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It's been 3 years since Talalarmo was first released and we never regretted about making it. All hail simplicity!
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New Talalarmo, better than ever -

We're experts in waking ourselves up (we did it over 10000 times), and we know how hard it can be.

If you find stock alarm app too complicated - try Talalarmo, the most simple alarm clock in the world.

We respect your rights, our alarm clock app is free, has no ads, doesn't track you and is an open source software -
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Have you noticed that our website got redesigned?

New approach, clean material colors, modern look and feel, responsive design, and all our apps in one place!
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Obsqr 2.4 is on Market now!

Huge gratitude to translators who offered us their help.
As a result we have Swedish, Dutch and Portuguese languages added to Obsqr.

Besides, we've made a few fixes:
- issue with autofocus is gone
- https links are not decoded as a plain text already

We've also implemented launching Obsqr by long press on Search button.

So, find new Obsqr version:
- on Market
- on Bitbucket

Follow the latest news about it on our twitter -
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Suprisingly, Obsqr review has been published on xda-developers

We feel pleased with promoting our QR reader on the most popular and respectful place for mobile developers.
From that moment lots of suggestions and reviews have been sent to us.
We are really excited you find our product worth having!
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You must have noticed a bit stretching preview when you use our QR reader?
We're happy to inform you that now it's gone since we've adjusted preview size to the camera ratio.

And in addition, you may install Obsqr on both internal and external storage.

Check it in a new Obsqr 2.3 here:
on Google Play
on Bitbuchet
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We are happy to announce Obsqr 2.2 to you!
In the recent version of our tiny QR reader we've added:

- help tips (because we heard there were some difficulties with using Obsqr)
- Android x86 support
- different cameras support

If you have no any ideas what Obsqr is and why you should use it - here is a short review below.

Obsqr is a neat QR reader with only one feature - it can decode QRs.
It does not bother you with extra functionality and in the same moment allows you to scan a QR code of any type: web link, Android Market link, email, phone number, sms, geolocation, contact info and plain text.
It's ad-free and open-source.

Here are the sources -
Android Market link -

Let us know what you think about Obsqr. Always glad to make it better!
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Recently we have published Talalarmo on Market.
Talalarmo is a very simple and neat alarm clock.
Keeping it in a black-white style we tried to make it look clear and modern.

Talalarmo's features:
- only single alarm is supported
- set alarm time in two taps
- pick sound and switch on/off vibration
- intuitive and very stylish interface design
- open-source and costs you nothing
- ads-free

Latest changes:
- fix: 12.00 noon is considered 12 PM and 00.00 at midnight - 12 AM
- snap arrows to clock points

We'll keep making Talalarmo better for you!
So feel free to contact us if you have any comments or ideas.

Also follow us to get up-to-date news about Talalarmo:
- on Twitter -@trkta
- check a project page on bitbucket -

Find Talalarmo on Market:
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So, these days we've got a site (, a Google+ page (you must be reading it now), and you can still follow us on
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