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The move to Queenstown, New Zealand continues...

Okay, I am here! This is a big adventure for my family, and we are very excited. It takes a lot of work to get all the logistics worked out, but we are trying to figure out everything.

We're looking to buy a house (or maybe land, and then build) here on this lake. There is a condo we are renting in the meantime while we do some serious house-hunting... And we're also trying to figure out a hundred little things... from internet to phones to internet to coffee to internet to chocolate...
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Coffee, internet, chocolate, and serenity. I think that's all the important things covered. ;)
It would suck to wake up to that every morning. ;)
Trey, that is extremely exciting! I live in Auckland, but would certainly choose Queenstown if i could live there and work here! Will you consider doing some workshops or other meetings for us NZers once you are settled? It would be great to have an excuse to visit QT for some landscape photography :)
Looks a a great spot Trey, and as usual you have made it even more special. Have fun finding your place
Nice front yard! far the grocery store?
Take it all in while you have the chance. I live in Dallas, but have visited Queenstown twice and loved them both. Your now a Kiwi and a Texan!
So it's a real move.. wow. You could do alot worse!
I spent a month there in the seventies photographing and fell in love with the area. I still tell people that New Zealand is the most beautiful place on earth for me. Would love to live there. Congrats!
As someone, like yourself, who has a strong interest in staying connected, and is also interested in living in exotic places (I'm sailing around the world), I understand your Internet concern. In your case, you need to pick a place near a 3G cell tower somewhere along the highway around the lake. Or, arrange to have a repeater installed on your property. You might have to learn to live with a lot less bandwidth than you're used to back in the states though - at least until they a) upgrade the bandwidth for the country with the new fiber coming into New Zealand in 2014, and b) they start supporting 4G with the local phone companies; and/or c) you manage to get cable Internet in the location you pick.
Hello Trey, I have just come back from Queenstown (my first visit) and want to go back, it is that beautiful. Best wishes for your stay there.
Coffee's easy - anything but Starbucks. Chocolate - Whittakers Phones - anything but orcon genius (trust me) Internet ???
wow great place i hope you enjoy it i wish i can visit a place like this
Kia ora +Trey Ratcliff and here's to all the Texan Kiwis in my life lol. The locals are more than happy to lend a hand with your family transition so kia kaha and Njoy this journey...
So jealous! I know people who live there and really want to visit NZ sometime.
Good luck with the property hunt!
I wonder how long it will take until Trey will start talking with a convincing Kiwi accent... May take a while. ;-)
Looks like I was beaten on the draw. I'll second +Todd Sisson's advice on coffee and chocolate. For mobile phones, you'll probably want +telecomnz's coverage around that area. The alternatives are patchy.

Welcome to the country.
I wish you and your family all the best. I can only imagine how many changes your going through right now. Remember not to stress over things you can't control. Keep sharing, I'm looking forward to hearing about how this all turns out. I'm a big fan of yours. All the best to you and your family.
New Zealand is an amazing country, I hope to move there myself some day.
Thats Great :) I live in New Zealand and its quite interesting and the nature is amazing
you and me both Arabella:))
So, you are up in the middle of the night looking for a new home and internet service? That should start a few rumors about the New Yanks ;-)
Looking forward to more of your NZ landscapes! Visiting NZ in 2014. Can't wait to explore the north and south islands, vineyards, etc. Wow!
you got that right laura. and it is absolutely amazing:))))))
Fortune favours the brave.....
I think I have that same picture. Is that on the road north to Glenorchy?
Welcome to NZ Trey, life is good here and we are lucky to be gaining such a great person!
I'll be down there in July for a month of photography, will keep an eye out for you!
Wow that is some adventure! Of course it makes sense for you to be moving to arguably the most picturesque place in the world. Enjoy :-)
As a fellow Austinite, I hate to see you leave town. But having traveled in NZ, I sure understand why you'd like to live there. I'm thankful for your generosity of spirit and artistic inspiration. I'm very thankful for the internet so I can continue to learn from and be inspired by you and your work. Best of luck to you and your family. 
New Zealand is at the top of my "Bucket List". Congratulations. It seems like an amazing place to be at. Keep us posted please. That is if you get some Internet. LOL
Congratulations on making the move to New Zealand. I hope we treat you and your family well :).
Glad to see you're down and safe. You should have +Gordon Laing to show you the way of things.
Your a photographer and you moved to Queenstown. Dude, ain't nothing to photograph there..
Good luck man - lucky you that you have that kind of money. My house has to be a dream for now... Hope for the future..
Welcome to this lovely part of the world. Happy settling-in. 
+Trey Ratcliff congrats!! Does this mean a photo walk in Australia is a possibility sometime in the future. Melbourne is only just across the ditch :-)
Cadbury's is rather local... they make it southeast in Dunedin. When I took the tour, they mentioned that NZ Cadbury used more milk than other worldwide versions. Here in the U.S., I avoid the Hershey's version and buy the bars imported from Ireland. Regular Hershey's? BLECH.

