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“Done more to hurt the integrity of photography than anyone else in the world”

From full article at - pop over there if interested!  

What do you think of this guy?

So, I wouldn’t necessarily call this guy a “troll” — but perhaps a hobgoblin or some lesser fantasy creature that you have to defeat 10 of before reaching Level 2. I find people like this endlessly fascinating, and I enjoy observing them like mold in a petri dish.

He’s been popping around lately, distributing comments on the “About Me” page and countless other places. Here’s a few little jewels that he has dropped. Emphasis is my own.

- "… your cliched travel images and horrendous post-processing combined with your unfortunate popularity has probably done more to hurt the integrity of photography than anyone else in the world in recent years. You have made it incredibly difficult for millions of honest photographers trying to produce honest images. Please reconsider the effect you are having on photography.

And sprinkled into my India photos:

- " Sorry but these are all pedestrian images that tell us nothing about India. There are so many hundreds of other photographers producing interesting, informative, beautiful images of India. Don’t be fooled by Photoshop.

Today's New Photo - A Dishonest Image of San Francisco

And with this image, I am once again launching full-out-assault on the hallowed traditions of photography. You know what I did with this image? I post-processed it! Oh yes, I really did. And I had so much fun doing it… at least as much fun as Dexter in his kill room.

I guess if I was to be really “honest” and take a photo of San Francisco and keep with the tradition of the greats of photography, it would have to be black and white photo, right? I mean, the world really is black and white, isn’t it? Oh wait, no… it’s in color. Wait, now I’m confused.

Oh no, look what I’ve done now. I’ve gone and upset people that think one form of artistic expression is superior to another form of artistic expression. How could I be so callous and open with my thoughts and techniques?

(and thanks everyone — I'll be back soon for a wonderfully dishonest photo of an amazing cave in the Carribean.)
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I guess he hasn't read Ansel Adams....
Still the KING OF HDR.... UNDISPUTED!!!!
There are d*heads everywhere +Trey Ratcliff I think calling him a creature worthy of being in a videogame is honouring him too much hihi. And this photograph is lovely :)
bish s
I'm sorry but who is this guy you are referring to. If you point him out then we might wanna check him out to see why he is saying such stuff about you before making up our mind as to his trollishness.
The guy doesn't no what he is talking about.  He needs to understand the difference between creativity and art vs a piece of new reel.   Great shot Trey
Keep up your awesome work despite any naysayers with negative opinions!!
Dexter don't like people that hurt others....Trey your a great artist, thank you for sharing.
insecurities take on so many forms 
That is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen actually. It is as beautiful as Paris or France.
"Honest images"?LOL. He's crazy. Just forget about him.
You must obey what others think is art no matter how creative you are do not stray ;)
+Trey Ratcliff Yes, I would agree, he is a Nobhobler with a dictionary and thesaurus.  People like that only try to bring other people to their level so they can make themselves feel better.  
+Trey Ratcliff We need to go on a photoshoot where Trolls can find us. Out of site and out of mind. ;))) Just ignore the noise.
Well, how much fun would it be if everyone always agreed with you, +Trey Ratcliff? If everyone was always kind, and polite... Wouldn't that be like missing salt in your soup? I'm glad you have a great sense of humor. That is what makes dealing with too much "salt" a bit easier. :)
They never build statues or monuments in the name of nay-sayers and critics. Thats called proper ownage.
Your "dishonest" photography is wonderful!
It is your art, you do what you want with it.  If it makes you happy it has fullfilled its purpose.  If others like it it is even better.
+Trey Ratcliff Why stop at photography? You have also completely ruined the integrity of G+, the internet, travel, and probably a few other things that don't immediately come to mind. Seriously though, I'd rather do work that is loved/hated than work that is viewed as just OK by everyone. If you are ticking this guy must be doing something right.
I don't even have to look to guess who this is.... And I bet my last buck, I am right.  +Trey Ratcliff... This guy has been picking for a fight with you and a bunch of other people for a LONG time - if it is who I am thinking of. 
If he were a painter, he'd probably be bitching about Monet and Van Gogh's works :-P

Here's the thing.  Whether or not anyone likes your stuff is not really the point.  Which is a more interesting or productive thing to do?  Produce your own stuff?  Or bitch on your forums about how sad you are?

Yup.  He just comes across as a sad sack.
Haters are going to hate, Trey.
Ha! Sounds like someone has stubbed his toe ego on his pride. Judging by the wit that gentle person used, have you thought about putting out a book that has one of your iconic images beside a snide remark as listed above? ;-)
The guy is out line but there are some of us who prefer our photography less touched up and manipulated.  He didn't have to be so over dramatic in expressing his preference, of course.
Ah +Trey Ratcliff you seem hurt by these comment ( who wouldn't be )! You know what, I don't like all of the work you do, but I just close my eyes and don't look at it, simple eh?

I like what I've seen of your work +Trey Ratcliff.  I've seen photo's of the golden gate bridge thousands of times, but what you do to photo's makes them new and interesting to look at again. I hope someday someone will appreciate my photo's one tenth of my appreciation of yours.
I don't care about the tool troll...
I do care about your incredible images and the fact that I vicariously travel the world through them. ♥

PS - If making this San Fran image meant somehow adding the scent of fresh sourdough bread - I'd prefer that. Just sayin'.
I didn't know that all this time I'm making dishonest images. LOL!!!
We could always go back to cave drawings, but only with red berries, blue berries are unnatural. Thanks for sharing.
At the risk of giving this commenter undue exposure, I'd be curious to see his/her portfolio.  You know, to see what "honest" photography looks like...
So to make this photo of San Francisco honest you would have to capture it on film and expose the heck out of it? Someone needs to tell the guy that there's plenty of room in the playground for everybody. 

