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Live Google+ Hangout 7 PM PT - All About Pinterest, Copyright, Fear-of-Internet, Sharing, Online Museums...

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Time: 7 PM PT (Your World Time: )
Joining me are +Kalebra Kelby +Patrick Di Fruscia +Jodi Ettenberg +Thomas Hawk and +Denise Howell -- a great group for a discussion on this matter.
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The British Museum is an awesome place to shoot. Been there a couple of times and really love the place.
I love the British Museum. Jealous.
Beautifull place. Was lucky enough to be in London when the museum hosted the expo on the "emperor's army" a few years ago; hope to go back there one day
The British Museum is an awesome place to shoot. Been there a couple of times and really love the place.
Not only are the exhibits great to see but the building itself is exquisite, especially that roof! The new ticket hall roof at the western concourse at kings cross station is a similarly impress piece of architecture too.
Would love to, but I'm afraid I'm asleep at 4am (CET)...Hope you'll post the video later?
I loved the British Museum. Seeing the Rosetta Stone, and other amazing Egyptian, Greek and Sumerian artifacts (and the Sutton Hoo hoard!) was really amazing.
+Trey Ratcliff i'd like to speak with you in your infinite free time about a project you'd be perfect for......
Thanks - yes - all the shows are recorded ! :)
Seeing the Rosetta Stone there was a “moment” for me. I love The British Museum!
had the privilege of visiting in 2001. this place is absolutely amazing!
sooooo nice scne
i like it
Great museum. I wish I had more time to spend there.
+Trey Ratcliff Your photos give me chills each time I see a new one in my G+ stream. Thank you for sharing these beautiful, transcendent images.
thanks to post this picture its give an example to build a new buildings
What a great job to have. Taking pictures in a museum. I live near the Smithsonian but there is always something there that I missed. I like how they moved Air & Space to Dulles to have more room for future additions.
was not observing it was a British Museum, simply nice photography
it will 04:00 at my side ! as usual i'll watch recorded hangout... not nice :-(
How beautifull think's............!!!!!!!!
My Husband loves that museum! Beautiful ceiling. Would love to visit someday.
One of my favorite places in the world.
shoot me (i'm in Ca.) we got aquariums.
the collection there includes a piece of cuneiform tablet from Mesopotamia - part of Gilgamesh Epic. oldest surviving know work of literature. this piece include a flood story similar to that of Noah, in Genesis.
I love this pic! Incredible museum.
"Live Google+ Hangout 7 PM PT - All About Pinterest, Copyright, "

In case you haven't heard, Pinterest changed their TOS to remove the offending portions. They heard the cries, and promptly reacted appropriately.
Oooo. Wish I could partcipate in this one. Looking forward to it!
this is my first hangout session, how do I find this here on google + = )
Thanks - see you all in a few hours :)
I'VE BEEN THERE! I also love photography and have uploaded a few of my nature photos on my profile! Please check it out if you live photography!
The left side of this area, in black and white, shot from the floor up is in one of my puzzle apps on my iPad. Great to know what the place is called.
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