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Triplex Electric provides recessed lighting installations for residential and commercial customers. Complete design, layout and installation is provided, no matter the size of your project or the type of home or business you have. All services are uniquely tailored to your vision and expectations. We are a full service electrical contractor, and are able to provide you with all of the lighting services that you need.
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There are two main reasons to upgrade or replace your home or office electrical service panel.
The first reason is to upgrade old & faulty equipment. Old service panels are no longer providing the protection and reliability that they once did. An electrical service panel upgrade will bring your equipment up to today’s standards for safety and reliability.
The second reason is to provide more power for your premises.
With all of today’s new technical devices and appliances, it is common for older electrical services to be insufficient  to handle the increased power demand.
An electrical service panel upgrade includes all of your electrical equipment, the panel, the over current protective devices or OCPD’s (breakers), and all of the grounding & bonding that is required to meet today’s existing electrical codes. This usually means installing a new grounding electrode (ground rod).

We provide a free upfront quote with no obligation, for every job. You know the price before any work begins. You can “shop and compare prices”, with other companies.  There are no surprises, high pressure selling or up-selling at Triplex Electric! We provide good old fashioned customer satisfaction, for each and every customer. We want you to call us back. We want you to tell your friends and neighbors what great electrical services you’ve experienced with us! Call Triplex Electric today!
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