Don't hate, create.
+Trey Ratcliff so are all models ruining the integrity of modeling? Because lets face it they post process blemishes off their bodies. Or how movies all go through post processing because the planet in Prometheus doesn't really exist its ruining the integrity of Hollywood and motion pictures. I use a Wacom tablet for my graphic design I'm ruining the integrity of pencils. Haters are going to hate but I find this particularly amusing. What happened to just saying "it's not my cup of tea" an getting on with life? No now we have to blame the downfall of entire art forms because of someone's personal opinion. Smh
well what can i say..its a matter of taste i guess..i must admit im not crazy about the post processing because most of the times it makes pictures look "unreal" more like a computer animation. But since im on google plus ive seen a lot of your +Trey Ratcliff pics. Some very beautyfull some a bit to much processing to my taste. But then again your not taking pics for me but for yourself and i choose to look at them. I think its good that there are different ways people go about taking pics. I personally like the more traditional pics with less or no post processing, but im glad not everyone agrees..would be boring ;-)

so i can agree with the taste of the troll but not with his trollin ;-)  
+Trey Ratcliff Well written rebuttal - I usually just get all upset and have to cool off.  Then I usually decide to ignore it so I don't get worked out again.  Nice job keeping it cool- and at the same time shredding his ... words.  [I could not bring myself to write argument because I did not see any in his posts]

I find your work interesting and inspiring - what else matters? 
Oh and technically the camera companies ruined the integrity of his art form considering most of them come with an HDR option now a days. Even my iPhone had an HDR picture option. Damn you Steve Jobs. 
+Trey Ratcliff I seen enough "reality" in my daily life. I come to your feed/site and your photography to expand my view of the world.  Keep on creating your wonderful 'dishonest' photography for the rest of us who enjoy and appreciate it.
+Trey Ratcliff Frankly, your image of "San Francisco", if it really is San Francisco, does nothing to show us the beauty of such a fantastic, metropolitan city. Oh wait….it does :)

Haters gonna hate…keep doing what you're doing (like you would change that because of one individual), your images, along with many others are a constant source of inspiration and, for us across the pond, a wonderful insight into the US.
Is this the same guy who was posting ocean pictures on G+ a while back but had a meltdown about G+ and the popular photographers here?  Alexander something I think his name was.  
Don't let the non artistic people get you down, shrug them off and offer them no forum to pollute the streams. Keep up the good work.
hehe thanks everyone! :)  I am reading through these right now...  ! :)
Hey +Trey Ratcliff, is it the fish guy? If so, I actually followed him briefly on G+ because I enjoy underwater photography. He would break into an unsolicited rant every few days about you and HDR in general. I finally commented in a thread asking him why he seemed so oddly obsessed with an art form he didn't particularly enjoy but his response was frustratingly obtuse. I suspect he may have ingested dangerous levels of salt water over the years. 
+Trey Ratcliff, im my opinion the ART of photography made a big step forward with you. What you're doing is awesome! Keep going and don't listen to these guys stuck in the 1920s... ;)
There is a cliche about being yourself, I think a very unhelpful one. However, in this particular case you are one of the lucky few to have connected a piece of who you are creatively with a wide audience and made a good go of it. Some of us would love to have such an opportunity. Don't let the bastards get you down. Because you aren't just doing what you're doing, you're doing what we wish we were doing; and if the trolls win, we all lose.
I think I know the guy you are referring to. His entire stream is of a similar vein, he has basically taken it upon himself to become your arch nemesis for some reason.
I think someone is very lusting over your work, and wish it was them. Sorry you have to deal with people like this troll. Maybe this helps "to every troll there 1,796,359.5 (yes did the math for you) fans and people who love your work". 
Cool pic BTW I love the bay bridge, (morso than the other bridge) as does +Johnny Roquemore  #ilikethebaybridgebetter  
Khush N
+Trey Ratcliff Trolls will always be trolls. I guess there are those who knowing their limitations will pounce upon every opportunity to hold others back that they feel are better than them. Then again maybe they just fear the post-processing "process" because they just never got around to understanding what it all is about. Count me in as one of your fans, I get inspired every time I look at your images. Gives me something to strive for. 
Keep doing photography the way you want.  
I never thought I'd have an occasion to say this, but stay dishonest, +Trey Ratcliff, and continue to make things difficult for all the honest photographers out there. :p
There's a difference between photojournalism and art. 
I Not Speaken english
perdon por mi ingles
If he doesn't like your work then DON'T LOOK AT IT. It's simple. Sheesh.
+Trey Ratcliff , he sounds like a purist, but in reality his watermarked blown-out, skies and family vacation snapshots look nothing like your captivating images and he's jealous. Heck- we all are! But if he looks past his his jealously, he'd find an artist willing to teach and give back more than just about anyone in recent memory. Unleash your minions ;)
Great photo and processing Trey; this looks excellent to me! Looking forward to your next "dishonest image"
To use the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words it is obvious that he can't speak your language +Trey Ratcliff so don't waste your time. You can try to explain it to him but you can't make him understand! Don't change anything.
This guy is like so many of the very bitter people in photography who are just plain afraid of change. Whether it is HDR, Instagram or iPhones they are angry that this art form is being democratized, oh no, they say "commoditized". I would be so flattered if anyone gave me that much credit for anything!! To singlehandedly ruin the entire world of photography is POWERFUL!!! You do not know your own strength +Trey Ratcliff Now that so many DSLR's have video, I am hoping you will ruin movies by next week ;-) Keep up the good work!!! 
Ars Gratia Artis!  The troll on your website is an obvious loser and is wasting his own energy.  Try not to waste your energy on him.  Instead, take his energy and run with it, as the laws of physics dictate there can be no creation/destruction of energy... only transformation.  :)  Wow... that was heady.
Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Ansel Adams post process everything as well? I may be overreaching but I think Adams might have as many books on Photoshop/Lightroom as Kelby does if the technology had been around. 
I want to learn how to take amazing pictures like this one! Teach me please!
+Trey Ratcliff Applause. Excellent answer. And just in case it hasn't been mentioned: We love your photos. Post-processed or not. They are .... stunning. You're my main supplier for desktop wallpapers ... ;-))
You mean this is not in black and white, man my monitor really messed up :) ... sorry to hear you have been hit by the jealousy of some one that is not as good as they think they are. but it is humorous to see how you respond to them
Lesser fantasy creature for sure but maybe more obscure like a snotling trying to form a snotling gang against you! 
Hai Vu
Photography is about the creation of images, and not about the specific equipments or techniques used, those are just stepping stones to get to the goals. An image should tell a story, convey a message, capture some emotion, highlight the beauty of something. Some people may think it's about the fussing around some pieces of hardware, about some esoteric techniques, about some superior skill and intellect; but those are just variables contributing to the creation of images. So as long as you can get your messages to the people you want to get them across to, using your images then you have succeeded.
Huh, actually this guy is funny in his ridiculousness and world obviously loves your dishonest photos =) 
Its not dishonest its the progression of art. I like your photos I like more traditional ones too. I have nothing against Photoshop (except in advertising if you know what I mean). I use Photoshop on my photos too when I want. You can enhance them. This is the 21st century just like painting mostly ended the traditional portrait with photographs last century now photography is evolving into something new with tools like Photoshop, Lightroom (and for the open source community GIMP) in this century. I could tell you what I think about the above picture in detail but sufficed to say I like it.
I loved Fuji Velvia films in the analog times. It had such an enormous influence on color rendering and I never felt bad about it. Not even when pushing it over the top with a polarizer filter.
You may not call him a troll, but at least he's a dreamer about how he looks at his view of 'real photography'.
I live in SF Trey - how dare you besmirch my lovely city with your so-called "post-processing" or what I like to call it, "The devil's sliders."