Beer is quite good, but I prefer cider. NZ has great produce!

When I toured the country in 1994, there had been torrential rains and floods on the South Island. Consider flood plains when buying property.

Queenstown seemed a bit like a Colorado ski resort town. There is a lot of tourism year-round.

Here's a bit of local lore on Wakatipu:

You may wish to purchase a pair of red socks.

There's also the Olympics this year. In the past, New Zealand has done well in cycling, rowing, and sailing.

Myself, I left my heart in Wellington. Back then there was a point system... I was not a refugee, had just graduated and thus no job experience, and was not rich.

Oh, and they drive on the left. Which means when you cross the street, you must reverse your usual technique. Look right-left-right on a two-way street.
can you guys take the dating stuff elsewhere and not on here!
Good luck to you and your family +Trey Ratcliff ! I can imagine it's a very busy time what with the Google+ Photographers conference as well!!!
Condo?? +Trey Ratcliff you will need to change your language to suit the locals, you will learn (probably from your kids who should pick it up quicker)

Good to see you made it safe, hope the cold isn't biting too much.

Regarding internet, say goodbye to cheap unlimited data, we only one cable in and out of the country at the moment, so you tend to get stung for data usage.
That's fab news +Trey Ratcliff - I look forward to showing you the delights of North Canterbury, here on the east coast of New Zealand's beautiful South Island... all the best settling in, mate! (been there, done that, got the t-shirt) :-)
I have the exact same pic under different weather !
Try the Skydive place at the end of the Road near Paradise. One hell of an experience !
Have fun in Queenstown !
So beautiful.... Would like to be there!
Welcome to paradise +Trey Ratcliff & family. Enjoy your stay. Wrap up warm. Ski season is about to start.
I cannot wait to see your new house! hehe...must be so cool!
Exciting for you and your family. We're still saving up to visit the South Island...but can't wait to do so.
Te Anau is so close to QT, hope you do visit there.Is also on the way to Milford Sound!
Happy you are there - know there must be a million details-glad you seem to have gotten some internet use!!
Welcome to my part of the world. Arriving in winter is good for house-hunting, because for QT and north, great views = cold! (Loses the sun early on that side of the lake. I'll second the early advice on chocolate and coffee. We live here (Dunedin) for the back-packing (called tramping here) so hope you do plenty of that.
Visited Queenstown 20 years ago.. It is so beautiful.. We visited Milford Sound on a day when the waterfalls were blown back up the face by the wind. It was so wonderful to behold.
I reckon for us Kiwis that's certainly gotta be one of the most photographed scenes in the country! I took mine back in 2007 ;) Beautiful location. Haere mai!
Awesome looking place to live, but it also looks cold... All the best with your move...
Welcome to New Zealand. We holiday just over the mountains at Lake Wanaka
Love it. We love Queenstown. And, all of the South Island. Enjoy. I look forward to seeing pictures from all your adventures.
Welcome to NZ, too bad about the weather! Good luck with the hunting, especially the internet out of town part (Snap! have been good to me, but not sure how they fare with high traffic volumes).

