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Travel Vacation Photographers. Stunning affordable professional holiday photos. Europe. World.
Travel Vacation Photographers. Stunning affordable professional holiday photos. Europe. World.

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Anette Göttlicher is a freelance photographer based in Munich, Germany, specialising in kids, family and wedding photography.

After working as a writer and published seven novels, her two kids made her look at life through lenses - preferably prime ones.

She says she became a professional photographer because "taking photographs is the most beautiful way to collect feelings."

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Andreas Stavropoulos is a talented photographer in Athens. He has worked as a professional photographer for over a decade.

He says:

"What fascinates me in my city is that it is full of contrasts, combining the ancient with the modern, the sea with the mountain, the overcrowded neighbourhoods with the hidden ones!
From the neighbourhoods of the historical center of Athens like Acropolis, Plaka and Thissio to the nearby islands like Hydra and Spetses the inspiration has no limits."

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Alex Marchese is a gifted photographer in Rome. He has a degree in Cinema at La Sapienza University.

After he graduated he began his work in the field of professional photography, working with international companies including Vodafone and Sky, and his work being published in an extensive array of both Italian and international magazines.

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Alessandro Iasevoli is a stunning TripShooter photographer in Rome. He has won many awards for his outstanding work, including the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) Gold Medallion, Fearless Photographers Awards, Wedding Photography Select (WPS) Excellence Awards, Artistic Guild WPJA, and awards from the ANFM (Italian Association of Wedding Photographers).

He says:

"I do social and documentary photography and family portraits and weddings are my core. Why? simply because love is the most important thing of our lives and for whichever event, wedding, engagement, honeymoon, or just a family trip, photography is there!... to remember yourselves you are born to LOVE! and I will be there too.. to catch all your moments and emotions and give it back to you through my camera and my vision."

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Alessandro Ghedina is a creative master who takes stunning photographs of travellers in his home city of Florence. He has won awards for his photography in the ANFM (the Italian National Association of Wedding Photographers) and WPS (the English Wedding and Portrait Society).

Alessandro loves to shoot people, and working with feelings and emotions. He says "That's what I try to get back in my images."

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Alessandro is a talented professional photographer in Milan. A member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association, he says:

"I love the elegance and contemporary mood of my city. Its celebration of design and fashion make it a prime city in Europe"

#photographerMilan #Milanphotographer #photographerinMilan #vacationphotographerMilan #vacationphotographer #vacationphotographerEurope

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Adrienne Norman is a prize-winning TripShooter photographer in Amsterdam. She says:

"Photographing people during a ferry ride is a favourite location of mine: you are on the water and in the background an overview of the city ‘skyline’. During the day the ferries are not crowded and during rush hour they are packed with locals on bikes and scooters going home..."

#Amsterdamphotographer #photographerinAmsterdam #vacationphotographerAmsterdam #vacationphotographer #vacationphotographerEurope

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Maria Harms is an amazing TripShooter photographer in Vienna. She says:

""I’m in love with details and the little things in life! I’m reliable, spontaneous, very emotional and open for everything – especially for everything new. I also love the naturalness of the moment and of people and their emotions, that I always try to reflect in my pictures."

#vacationphotographer #photographerVienna #photographerinVienna #Viennaphotographer #vacationphotographerVienna 

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Marc Mateus is a fantastic French photographer in London. He says:

"I love catching real emotions in reportages or for weddings. I believe that working as a vacation photographer has just the same potential for emotions and moments of beauty."

#vacationphotographerLondon #photographerLondon #Londonphotographer #vacationphotographer #photographereurope

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Christian, our talented photographer in Paris, says:

"It is a huge privilege to share my art and passion for this city with the wonderful couples that hire me. I get great satisfaction from showing them around Paris and seeing them so happy with the results of our photography sessions."

#parisphotographer #photographerinparis #vacationphotographer
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