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Trisha Standard

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Thanks G+ !!! How Awesome!! Love it!! =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday or whatever you celebrate this time of year. =) 
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Indeed to you, +Trisha Standard . And a Happy New Year to you, as well !  :-}
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Trisha Standard

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I saw this display in a gift shop in Jerome, AZ and immediately thought of +John Kampsen and the GAI crew!!  ( Sorry no JD shelf in this store +Bob ) Hope all of ya'll have been doing good!  =) 

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Just went to check it out... What a catch (hehe) +John Kampsen! =) 
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Trisha Standard

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Since my internet is still crazy and I can't seem to upload pix again at the moment... Thought I would share this cute praying mantis that I took with my phone camera.

See ... I'm still around just limited at the moment. Hope everyone has a GREAT day! =) 
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Internets tilts, hope you have your CPU mended pretty soon.
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