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Tricia Hodges
You ARE An Artist! Author of Art Lessons for All Ages | Home Educator
You ARE An Artist! Author of Art Lessons for All Ages | Home Educator

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Seashore Fun Facebook Live Art Tutorial
Gather your chalk pastels and join us on the Facebook page for a free FB Live art tutorial with a seashore theme! I sure am ready for a trip to the beach, aren't you?
Enjoy this FREE Sample Sand Castle Art Tutorial download:
🎨Just a few supplies needed:
- plain printer paper and/or colored construction paper
- starter set of chalk pastels {example here - aff}
- baby wipes or a couple dampened paper towels for easy clean up.
After the event, we would LOVE for you to share photos of your artwork using the #YouAREanArtist hashtag. You can share those on Instagram or upload or them to the Facebook page. We would love to see your artwork and to comment.
Event Link here:

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We love these planners!
Get your plan in place for summer AND the upcoming school year

May is the month that we give away the download version of our summer planner/journal with EVERY student and high school #homeschoolplanner purchased.

When you order in our shop, you can simply choose to add it on and it will be sent to you by e-mail.

This CAN be combined with other offers too so don't miss out and please share with your #homeschooling friends.

It is a great way to track the tasks that still need to be completed and have a wonderful memory book adding photos and journal pages to keep them writing.

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Cut Curriculum Costs with Yellow House Book Rental
With so many homeschoolers on a limited budget, renting curriculum seems like such a great option. Yellow House Book Rental’s website offers information on how rental works and what products are offered. The best part is, this is a family business run by a homeschooling family!
+Yellow House Book Rental

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This is one of my very FAVORITE parts of the teacher edition! Love that 'big picture' exercise in planning. What a HUGE help!
What do you like to brainstorm as you plan your #homeschool year?
I have six in my #homeschoolplanner!
I always use one for each of my kids just as general idea place. I also love to look at co-op and class ideas. I am using one this year for ALL the literature I want my high schooler to get through so I can narrow it down when I put my final plan together.
So much to think about and I love brainstorming. 😁

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Space Exploration Video Art Course
Chalk pastels are a wildly successful medium – especially space art! The galaxy full of space exploration art stretches out… (and 40% off!)
Man on the Moon
Spiral Galaxy
Night Sky – Big and Little Dipper
Space Shuttle Lift Off
You ARE an artist:

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Links to ALL of our Facebook Live art tutorials in one place! 14 so far and some free, companion downloads are included for some as well. Links to some are also on our YouTube channel. Enjoy! And don't forget to join the upcoming event with Apologia and our May the 4th Be with you live tutorial as well! You ARE an Artist
Links to live tutorials:
Upcoming Facebook Live events:
You ARE an Artist YouTube channel:

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How We Came to LOVE Teaching Textbooks
Balancing the needs of an age range of children is always something I am faced with. Back in the days of toddlers to pre-teens, we hit a bump in our homeschool math journey. Well, not just a bump but a puddle of tears and a pile of frustration most mornings. So here is the story of just how we came to love Teaching Textbooks...

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It's a February AND March homeschool wrap up! Can you feel it too? We are definitely in the homeschool year home stretch. It's a chance to finish strong over these next weeks.

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In honor of Pi Day - a fudge pie art tutorial and recipe! This one is from our very early days of sharing chalk pastels and can be found at The End in Mind. Thanks +Lori Lane!

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Today starts our St. Patrick's Day Co-Op with Unit Studies by +Amanda Bennett and our sister site,! You don't want to miss a thing - so be sure to join the event and follow along on Facebook. So many fun learning events planned! Nana and I will share a FB live art tutorial on Wednesday, there is another live art event happening today at 1 pm we will participate in - plus giveaways, sales and more. It's a fun week ahead - you ARE invited and you ARE an artist!
FB Live:
Giveaway! (5 sets of chalk pastels!) Amanda's giveaway + many more details:
Spring Sale!
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