It is interesting to see how you guys think about it -- obviously you give it a lot of thought too!
This is just like when photography was now being developed and painters frowned on it. They said photographers were people who couldn't paint, as the camera did all the hard work for them.

Is your shot of San Francisco an honest one? Maybe yes maybe no, but guess what? It is an honest depiction of how you view it through the eyes of +Trey Ratcliff. That is what defines you as a photographer. How I shoot and process my shots are what makes them my own work.

I've heard people say rubbish like, "Now with HDR anyone can take professional looking shots". What a load of BS. That's like saying that a D4 or the new D800 take really great shots. Shooting in HDR won't make your photos look better. It will make you shots look the same but only now in HDR.

If your composition skills are lacking, or your angles lack creativity HDR won't make that all better. Some people will love HDR, some will think it's okay, and other will love it. What +Trey Ratcliff has done is open the door to a whole new world of photography for many who couldn't achieve this before.

If this were an RPG game you would now have another fighting skill to help you progress further in the game. What you choose to do with it, and how many perk points you add to mastering it is up to you. So if anything he has added a new dynamic to the world of photography. Like it or love it, lose it or refuse it HDR is here to stay, and will only help in the progression of bigger and better things yet to be revealed in the world of photography.
I say you're all ruining it for us honest tablet carvers. I mean sure I can only make one image in 6 months but it is HONEST. 
Art is art +Trey Ratcliff , just a bunch of jealous goblins shining through. 

I have those difficulties all the time with  and my youtube channel for tutorials.  I am not nearly on the scale you are as far as subscribers and visitors, but it is all relative. 

What sets you apart from the res tof the world is a certain style, some may like it, others may hate it, but you didn't get where you are without skill, talent, and amazing marketing skills! 
My comment to him would be, "forget about being honest and start producing some good work."
Frankly, I don't like all the HDRs you post and quite a few of the photos do seem "fake" to me. But you have an amazing collection of photos that I do like. And I think there is something for me to learn about, at the very least, composition and post-processing in each of them.
Thanks to you, I pay more attention now when taking difficult pictures where I know my only option is to post-process. And also, I try to take more difficult pictures.
Thanks :)

+bish s  I know his name and links -- but did not call him out... that seemed a bit over the top..
+Blake Rudis  then you know these kind of comments too.. I call out these ppl a little for myself, but a lot for other people like you...  because I think it helps all artists who try new things
"I’ve gone and upset people that think one form of artistic expression is superior to another form of artistic expression."

Every artist should keep this in mind before they start to critique. Well done!
So dodge and burn with film is still ok and haw the chemicals work is ok as well ;)
It happens that I lie, so it's ok if you are dishonest with me ;-)
Keep up your good work.
I see one CFL light in the distance, this is totally messed up.... i think you need to change the temperature of the photo to ascent said light. :-P
I think this guy is expressing an opinion. He doesn't have to like HDR techniques. He doesn't even have to look at them. It's his choice. I suppose it's partly your choice whether you allow him to comment on your work going forward.
When I look at this image I see something beautiful and it holds the attention of my eyes for a long time. I find myself exploring the lights and shadows through the frame and enjoying the journey my eye takes as it heartens my mind to respond. I enjoy how you present your view of the world Trey and how willing you are to share your techniques and craft with the rest of us. 
+Trey Ratcliff well, i for one like your photos...  And if it weren't for +Google+ i would have never gotten to see them..  I hope you keep up the good work that you do, and I'm sure this is just some jealous wanna be photog that will never have millions of people seeing his/her work..
+Trey Ratcliff I agree with +Kevin Slater . To each his own but, as they say, "If you can't say something nice, "Shut the F**K up and get a life!" Oops I stoopided to his level!   :)
I like the shot. I've actually taken one from the same location and almost lost my camera off the side the the guard rail because of a raccoon encounter.