P.S.: As suggested by +Todd Sisson above, Whittakers is the way to go for chocolate.
Happy house hunting +Trey Ratcliff, remember to check the location at different times of the day to see if it is "pretty", but looking at that image, I don't think you will have a problem :)
Wow! What an adventure. Me thinks I could live with this view.
Wacth out for the ground brides. And they have an ant called the jumping bully. They came in from Australia. Bites can be pisones.
Such a beautiful country .. And people. We met some Kiwis on an Alaskan trip about 25 years ago. A few years later we took the long flight to visit them in Christ Church. They had a beautiful house on the cliffs. Sadly, they perished during the last earthquake. Anyway, our auto tour of both islands has been the highlight of our travels. I need the "beam me up, Scotty" soon; I don't think such a long flight is in our plans these days. I do want to go back, though. So Trey, it's up to you to keep us visually satiated.
Good luck Trey - New Zealand is great and you have picked the best place to live there.
+Trey Ratcliff Obviously you pick the best spot to settle down.Agreed with +Todd Sisson for chocolate - Whittakers, and enjoy the Flat White.
nice place ... so beautiful ...
wow that's beautiful! Good job!
I'm gonna have to echo what +Nick Depree said; I also live in Auckland and would love a photowalk or something like that in Auckland (or a good excuse for a trip to Queenstown!)
Niiiiice! Check out the hobbit motel out at Woodlyn Park if you can. Seen it in a magazine sometime ago. Then build a house on that island in the middle of the Lake! =-D
As I said on Facebook, I'd really love to hear your impressions on the differences between North American and NZ, especially when it comes to Internet. My wife and I moved to Auckland from Toronto 6 moths ago and I am dying to get to the South Island, as well as the very tip of the North, basically I want to see more of this country. So far we've seen a bit of the central North Island. We did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing but didn't get to see much as the weather was a bit poor. Any way, enjoy and welcome.
amazing! what a poetic place!
Welcome to New Zealand. :)
+Trey Ratcliff As an expat american living on the South Island, I can offer a bit of advice that you might not otherwise hear. New Zealand is beautiful, yeah. It seems like a fairyland to most of us yanks. But if you're serious about actually making your home here (as opposed to just being another wannabe, ugly american import), you might want to take some serious steps toward learning what it is to be a kiwi. Most of it involves leaving american baggage at home.

Kiwis love americans and america. They just don't want us trying to redo their homeland in our image. And sadly, that's what most of us do, because we were never taught to do anything else.

So, welcome to NZ. As we say here, take only pictures, leave only footprints.
Hey Trey besides NZ being a beautiful place why did you decide to move? I am planning a visit Nov 2013. I'd love to get to shoot together! You have taught me soooo much and when I'm building a home I Austin you up and move thousands of miles away. I do hope to meet you one day mate! Best of luck w the move. 
güzel manzara ama sadece bakmak için...
Thanks everyone - finally getting some internet to read through the comments now! :)
+Nick Depree Yes I will do workshops here - but for Kiwis, I will keep it totally free... I see no need to charge my new neighbors and future friends! :)
+Frank Taylor You should write a blog post or google post about all your connectivity experiences! :)
(comments below are to previous commenters that got cut off after 500 so I could not reply) ---
You'll get there, all the best, you picked a wondrous country.
Oh Yeah +Trey Ratcliff, becoming an All Black fan will give you instant acceptance into NZ. And I can't even imagine how impressed your new friends and colleagues will be if you were able to perform All Black's Haka! :)
it's really a awesome place also my dream to live here
Welcome to middle earth. If u make it to Town (Dunedin). Look me up. I know where the best coffee is in Dunedin. 
hello peple plz add me on ur circles or on private. thank u
Congrats on all you have achieved. Must be a proud and yet daunting moment for you right now. [And yes, I'd settle for a view like that from the kitchen].
이런 풍경을 꼭 한번 담아 보고 싶었는... 눈이 즐겁네요
This is a beautiful place to live, best wishes!
Congratulations on your move Trey.
+Houston Photo Circle is having a photo walk in Houston on June 30. Are you planning anything similar in New Zealand on that date?
Ilike naturely images &places Very Nice ! MAM
Welcome +Trey Ratcliff , a very hearty welcome. Look forward to meet you when I visit Queenstown next. We believe NZ is the best place to live in the world!
Good luck Trey. New Zealand is a wonderful country, I have only visited once as its a long way from the UK. But I will go back one day. You will have to start watching Rugby too...
Best of luck! Looks a stunning place to live.
Welcome to Aoteroa - great to see you made it to the God Zone:-)
Wow what a wonderful adventure! Good luck with your house-hunting and enjoy the beautiful landscape.
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