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Pulled up to da club like....#JoBurgWhatUpDoe
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No offense, I luv you Trey, but you look like you gettin's shot at or somethin'. Or like some bitch is throwin' her drink at you. Or like the sun is in ur eyes. You still fine as hell, though.
lol ya lips look dry tho homie lol
u look bout sexi as i dont know wht
you are a hate if you hate trey
because i love him
If you hate Trey Songz so much, why are you looking at his pictures??
Dang yur sexy in a pic
lol'en with my cousin as soon as we turned to this pic cant help  but wait came on too funny you doin yo thing trey keep up the good work
fresh to death frm head to toe...yea we keep swaggin
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