It's interesting to see that someone in an extremely creative profession, such as a photographer, can have such a limited "in the box" perspective.

All I have to say is keep keeping on. Your work is inspiring and as the world evolves so must we all. 
That's got me interested in who it is now. Awhile back I inadvertently made a photographer mad when I mentioned Trey and another photographer on one of his G+ posts.

I really admire the work and the way that +Trey Ratcliff goes about his photography. I am definitely no photographer, but being in the religious scope of things, I started noticing a long time ago that those whose heart is in it for the right reasons can be noticed rather quickly. The money grubbers will always be there, but people who truly have their heart in it do not put profit over profession and people.

I was just surprised to find this trait in people outside of the religious field. Thank you Mr Ratcliff and keep up the good work. 
+Trey Ratcliff You'll never be able to please everyone. I like your stuff I find it fascinating to look at. You could look at it another way as well. He might be posting negative comments but he keeps looking up your stuff so deep down he probably likes them otherwise he'd stop looking. Good job love it :-)
I don't presume to know what is or isn't art, but I really enjoy your photographs +Trey Ratcliff.  They're beautiful, they give me something to aspire to, and it makes me happy to look at them.
I don't see the problem Ansel Adams used post processing?
"doing disservice to the thousands of other 'x'" is normally code for "why do people prefer YOUR work over my superior specimens.

Jealousy by any other name.
He sees photography as recording visual data, rather than an art form.
Sorry +Trey Ratcliff but I have to say your imagery inspires me every damn day to get out there and be better than I am.. For this I despise you, how could you live with yourself for wanting to make people like me better and happier with their creative works.

Please do keep inspiring me, as the thought of you wrapped in your own guilt for what you are doing to me keeps me cheery..

Oh yes and this image Rocks
SF at night taken from Yurba Buena Island is a classic. Don't know why this guy is complaining. Maybe he's a failed critic. That would explain the good grammar and the holier than thou attitude.
+Trey Ratcliff Hi Trey, I know this type of comments very well. I find those people very interesting from a social and psychological standpoint. So, in a certain sense, they are entertaining as long as you don't take them serious.
I love this photograph..... reminds me of an old painting I re-created as an Art major in school.... (Wish I could remember the name of the original)
As mentioned by others, he clearly dislikes the style. We never know how a person sees an image, I sometimes wonder is seeing colors similar for everyone. As a relative large group of the males are color blind, It might be logic we all see colors slightly different. Personally I love your images, they seem to show show us a whole new view the world that is concealed in daily life.  
+Trey Ratcliff :
"I guess if I was to be really “honest” and take a photo of San Francisco and keep with the tradition of the greats of photography, it would have to be black and white photo, right? I mean, the world really is black and white, isn’t it? Oh wait, no… it’s in color. Wait, now I’m confused.
Oh no, look what I’ve done now. I’ve gone and upset people that think one form of artistic expression is superior to another form of artistic expression. How could I be so callous and open with my thoughts and techniques?"

I think you hit it perfectly on the head right here! It's like being mad at someone for using oil paints because you only use watercolors.

Don't listen to this jerk. Haters are gonna hate, right?
+Trey Ratcliff
Listen to me now and believe me later:  you're stuck in customs, he's stuck in his parents basement!

Like a previous cmt from a land far away, the basic sentiment was that your work was the result of a large bankroll and anyone who had the opportunity to travel to such exotic places could manage similar results.
I'm not going to blow smoke up your arse (nor kiss it)....part of that has some truth IMO. BUT!, while it's true you get to travel to much cooler places than most everyone else, you've earned that right! 
Plus, I think that's a GROSS over simplification b/c it's clear you put the time into your work...which can't be said of my own work which is roughly 7.43mins per photo!!! :p

Some people just don't like HDR or similar editing styles period. They think using PS is a sin and if you do anything other than upload straight from your CFC you've bastardized the entire process.

What of Ansel? Hansel? (Bugs Bunny joke)
He spent years in the darkroom perfecting his photos! So what if now our darkrooms are DIGITAL Darkrooms? Does that make the work any less valuable? I think not!
Let's not first of all call this guy a troll. He has an opinion, I don't agree with him of course, but let's respect that. To be honest I have learnt a lot from Trey's posts and updates and even if one challenges his views on post processing, one can't deny his contribution in spreading a certain passion for the art to the masses, probably much more than any photographer in recent years. That in itself deserves a standing ovation. As for post processing, I have found photographers to be very passionate on this issue. I know a few very popular international photographers who are vehemently opposed to anything remotely related to HDR. But frankly, that means nothing. Photography is an art, and sometimes in our urge to (wrongfully) standardise it we completely neglect that fact. As with any form of art, there should be no right or wrong. Just because a particular form has proven to be popular and acceptable to a wide and at times non techy audience, doesn't and shouldn't bring to question it's futility or worth.

But let's not call this guy a troll. He's probably just a photographer with his own very specific definition of what photography is and should be. We should respect that opinion even if we can't agree with him.
this is LIGHT POLLUTION, o you know light pollution?
any light that cover the Star, the Sky, the flight...
Thanks all for the very thoughtful comments :)
I wonder if stenotype operators say the same thing about writers

+Trey Ratcliff, awesome shot! You should really get some amazing photosets of the BB before and after the new leg is open.

