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Google+ LA PhotoWalk Today!

Time/Date: Sunday Feb 26th starting at 4:30PM - Arrive early to meet others! :)
Get Details and RSVP at (no invite? click )
Location: Santa Monica:
Also: A helicopter flyby shot by +Jessica Ambats is in the works!

Live G+ Hangout: Join us the following night (Monday) Live here in G+ at 7:30 PM PT to share photos from the big event! We'll have +Tom Anderson +Brian Rose +Ricardo Lagos +Gordon Laing and more!
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Pewno zaraz jakiś mądrala się wypowie ze to amatorszczyzna
i kicz a ja powiem ze to zdjęcie ma coś w sobie wzbudza radośc
i marzenie o wakacjach i tęknotę za przygodą,,Dobre i z tematem,,
Wauuu que lindo 0.0
Did you acctually see that or was it photo shopped?!!
Hey what happened to the ferris wheel and merry-go-round, oh wait, that isn't the Santa Monica pier that is tonight ;-). Looking forward to being there. I hope the weather cooperates. Last night we had a big cloud bank roll in from the ocean just before sunset.
All I can say is WOW! It defies words! THANKS x 3.
are iphoneagraphers welcome? and its oscar sunday, yeay
Wow thats freaking awesome : O This is a photo from a camera :O....damn technology you epic.
Q Cat
That is really a Beautiful place, Wish I could come for the walk.
Wow. This is an astonishing shot, Trey. Thanks!
Q Cat
OK, Where is this exactly? Clearly, I'm long over due for a Holiday, Somewhere South of here!
Could anyone not like such a beautiful photo?
Is that really on Earth?:O btw, nice art, though!
wow fanatstic view subhan allah
chaychay james, i love your pink 3ds.
That is a beauty, a photo could you dream a painting.... wonderful
it seems... the beginning of a new world!
Ditto :) it's amazing
just tell me one thing: did it go through photoshop or anything?
I was so looking forward to do this but unfortunately wont be able to make it due to a project! Can't wait to go to one of these soon in "San Diego" hopefully?!....
I'm there! Looking forward to the chopper flyby.
So you all walk around and take pictures? I don't get it.
This the kind of place I would run to each time my problems are hunting me down. soO beautiful
I'm so upset that I couldn't make it :(
Hope you guys are having a great time!
that is definitly awesome!
is that real its awesome i love it if that is real then where is it ill try have a vacation o_o :o :]
Stunning. Really sad I'm an ocean away... won't you come do a photo walk in Johannesburg, pretty please?
My First photo walk. It was a pleasure meeting you Trey. Timing worked out. I live in Arizona. I was in San Diego visiting family. Saw your post the night before and just drove up two hours to take it in. Look forward to hitting another one. Till then I have plenty of Trey online to take in. Keep up the great work.
Trey, when are you coming to San Diego for a photo walk????
omg!!! it so... so... BEAUTIFUL! where is this?!?
Wow. This photo is similar to a dream I've had on and off for years. basically, I'm at the end of that bridge looking like there's no place left for me to go, but someone is telling me take a step forward. I'm afraid because I can't swim and there's no more bridge. But the voice keeps assuring me it's OK, take the step. And each time as I'm about to take the step....I wake up. That picture just made it so real for me.
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