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A late night walk along the coast, anyone?
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Great shot. Your camera is of amazing performance. I love a natural shot like this.
I need to get one of these Nikon D3X's...
looks warmer there than here .. i just went out to peek at the moon and Brrrrrrr to cold
I especially like the sky, very pretty photograph :)
For sure Trey and try to catch the full moon tonight, its the closest to the earth its been in a 100 years! +Trey Ratcliff
That late night walk along the coast tonight should include a shot on tonight's Super Moon (aka perigee moon). It's going to be beautiful. +Trey Ratcliff
Makes me wish to be someplace warm. :)
Tonight, the full moon is at perigee, meaning that it's as close to the earth that it gets. Noticeably bigger and brighter than usual. Great shots with a long lens low in the sky just above the horizon. 
Though, no hula hands in the image, I guess the palm trees will do:

Lovely hula hands graceful as the birds in motion
Gliding like the gulls o'er the ocean
Lovely hula hands kou lima nani e

Lovely hula hands telling of the rains in the valley
And the swirling winds o'er the pali
Lovely hula hands kou lima nani e
I know, it's an old article, but it describes this recurring event. 
With your bodyguard? take care... :))
yup!need to walk off the steak and dessert!
So, is New Zealand everything you thought it would be? Do you miss Texas?
New Zealand IS paradise. how i miss it so.
unbelievable and yet it look ardifishle
ardifishle? Artificial? Are you foreign? :p And yes, it does somewhat look artificial but im almost 90% sure its real. :D
you don't want to walk with your lover....
Very Nice! I love the way the greens show up in the long exposure.
Why the hell isn't there a -1 button :)
you for coming to Nha Trang beach sour
you for coming to Nha Trang beach sour
Were you two? It's happy.
It looks cozy even thought it's the open air.
sure does look BEAUTIFUL!!............. Can I Go?!?!?!?!?!?!? :D
jfjnfjndjkdjjskfjdsjdf u suck jfksfgfjfgrejhefhj
D.N .H
i see scary movies coming to life..hehehe.
looks nothing like florida.. florida is a swamp
What is that? Trees? Never seen those before. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful Picture ... Beautiful Place ......
When was this in Greece.
Don't I wish teleportation were a reality right now!
very good picture
how come the moon is so small ? are those u.f.o. lights ?
HEY GUYS! CHECK THIS OUT THESE GIRLS ARE GREAT! Payphone- Maroon 5 cover by Kara Shay and Carolyn Y.
i love the name 'trey' i've decided to name one of my kids that c:
nice one looks like an reality
absolutely luv it! i luv the sky colour and the green grass and the palm trees look absolutely beautiful!
Beautiful. . . Under the moon light!! :)
jac jac
Bonito lugar .
Did you use an ND filter? If so, what range did you use for the 15 second exposure? Very nice shot, it looks fun to capture ones like this.
Beautiful especially with the brilliant planet above.
Very beautiful
Usually go to parks at night
But never had a chance to visit a coast!!! :(
it was a fantastic place 2 hav a dinner party
looking so beautiful nature
nice! but i haven't visit coast yet:(
nice place i will definitely come here one
Your Images Are Always Wonderfulllll!
ya its very awesome........i love to walk in the night......
tropical paradise, and the sweet coconut juice under the shades... come over.
i lke the beauitful dark blue sky realy nice picture
i think that it is a really good picture you've taken there
this is a very good picture
beh ta
very beautiful picture
Mi likem ples ia,Nice we...........hpe to be there 1 day??
Is it taken by Sony NEX 7?
I like it, I like it a LOT! would like to take this picture and paint it.
kerala gods own country where coconut tree grows
very beautiful. i wish i could be there......
and me too :) It is just so serene
beautiful place.!!nice to have a date and play
very nice, and i love the ligt mounted on the first tree
i want to be there now...
There are a lot of stunning photos on #Googleplus
I wish I could of had a nice walk along the coast.
Beauty place for my weekend.......
can i join u..... this place is so adorable
what an artist..great eye for image..rgds from liverpool england
i'm only 11 and not a ggod speller
splendid, nothing to say, just give a may feel picture capture the reality
M Way
Night Shots, My favourite. Beautiful.
this is the most beautiful picture
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