(And frankly, you should get a ton because its a WAY better bridge than the GG as +Ronnie Boadi knows! ) :) 
I would just like to say if Ansel adams was stillaround he would say "Damn photography has come a long way." Technology has enabled us to enhance and create some truly beautiful portraits. don't hate someone because they create an even more beautiful image than  you.
There was a time when photography was accused of hurting the integrity of painting.

I have been doing "straight/pure" photography longer than you have been alive, and yet here you are inspiring me to venture into a new realm of the art.

Love your work.
Keep it up.
Ignore the trolls.
+Trey Ratcliff I even know who you are talking about, I blocked him here due to his personal attacks on others as he feels slighted that he is not on the SUL and feels he should be, which means anyone else on it is not as good as himself. 

I may not like what some other people produce in their work but I offer only a critique if its asked for, if not I just keep my mouth shut, some might not like what I produce but if they are constructive in what they say I may take it on board, or I may not, thats my prerogative at the end of the day.

If though some decide to take to a level it should not be then I simply resort to the block button, I would not sweat it Trey, jealousy is an evil monster, it will eat him up and do him more harm than him, just do wha you like. 
I think your photography is some of the best I have ever seen and probably has brought scores of people into photography either as a hobby or professionally. Just knowing what images can be achieved is inspiring. Thank you.
The funny thing is, I bet the people who made those comments also listen to this thing know as "music". You can't listen to anything post Beatles/Pet Sounds that didn't use studio post processing. So if you're gonna attack HDR you might as well attack Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, The Who, and every single band over the last 50 years. Les Paul RIP 
Last time I checked Trey you weren't doing any journalistic work. I didn't know you had changed careers? :)
How crazy Trey - relax... many people including myself appreciate your work... keep focused on positive .. 
Wes Lum
People decide what's beautiful and what's not.  Yes, photography die hards can argue 1 million points about what photography and art is, but the bottom line is, what do YOU find beautiful?  That's all that matters.  Just look at the evolution of photography:  B&W -> Color -> Digital -> HDR -> ?  What's next?  Who knows.  I do believe it's important to listen to everyone, though, critics and fans alike.  Love your attitude +Trey Ratcliff.
With the exception on the front aspect of this photo(lower right tree portion) where it looks a tad overexposed to my eyes, I say this does a good job of representing the "city".

I do think some of the HDR images by photogs are way over-manipulated, but as you point out, to each their own.
I've heard some really nasty things before, it shows strength to publicly post criticism you have gotten +Trey Ratcliff

+Mike Shaw I know which individual you are referring to, he has even gone nuts towards me. He's so explosive it scares me. 
 If he thinks that your travel images are cliched and your post-processing  is horrendous then he is a troglodyte still living in a cave.  Your beautiful photography has done more to encourage and inspire others to try better than anyone else I know and if your well deserved popularity takes that inspiration out to the broader community helping to make the world a more interesting place then so be it.  Good on you.    
I've heard that negative comments all the time from jealous "old school purists".
They always have excuses such as "it's post processed, photoshop, etc.
Those negative people are never successful in whatever they do so they channel their negativity, low self esteem and hatred towards those who constantly evolve and perfecting their art.

When anybody says "it's nice because it's post processed...I usually reply to them "so, your pics are ugly and you don't post process them because?"
Sadly...they will always have responses like "but, I like it pure (ugly) and I don't have time to post process it. sigh

When I got into photography 4 years ago, I've learned a lot, admire (on Flickr - Trey's work) and continue to learn from Trey's amazing shooting, HDR and post processing skills. Keep up the good work, my friend.
I don't know,.. you and your dishonesty +Trey Ratcliff  - who knew it was possible to lie so beautifully :)

It is sad though, that there are such narrow minded people in this world, especially in a creative endeavour such as photography.  :( 

This kind of pompous nonsense is often heard by what 'feels' like the older generation of photographers (though I suspect it is more a mindset than an age group), where the only true photograph is the one straight out of the camera... because that is 'honest'...  what is truly sad is their complete lack of understanding of how 'capturing light' with a camera actually works, and thus the 'interpretation' decisions needed along the way to producing that in camera image, which effectively negates the logic of their argument...   Not to mention what happens in a darkroom... where do they think the dodge and burn terms in photoshop actually come from anyway?

There are really only two types of photography that should try to be as 'untouched' by human creative tendencies as possible: documentary and photojournalism - these are not really art though, simply recordings.   If you're creating art, then all bets are off.. go at it with as many crazy ideas, interpretations and squiffy brush strokes as you can muster...  because after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and creativity is in the hands of those who are true to themselves...

We're all a bit different though (which is what makes things interesting), and this guy is entitled to be narrow minded, stunted, and rather dull if he likes - it would just be nice if he didn't inflict his shortcomings on others! -  Live and Let Live and all that :-/

