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#FourWheeledFriday (curated by +Akhil Kalsh )
#PaintItSaturday (curated by +Alexius Jørgensen )
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beautiful colors :)
OBS: to speak from the heart, it´s really a job to find all the submissions to PaintIt Saturday in the public stream, sometimes the hashtags works and sometimes not and even though i search for them in different ways some are lost, so i like to ask you from now on plz tag your photo to ´PaintIt Saturday´, cause then it´ll automatically show up in the Photo Album of PaintItSaturday provided you have circled the page – and i can spend my time commenting instead of searching ... you can see how to tag your photo in the link below – TIA, alexius :)
yeah sometimes that happens to me too, but i think in your case it might be that you have not circled the page :)
awesome! love the processing, makes it look like a digital painting :) agree with +Alexius Jørgensen , if everyone could do this life would be so much better for us curators! thank you for sharing with #fourwheeledfriday :)
+Alexius Jørgensen Oops, thought I had! Now I've circled the page, but still can't tag the photo. Ah well...
+Akhil Kalsh Thank you! And I'm glad to tag the photos, no problem.
Thanks to both Alexius and Akhil for all your work in curating these themes!
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