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Online Paid Surveys - Triaba Survey Panel. Triaba has online paid survey panels in 55 countries. This includes USA, UK, Australia and more.
Online Paid Surveys - Triaba Survey Panel. Triaba has online paid survey panels in 55 countries. This includes USA, UK, Australia and more.


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Here are the winners in Our competition in February 2018:
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When you sign up to Triaba, you can choose to give a lot of information about yourself. This is not a survey, so you are not paid to join Triaba. Why do we collect the data? We use the data to find surveys for you. Read more about it here:
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How do I change my payment method?

To change you payment method login to your account and
1. Click on "Your Profile"
2. Click on "Update Profile"
3. From the field "Payment method" select your payment method from the drop down box
4. Click "Update"
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How do I redeem my rewards?

To see your reward balance login to your account and click on "Your Profile" and "Redeem Rewards". You will then see your balance and if you have reached the level to make a payout you will be advised that you can now choose to transfer your money to your chosen payment method.

Click on the "Redeem" button and then "I agree". Your payout transaction will then change to status "pending" in your recent activity. Once the payment is processed and sent to you the status will change to "success".
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We have survey panels in following countries:
Argentina -
Australia -
Austria -
Belgium (Dutch) -
Belgium (French) -
Brasil -
Canada (English) -
Canada (French) -
Chile -
Colombia -
Costa Rica -
Denmark -
Ecuador -
Egypt -
Estonia -
Finland -
Finland (Female) -
France -
Germany -
Greece -
Hong Kong -
India -
Indonesia -
Ireland -
Israel -
Italy -
Japan -
Kenya -
Latvia -
Lithuania -
Malaysia -
Mexico -
Netherlands -
New Zealand -
Nigeria -
Norway -
Paraguay -
Peru -
Phillipines -
Poland -
Portugal -
Puerto Rico -
Saudi Arabia -
Singapore -
South Africa -
Spain -
Sweden -
Switzerland -
Switzerland (French) -
Turkey -
United Arab Emirates -
United Kingdom -
Uruguay -
USA (English) -
USA (Spanish) -
Venezuela -
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If you live in Egypt, you can now join Triaba:
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New Panelist Portal

You've probably noticed that when you log in, it is a New log in portal.

What’s New?
New look and feel, with responsive design
Rebuilt login function to resolve the 3rd party cookie issue
Rebuilt implementation process, removing the issues tied to the old embedding requirements on your site

What’s improved?
Better performance on more device types
Easier to use profiling section
Reward pages, with clearer reward options
Improved standalone offering

Coming next
GDPR compliance
More survey opportunities
Better visibility of survey history and reward transactions
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New Competition - February 2018

Win a Paypal Payment

February 2018 we will be handing out gift vouchers of 500 Euros. Send us an email before February to join the competition.

There will be 5 voucher/Paypal payments of 50 Euros in the regular competition and 5 Gift Vouchers/ Paypal payments of 50 Euros to members that blog about Triaba. Remember that you MUST have a link to Triaba in your blog. A link to your blog must be sent with your registration to participate in the competition.

In order to compete you must:
- be a member of one of our survey panels
- have completed at least 1 survey in October, November, December or February.

Send an e-mail to with the following information:

1) In the Heading of the e-mail to us, Write: February Competition 2018
2) Your Name
3) Your Postal code
4) Your Country
5) Your e-mailaddress (MUST correspond to the e-mail address you use in the Triaba survey panel)

If you like Triaba, we will be happy if you can give us a review in Our Facebook site ( and/or at Google.
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Updating profile - Benefits

Questions about yourself and your lifestyle are often asked when you login to your account as well as at the start and end of the surveys.

To help us find you the most relevant surveys possible, greatly increasing your chance to complete surveys, it is important that you answer these as accurately as possible.

Frequently updating your profile questions, where anything has changed, will also help us display surveys to you where opinions are being sought from people with your background.
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