Anyway, all hail to the magicians and their tone mapping wands, may they spread their dirty lies without mercy nor prejudice....
Trey, you are such an awesome contributor to the education and minds of the rest of this, so some troll is envious of you. Just do your thing, LOTS of us dig it!
20 years ago I spent so much time manipulating B&W prints, dodging and burning on the enlarger, etc. One of the great skills of photography is the ability to manipulate an image like that. The technology changes, that's all.
Honesty and integrity have nothing to do with it. No photograph ever taken reflects what the human sees. No two sets of eyes see it the same way. The beauty of any art form is in the artist's struggle to represent what he or she wants us to see. If honesty and integrity are involved at all it is in the artist's internal conflict, to be honest to the art. The artist has only one true critic, the face in the mirror. The statement "to thine own self be true" says it best. Trey believes in his art, we are just fortunate to be able to enjoy it.
Trey, I know you don't need yet another telling you how worthwhile and amazing your photography is, but, it's because of you and your technique that i'm interested in photography at all! Your work is incredible and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :)
Sometimes I love hate mail - it validates everything that you've done! If he feels so strongly about the things that you do, +Trey Ratcliff , that he has to repeatedly visit and write on your blog, then his actions really illustrate how powerful of an effect you're having on his outlook. Nice!
Hi Trey, I think your photography is amazing, but cannot say I am surprised by a small minded person who simply cannot accept that different people can do things different ways and they are both equally valid.
By the way, welcome to New Zealand. You picked a good spot.
Lily L
You know, thanks to this troll you were able to work his material into a really funny post that made me chuckle to myself in a crowded public venue, thereby making me look like a crazy lady. I'm kinda glad you have people like this to make witty retorts to. 

_Oh no, look what I’ve done now. I’ve gone and upset people that think one form of artistic expression is superior to another form of artistic expression. How could I be so callous and open with my thoughts and techniques?_ 
I read that part in an English Gent voice.
Respect people the way you expect they respect you!
Trolls are everywhere and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them!
I'm not a hdr fan but I can appreciate your work and certainly not jealous of your popularity as it's good for photography as well!
Sun shine for everybody then stop to cry ;-) 
Well +Trey Ratcliff I have to say that it sounds like someone is bitter. There is nothing more ugly to me than this type of noxious envy. If the writer of the hateful comments spent more time learning and growing as an artist and less time being a bitter pain in the rear end then maybe his own work would gain some "unfortunate popularity".
That is an awesome strategy +Trey Ratcliff !  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions can be kept to oneself if they do not benefit others constructively.  It is one thing to say something harsh, but it holds much more credibility if their is a solution or some kind of constructive element to take away from it...

This guy is saying post processing is dishonest?  What the hell does he think Ansel Adams did!
The best revenge is your own satisfaction in knowing that you have a huge fan-base who love your images (I'm one of them).  Please do as the critics of movies in reviewing, and the people who actually see them do... Ignore his ass.
Oh snap, does that mean my filters are cheating too?
I prefer unprocessed or lightly processed images myself, but it's uncool to be rude about it. I can't help but think his real problem might be a lack of knowledge of how to do it successfully. But overall, if he doesn't like it, the best act is not to hit the +1 button :).
People with limited imaginations obviously feel the need to hurt you, your images are great I loved India, lets see some of this want to be's images!!!
+J.C. Kendall a Nikon D800
Says in the "Photo Details", you'll find them in the bottom of the comments (while viewing the photo) or in the "options"-menu (while viewing the photo) :)
so nice it looks nice even though it is not done yet
This is one of my favorites Trey.  Keep on doing it!  Right on!
I have mixed feelings about HDR. Sometimes I think it makes for stunning photos, but other times I do think it gets over used a bit.

Sometimes I'll see some of your photos and think they are better served with all the post processing but on the other hand, I'll also occasionally see shots I think would let better if less processed.

