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Hello all - 

YouTube Red Earnings is now available in the Estimated Earnings report. Have a look! 

If you want to analyze your earnings and see how Red has affected them, I recommend you filter to only the US (Red is currently launched only in the US) from October 28th onwards and then compare Total Estimated Earnings to Estimated Monetized Playbacks and hopefully you'll see that earnings per playback has gone up! 

We'll be providing more metrics over time, like how much of your watch time came from Red, to help you understand better what impact Red will have on your earnings.

Let me (and everyone else) know if you've figured out a better way to analyze this data!
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I got the offer for my custom G+ URL, then later got the offer for the custom URL for my youtube channel and G+ page. It became a marketing nightmare. The message said type in your custom URL, so I did. But that URL was not what I got. I've been working on branding the channel since 2010, back then my URL was over Youtube's character limit--by one stinkin' letter. Sheesh. 

Tonight I got a new offer to change the channel URL-and it's the correct URL, the one I want! But they want me to add on extra numbers--which won't work for branding. And doesn't seem right if I'm the first to claim the URL. Please +YouTube +YouTube Creators +Peggy K  Any suggestions on how to claim the offered URL without tacking on extra digits.
#iamnotanumber #ihaveaname   ♥
Get a custom URL for your YouTube channel (and Google+)

Confused by the new YouTube and Google+ custom URLs? I've put together answers to the most common questions..

Here's an overview - see the article for all the details:

> What are the eligibility requirements for a custom URL?

YouTube eligibility:  
Google+ Profile eligibility:

Google+ Page eligibility:

> How do I find the custom URL offer?

There is no way to request a custom URL. To see whether you've been offered a custom URL, check your email notifications, the Links box on Google+ Page or Profile's "About" tab or your YouTube notifications page (  

> How do I claim the custom URL?

Click "Get URL" or "Get yours now" on the notification..

> What can I do if I don’t like the offered custom URL or need to add a suffix?

Once the URL is set it can't be changed, so don't accept a custom URL you don't want!   If you don't want the offered URL you can wait for a possible new offer,  make sure your Google+, YouTube and website domain accurately reflect your identity, and send feedback to Google+ and YouTube.

> How can I change the custom URL once it's set?

 You can change capitalization, diacritics and accents on the letters of your custom URL by clicking "Edit" at the bottom of the Links box on your Google+ About tab, then editing your URL. Those are the only changes that can be made.

> If I add a new custom URL will the old custom URL for my YouTube channel still work?

Yes, your old /user/ custom URL will continue to work

> Why doesn’t my new YouTube channel custom URL display in the address bar?

I don't know why, exactly, but that's the case for everyone: when you navigate around YouTube your new custom URL may not display in your browser's address bar. It's not a bug  and it doesn't mean your custom URL is not set.

> Why hasn't my YouTube channel or Google+ Page been offered a custom URL?!

Make sure your YouTube channel or the Google+ Page or Profile it's connected to is eligible for a custom URL and doesn't already have a custom URL set. 

If your channel just became eligible, it's likely just a matter of waiting for an offer.

Read the whole article for all the details, step-by-step instructions, and screenshots

#YouTubeTips   #GooglePlusTips   #CustomURL  
If you have recently created a new YouTube channel, you are sure to have noticed the default channel URL includes a long string of characters that are hard to remember and tricky to type. A custom URL makes it easy to share a...
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Peggy K
Beautiful! There isn't any way to show videos from a channel on your profile, unless it's the channel connected to your profile. But I don't think many people look at that tab - you can pin a post to the top of your Profile's posts Page with ac Playlist or featured video, and people are more likely to see that anyway 
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I enjoyed the interview so very much !! :)
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"What Kind of Man" isn't your average pop music fodder, but hey, this is Florence Welch. The torchy, hot redhead who makes Taylor Swift's psycho ex-girlfriend antics look like a romper room tantrum.
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 " They misunderestimated me. "  ~~George W. Bush
🎓   #gallowshumor   #quoteoftheday     Re Infecta
American Media, the true story
The box office dominating movie about the American sniper
isn’t nearly as interesting as the role of the media in the past 15 years. Perhaps the story should told by a director who doesn’t talk
to an empty chair. It is a good time to review that role now th...
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It's worse for female vets. Higher suicide rates as well.
I'm sometimes left with questions about the sanity of large institutions, particularly as it relates to veterans.Last week, I interviewed Michael Warren of Transitional Assistance in Hawaii for Job Search Radio (The show goes live on Monday at,, iTunes and a host of other places. I'll change the links once the show goes live). In my interview, Warren, awarded a Bronze Star Medal of Valor and numerous awards, ha...
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I hear you. It sucks.
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Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde discusses her musical past and maintaining her own standards for creativity.
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New to Google+? Don't know where to start?

Here is a collection of posts and articles from around the Circleverse.

Take a Tour on Google+:

Google+ best practices for beginners:

The common pitfalls on Google+:

Choose what you share on your profile:

Types of posts you see in your Home Stream:

Who can send you notifications:

Don't just drop links:

Share Google+ posts on Facebook:

Hide your circles and followers:

Control what you see from your communities:

Create a private community for yourself:

All you wish to know about Communities:

Change the cover photo on Android:

The reasons for circle limitations:

Tips for sharing on Google+:

Tips for building relationships:

Tips for community members:

Tips about Google+ Photos:

Tips for using hashtags:

Tips for blocking someone:

Tips for Google+ Photos Auto backup:
Troubleshooting the #AutoBackup :

The official Google+ Help Center:

Set up recovery options for your Google account:

Switch between Google accounts:

Account permissions and apps:

All your Google+ statistics:

Deleting a Google+ profile / Page: What happens to YouTube:

Who owns your business page and YouTube channel:

Promote your business on Google+:

Video: Google+ tips

A huge Google+ resource:

Is there something important missing here? What aspect of Google+ would you like to know more about?

A link to this post you can easily remember:

#TCpost #Googleplustips #BestHelpOnTheWeb
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Share your photos and enjoy!
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