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The Abandoned Coppermine Engine Room

This is the shot from the How-to video I just posted at Trey Ratcliff - Behind the Scenes - Abandoned Copper Mine in Virgin Gorda - enjoy! :)
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I wish that I were there right now . . . so peaceful
hey trey, would you please tell me with which program u realize such beatiful pictures just like this here? its gorgeous!!
thx & greetz, alex
Sometimes abandoned places can be the most beautiful an meaningful. Witnesses of transitoriness. As usual a superb photo!
Liking the sky n clouds...wonderful !
can i post your pic in my blog?I really2 like it..i will give credit to you.
there... yep, I'm positive, that is totally a portal!!.

Beware of your steps, you must throw rocks and watch if they disapear to hold secure footing there, otherwise you will warp to the spiderworld.
oh i forgot to ask.. what sort of camera do you use?
wow its like a time machine! walk through that gap into another dimension.
We were in Virgin Gorda a few years ago. This place was beatiful.
Wow! Thats sooo amazing..the background looks so beautiful. Wish I was there to see it.
What is this a gateway to future/Heaven..?
subahanallah memory this last years..
wow so very beautiful pic
+Trey Ratcliff Killer pic!! There are some great ruins over on St.John called Annaberg. There pretty cool!! Not to far from where your at. Thanks again for sharing your pics.
Man you are good. I enjoy your photo's very much. You sort of bring me places I will never get to for that I thank you much!
Now I can see what is behind the wall
Enjoy is right! Trey, Photography has been my passion over the last 40 plus years and just as Adams changed B&W, and Cartier-Bresson changed how we used 35mm, you as an artist have made and continue to make significant changes in how we use, view, and understand photography. Your contribution to digital art is mind-blowing. You've also changed the landscape in how we present, share, and mentor photography - all this on a global scale and in a very short period of time. Thank you for your inspiration and I think I can speak for many photographers around the world, we eagerly look forward everyday for new images and new ways to share.
Gary Drouin - very new to g+.
Photoshop more, please.
This would have looked better in black and white.
You are so good at incorporating architecture into your landscapes.
Awesome,such great photo's,thanks for sharing with us!
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