Its all in the eye of the beholder, and I'd argue that the post processing in itself takes a level of skill most people lack, I know I certainly do. So I wouldn't sweat your heckler. Just be glad people are paying attention. 
Its always sad when someone goes off their meds and has access to a computer.  Hopefully the orderlies will find him/her soon.
Thank you everyone... enjoying reading your feedback!
This pic is amazing! I wish I were there and could take a photo like that! Photographers should get more attention for the work they do!
Lol +Trey Ratcliff! Loved reading this post. As I told you when we met at the G+ conference, I am not a big fan of HDR (though I feel yours is very tastefully done), and I firmly believe that photography AND post processing those images are both art forms, and art is very subjective. Everyone has their own sense of taste and style, and that's totally ok. Even Ansel Adams did post processing magic in the dark room! ;0)
Keep on keepin' on!
I'm not a photographer, but have recently taken a liking to photography because of your work. I heard you on twit and then got the stuck in customs app and have been blown away since
If +Trey Ratcliff has hurt the integrity of photography, then so has other very many great photographers for their "dark" dark room activities ... and use of "artificial" lights ... to produce "real" images... evidently this guy knows very little about the history of art and photography... and is jealous of Trey's fame... :) 
give anything to visit there
It's like Fox News: If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
I've worked this angle with this kind of light in past years. Someone told me it was so overgrown that it was impossible to photography. Obviously they are wrong. GREAT shot!
A fungible angle if I ever saw one. Do you think a Cruise Ship could fit under this?
Great shot! Wonder how you did it.
+Trey Ratcliff I like a lot of your dishonest photographs, nothing wrong with them! And wow, that murloc really hates HDRs!
+Trey Ratcliff repent now! This is blasphemy! The real world isn't supposed to look good like this! Real photographers stay as far away as possible from the sins of modern technology, we still use the ancient camera obscura!
I wonder if this dude eats spice on his food, salt on his fries, gravy on his potatoes or heck a tiny edible flower delicately bobbing atop some strawberry soup (poor mangled strawberries!)? Aren't those little embellishments making 'real' food 'dishonest', too? hehe! :) Common...let people experience art as they will in that moment with whatever notion it stirs them to have...I see this nit-picking dictation as a show of insecurity. But that's me...I just create things and don't really expect anything...and the more it moves someone the whatever way...that it produces some thought, feeling, emotion that's the truest art! Kudos to you +Trey Ratcliff as always, for stirring things up and sharing your art with the world! I say to this person, 'If you don't like it, look at something else!'
Interestingly, I think that this image is one of your most "realistic".
Wish I was there so beautiful.
Trey Ratcliff,
That's good, Trey. Any publicity is good publicity. It gets people to notice your work. If I heard someone say that about your work, I'd make it a point to go see it. If you ever exhibit in a gallery, you should put that quote and its author on a banner and hang it in the gallery, too.
Constructive criticism is one thing, but an insult is a big favor.
yu chen
The brightening bridge means a chance to go there distinctly
Another good photo. The fascination for Internet trolls however totally escapes me. Perhaps it would be better to ignore them to death.
+Trey Ratcliff I think that there is enough negativity in this world that is even a wast of time bringing this to photography . People will always be jealous of somebody's else success.
No needed to explain what art is because we all have different opinion about it . Simply don't like it see something different .
Trey you have been great inspiration for me and hundreds... of others .The ART you create <honestly and freely explaining how you do it >is just brilliant .You are so much ahead with yours amazing pictures .I know that this "bad noise" will not stop you from working on next project !!! "YOU DON'T TAKE A PHOTOGRAPHY YOU MAKE IT" A.A 
Thank you !!! .Waiting for more!
Trey we like what you do. That is what matters
Trey we like what you do. That is what matters
Damn +Trey Ratcliff your awesome. The guy just wants attention, or he is drunk, or just lost.  Its evident he is an isolated newbee with a swelled ego.  Photography has never been about the truth, as by changing a lens you change perspective, by changing exposure or a filter you can change time of day, etc..  
Someone once told me about a news photographer used a telephoto lens to photograph the Navy Blue Angles flying over the Golden Gate bridge.  The compression made it look as if the planes were really too close to the bridge.  This caused all chaos with complaints about safety and such.  Still looking for the photo
Damnit +Trey Ratcliff, don't use those long exposures that make cars into light trails! That's not how we see it in real life! How are we honest photographers able to compete with that!! Bad man! :-)
I think photography is what you want it to be about.  I can be faithful reproductions of an area or it can be art.  Personally, I find some of your photos to be "over processed" compared to how I would do them but that's personal taste.  (But I'm an engineer, not an artist. :-)  I still enjoy them and do recognize the effort spent in timing, composition, and post-processing.
He is probably Scandinavian or has Scandinavian roots (
Some people just cannot handle that other people are more successful than they are. Learning to ignore that kind of people is probably one of the most valuable lessons I've ever learnt.
Had no idea you post processed.  You've been tricking me all this time?  I never post process (yes my face is naturally blue).
hehe thanks everyone :)   - reading through your comments now :)
Nice to read your reaction to these people +Trey Ratcliff I find I don't have time for these type of people who have no creative bone in their body and want everyone to be as mundane as they are. These singled minded people seem to enjoy forcing their opinions on people who have no interest in what they say. If everyone liked the same things then we'd be all listening to the same music and buying exactly the same images and paintings (how dull).  I've stopped reacting to these people and will continue to do so in the future. Keep up the good work !!!
For a reason i do not fully understand... usually...true honesty can be found inside our heart and not infront of our eyes - and the 'goal' is to find that honesty which is deep in our heart and finally make it a reality, sharing it with other people. and it takes a lot of processing and effort to do that. I think that's what makes the world a better place. and every time one does it... well it's scary and awesome ! This dude has to relax and enjoy +Trey Ratcliff 
M Way
This is a great photo love the lights.
How do people who get uppity about new technology in photography feel about the effect photography had on painting 150 years ago? Digital manipulation is a lot more like painting, requiring more direct artistic agency than raw photography. It's all swings and roundabouts and I think some people need to gain a little perspective.  Your pictures are great.
The lack of tolerance for what other people consider to be art is kind of disturbing, as is how quickly those intolerant people gain support from the like-minded through modern forms of media - like this one.
We’ve had something like that recently here in South Africa (just type “spear of the nation painting” in an internet search if you don’t know what I’m referring to) that firestormed very rapidly – scary, and extremely stupid, stuff.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but personal attacks, aired in public …well, THAT shows a serious shortage of integrity if you ask me …which I guess nobody is doing right? Mmm.. that make me guilty too? :)
I think your work is amazing. That person is probably a just jealous of your work.
"If you point him out then we might wanna check him out to see why he is saying such stuff about you before making up our mind as to his trollishness."

Well, trolls do indeed come in several categories, no need to point out just one individual. I'd like to (re-)launch a term "blue meanie," (adapted from the old Beatles cartoon Yellow Submarine), which was originally used to describe certain kind of close-minded, joy-kill kind of character, a 'small soul.'  
The difference between these and more traditional trolls is the why part, what makes them behave like they do. To attract them is the easy part. It has little to do with their not liking HDR photography. 

(sarcasm warning)
I can imagine how the antics of someone like +Trey Ratcliff -  a chap who's "not even a true artist, but a mere plonker who's pushing himself everywhere and recklessly sharing all his work out in the internet free for anyone, with all those tone mapped sunsets and candy coloured urban landscapes," and not only that, but becoming hugely popular in the social media whilst doing all that - is quite enough to upset some grumpy, self-proclaimed 'starving artist.' ;)

I have actually met people who think shooting portraits and weddings, let alone post-processing other people's work is "whoring." As well as people who think that sharing 'meaningless' landscape photos in the social media threads like this is 'cheap.' To get away with that sort of vulgarity, your image needs to have a grand 'message,' and it has to meet the high standards of the blue meanie. To be able to accomplish that, you should have graduated from some established art school. Without that, you're not even worthy of an opinion about photography.

