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Triscom, Primavita, infant formulas, dietetic milkpowders, babyfood, nutrition, child, baby
Triscom, Primavita, infant formulas, dietetic milkpowders, babyfood, nutrition, child, baby


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Primalac 10 years Hurray!!

Do you know we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our brand Primalac?

So good to see babies grow and be happy with healthy Primalac from Holland.

With Primalac we want to make premium products for the whole family.

Be happy with Primalac.

Primalac is a Triscom Holland brand and is produced in the Netherlands.
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Meet Triscom at Anuga 2017, from 07-11.10.2017 in Cologne.

Anuga is the world’s largest and most important trade fair for food. 7300 exhibitors and 160.000 visitors.
Only at Anuga you will find the most important key players of the national and international food and beverage industry.
We are proud to be one of them.

Visit us to find out about our complete Primavita infant formula range. We have a range for cow formula’s as well as goat formula’s.

And our products for adults like goatmilk drink and hical milk drink.

You can find us in Hall 10.1. Our Stand number is A012.
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Primavita Baby 3: The development continues

In the third month your baby will explore even more. He does not only use his hands, but also stops all sort of things in his mouth.

Your baby will also be able to see more colours and shades, making it easier for him to distinguish things and see better. This allows him to recognize your face even better.

Perhaps your baby is already able to roll from his back to his side, which is the first step of rolling from his back to his belly.

As a mother, you may have suffered from some sleep deprivation, because your baby has a shorter sleeping cycle than you have. You can try to catch some more sleep with afternoon naps and sleeping in during the weekends.

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Crafting and colouring for the little ones!

Today we will show you how to make a very nice Primavita puzzle. You can download and print it here:

You will need the following things: scissors, colour pencils, glue and some cardboard.

First we will start by colouring the whole colouring picture. You can once again use all the colours you like. Make sure you do not miss a spot!

After we are finished colouring, we have to glue the colouring picture on the cardboard. This will make the puzzle more solid.

When the glue is dried up, it is time to cut out the puzzle pieces. You need to do this very carefully, because they have to fit perfectly when you make the puzzle.

Now you have all the pieces coloured and cut out, so you can make the puzzle! Be sure to ask all your friends to try it.

Check the blog with pictures at: primavita-crafting-and-coloring-2.html
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Primavita Baby 2: The first smile

In the first month your baby primarily communicated with you by crying, but around the fifth week you will get to see his first smile!

Your baby learns his own voice and starts making baby noises. At the end of the second month he has already discovered a lot of things; he explores what he can do with his own hands and copies your facial expressions. He can now slightly lift his head and upper body as well.

It is good for the baby to lay him on his belly every day, because this will strengthen his back and neck muscles. He will not like this in the beginning, so slowly build up the time that your baby is laying on his belly.

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A new and creative blog series has started! Make your weekend more fun by crafting this bookmark with your little one:
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A new blog article has been uploaded! It is the first article of a series about the monthly development of your baby and you can read it here:
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This year we attended the international food fair in Dubai from 26 February to 2 March.

The fair brought us excellent new contacts and a chance to speak with our key customers in the Middle East, Far East and Africa, as well as networking with our ingredient suppliers.

The focus of Triscom Holland is on her brand Primavita for infant and dietetic products and on the Emiklo brand for yogurt products.

We see a positive response on the spreading of our brand in new countries.
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You can watch three stories for little children on Youtube, which are made by Primavita. They are famous fairy tales.

The story is being read out, but you can also read along with the text in the video.

On this way the little ones can learn to read a little.

The stories are made in different languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German and Portugese.

The English version of Cinderella is most popular with 43.000 views.

The Dutch version of Hansel and Gretel is most popular with 60.532 views.

The story of Alice in Wonderland is also lots of fun.
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Meet us at the Gulfood fair 2017!

Triscom will participate to Gulfood 2017 from februari 26th to march 2nd.

We are pleased to welcome u to our stand to tell you more about our products.

Under our brand Primavita we have a line of infant and diet formula's. Primavita formula meet the highest quality standards. Our company is based in The Netherlands and has it's own production location based in the small town of Heino.

We will present the following Primavita formula's:
- Primavita 1
- Primavita 2
- Primavita 3
- Primavita 4
- Primavita LF
- Primavita Mam
- Primavita rice cereal mixed fruits
- Primavita rice cereal vanilla
- Primavita goatmilk stage 1
- Primavita goatmilk stage 2
- Primavita goatmilk stage 3

Besides that we will also present our products for adults:
- Primavita whole goat milk powder
- Primavita Hical milkpowder

On this fair we will also present our new products for 2017:
- Primavita AR
- Primavita AC
- Primavita IT
- Primavita +
- Primavita Level Stab

We will also present our Emiklo products. These are 'do it yourself' yogurt products. With Emiklo you can make yogurt yourself at home. It is available in six different flavours and full of healthy bacteria.

We would love to meet you and tell you everything about our products. Visit our stand in Dubai. You can find us in Hall 2, B2-37.

Impression of gulfood 2016:

Gulfood Opening Times:
26 February – 1 March 2017: 11am -7pm
2 March 2017: 11am – 5pm

Dubai World Trade Centre
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