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Trish Jones
Coach, Speaker, Author, Techie Girl, Storytelling Coach and Mentor to Entrepreneurs Around the Globe: Simplify Your Life & Business
Coach, Speaker, Author, Techie Girl, Storytelling Coach and Mentor to Entrepreneurs Around the Globe: Simplify Your Life & Business


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How To Find Your Voice, Know Your Calling and Live on Purpose

Today's Influential Woman wants more than money success, she wants fulfilment, to know her life matters, to live on purpose and make a difference in the world. Reaching out to today's #InfluentialWoman

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The Influential Woman Academy Is Finally Here

It’s been 11 years since I’ve had this kind of labour pains. And the last time wasn’t even when my daughter was born in 2002, but it was 2006 when I launched my Christian Women’s website.

But, this time, the labour pains were a little different and a result of finally launching the revamped Influential Woman Coaching Academy … and I’m pleased to say “it’s finally here!”

If you're a woman on a mission and you have a story and a message to share with the world, this is absolutely for you.

But ... this isn't just about throwing more content at you ... there is no shortage of content online. This is more about collaboration and helping you connect, learn and grow so you have more influence and make a bigger impact online.

You can read more about The Academy here:

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Not All Sheets Are Made Equal ... The Story Is In The Detail

Chrissie Rucker, MBE dreamt of having white sheets but she wanted beautifully designed white sheets at affordable prices. When she failed to find find she wanted, she took her passion to the next level and designed her own.

Chrissie Rucker launched her business back in 1994 with a 12-page brochure from the spare room of her boyfriend's home after failing to find the nice white sheets she really wanted. Today, you can visit The White Company's website and purchase almost anything in white.

Her #story is a powerful reminder that your #brandidentity  is so powerfully connect to your story and once people buy into your story, they buy into you and are then more willing to buy from you.

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You Don't Need Big Media or Big Bucks To Take Advantage of Storytelling In Your Business.

We all love a good story and as entrepreneurs, we're inspired by companies who share their journey of zero to profit. We love the rags to riches stories and we love to recite these stories to others. So my question is, "why oh why do we not make more use of storytelling in our businesses?"

Oh, I think I know ... it's because we think our story has to be big, or be dramatic or centre around a hero.

Personally, I think this is sad. Some of the most profound stories are the most basic stories because the message is so poignant. I'd personally rather take a simple story with a simple message make a big impact, that tell a BIG story with a BIG message that has no impact. What say you?

#Storytelling   #Storytellinginbusiness   #stories  

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You Said WHAT To The Shopkeeper!

Let's face it, social media can be a playground for those who think it's okay to say what you like to whom you like and when you like, but let's talk about the grown up side of being an entrepreneur. This is #realtalk .

#entrepreneur   #businesslife   #socialmedia  

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When The Storytelling Is Just About You.

So you're not ready to go public with a particular story from your past. I get it, it took me over 20 years before I shared my secret with a living soul. And even after I told family and a handful of friends, it took me almost two years before I felt ready to share that story publicly.

But looking back, I wish I could at least have unraveled the story and asked questions about how the experience had impacted my behaviour, beliefs about myself and my perspective on life.

In other words, I wish I knew what I've talked about in this article. I'm sure I could have saved myself so many moments of heartache and warped perspectives about who I am.

Enjoy the read!

#Storytelling   #entrepreneur   #storyteller  

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Your story is your story and if you tell it in a way that omits elements so as not to offend others, you're not being true to you and you're containing your own creativity.

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This is exactly what I mean when I talk about the "technology" of speaking and storytelling get muddled up with the real thing ... "you telling your story."

And what's worse, those who make you focus too much on the technology, started out and succeeded without it. Tell it like it is, be yourself and people will love you. You can adjust to get the big "pow" as you do your thing!

#tellyourstory   #storytelling  
"I am not sure if my English is good. So, I prefer not to speak" This is the one of the biggest anti story people have in their head when we encourage them to participate in Oral Storytelling work in Singapore. Written and spoken english is different and you should never aim for your spoken English to sound like your written English. Find out why ? #storytelling   #singapore  

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What Entrepreneurs Say On Social Media That They Wouldn't Dare Say To A Shopkeeper.

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Is There A Disparity Between What You Say About Your Brand And What Others See?
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