As for what to do with them, well, suppose the best thing is to ignore them, and carry on doing whatever one has been doing so far to attract them. Because if Trey has managed to upset the blue meanies, he's probably doing something right. :)
Ha! +Trey Ratcliff you are hilarious. I love this line: "You know what I did with this image? I post-processed it! Oh yes, I really did. And I had so much fun doing it… at least as much fun as Dexter in his kill room."
trey you add me on my mail at yahoo
Your HDR technique is spot on. No need to worry about trolls.. :)
Change upsets us all on some level. But it is the force that drives progress. Keep up the solid work Trey.
Trey has produced some pretty memorable and images that I'd class as outstanding. And others that I find VERY overcooked in their HDR, for my own tastes.

Now, I've been known to dabble myself, because like many of you, my fascination for photography and its techniques is what brings me back, time after time, to the basic photographic process... but I'll happily admit that I'm in no way as polished in my own approach to HDR as many of you, let alone real masters of this style, like Trey. And I say that with the utmost sincerity, hopefully with NO tinge of sycophancy, because I do think Trey needs to be recognised for the style he's made his own.

BUT -  consider this as a slightly controversial aside, given present company - I've noticed that recently, amongst the participants in the DSLR workshops I run in London UK, that there's a recent definite trend AWAY from HDR, or at least aspiring to a 'Treyistic' photographic style...(he's bound to like that one...). Hell, anyone I refer to G+ is aware of Trey's work, but, certainly amongst the people I hear from, the majority aren't (yet) HDR converts.

For example, students which turn up to my more advanced workshops seem to be more fascinated by what blown-out highlights and a more (dare I say it) filmic and non-HDR approach to photography can bring to their images. They're not interested in spending hours perfecting HDR and spending hours in front of a monitor trying to figure the plugins out (could be they're just lazy!)... and if anything, they quite like the idea of a liberal sprinkling of grain or digital noise... and this is feedback I'm getting direct from them, without any prompting from me (and let me come out of the FILM CLOSET right NOW, I shoot regularly with film SLRs at weekends, when I'm not paid to deliver commercial images digitally, so let's pass on that particular witch hunt, please !)... 

But the reason I'm mentioning all of this is that at the same time, when I quiz these students on WHY they find a particular approach appealing or not, a lot more people I've been in contact with recently seem more OPEN MINDED about trying HDR, or not, or even trying 'alternative' , new, (to them!) technologies like film, to bring a new freshness to their photography, than they would have been 6 or 12 months ago.

And that's what's the most encouraging aspect too, to many of your comments here, also evident in some of Trey's own remarks - ( let's face it, the guy must have been irritated at some point by these negative comments. I'm not sure I would be quite as restrained in his position) - the majority of you seem open minded and tolerant of others who take different approached to their photography.

So... 'vive la difference' - enjoy your photography, try out new techniques, new processess... and maybe one day when the new looks like it's everywhere and you're desperate for something fresh or something to make your own... don't discount dabbling with the past to get something new (remember Slash and the Les Paul thing... OK, let's not go there..)

Oh, and if anyone can explain that photomatix malarky to me, beer's on me.
I just don't get his point. The only acceptable format is the unprocessed RAW file?
I thought you ignored people like this troll. He can take "honest" images if he likes and talk about them some place else.
America is the best country in the world.
+Trey Ratcliff I really don't understand why someone would feel like it's necessary to attack anyone else like that, especially about photography. Keep doing what you're doing (like I have to tell you that). People like that are going to find something to complain about whether it's your photos or something else. It's really unfortunate that anyone would be that unhappy with their life that they feel the need to treat others like that. 
Geeze +Trey Ratcliff I see the world in a totally different way then others and I love seeing it through your lens.  Each person has a different artistic experience with the world, isn't that what makes it so interesting??

Your work, HDR and not is just great!  It has challenged me to explore more and learn more and enjoy photography more.  

Keep it up, keep doing what you do.  And F$&K em if they don't like it!
+Trey Ratcliff not only has photography talent, we find out he's got a razor sharp wit, too! Keep destroyin', Trey.
+Trey Ratcliff I've managed to convince some people that HDR isn't evil (it's just one option/tool out of many, not inherently good or bad), and that can moderate the opinions of people who equate you (right or wrong) with HDR.  Sometimes it just takes a little patience and time.  
P.S. - See you at Burning Man!
...Another curmudgeon whom should have his head extracted from his arse and keyboard inserted. I understand where he is coming from if your work was strictly photography but it is, of course, photography and art. It is a personal and beautiful interpretation of the world you love to explore and it is fantastic. It is deeply engaging, thoughtful and creative. Many a critic have explained 'art' with words ranging from bullshit to transcendental. Helping see the world through a new perspective and inspiring others to enjoy nature and mankind; that is what you do, that is art.
It's photography, it's art, it's your personal creative expression. You have beautiful images and amazing creativity. Interesting that this person forgets the post processing that was done in the darkroom... with film... but of course those people were also dishonest! I am very glad I found you, it's great to be inspired. Thank you
Hi,there, Trey. The kind of commentary by this person seems to come from a feeling of inferiority, a feeling that comes from having been discounted as an artist whose medium is photography. Too bad.
I love this post, Trey. Haters will be haters - and haters are usually jealous. I love your point about black and white. That is the ultimate in 'unreal' photography yet it is absolutely accepted and never questioned. Hm...weird. 
I guess this person doesn't care for Thomas Kinkade's work either.
I think that sometimes people forget that even though art is shown to the public, it is made for the artist. It is your opinion that matters, not everyone elses.
this is beautiful! i agree with +Brenda Levins - for some reason many people believe that your art must reflect their standards and ideals, when you create photos for yourself it should be only your opinion that matters. unless you are looking to expand and change there is no reason to worry about how others perceive your work.
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