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Trey Ratcliff hung out with 8 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Dave Veffer, Keith Barrett, Anthony Tulliani, Sinead Sam McKeown, Nicolas Roard, Gino Barasa, Nirav Mehta, and Brian Matiash
Trey's Variety Hour #46- Android Photography
Trey Ratcliff and 8 others participated
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Man I hope hangouts on air are eventually supported on mobile devices. Went to join on my iPad and it said this hangout is not supported on your device.
Hey hangouts aren't supported on the iPad... What's up with tha?
Enjoying the hangout, thanks for having it!
hi +Trey Ratcliff love you in person especially of  ur open-minded in loving to share! You are great, talented person! TQ
+Adam Teece  I got the same message on my android phone but went into the google plus app and when I clicked on the hangout it took me to youtube and worked!
I have been saying the same thing Trey, why do the manufacturers spoil android spending millions developing things which google do better? - e.g. Samsung Galaxy SIII Svoice is useless google voice on ICS is excellent!!
Thanks for the hangout tonight. Love android photography!
Thanks for sharing another great hangout!!
+Trey Ratcliff I wish you would get +Star Rush  on a mobile photo show. She is part of the Mobile Photo Group. I think her photos as fantastic.
ive rode jet skis before actually it was a surf jet where you stand up straight.
Kat C
Yea I hear you on the device situation.. My Nexus isn't hangout-friendly lol!
+Trey Ratcliff Is there a log or place I can read the comments and questions people sent in to the show?
+Jacob Dix we took down the questions after the live bit -- more next week though! :)
+Trey Ratcliff Reason I ask is because I'm quite involved with the mobile photography community on G+, but it's clear there are so many more Mobile Photographers. I'm also hunting down talent for +AMPt on G+. I'll keep an eye on your stream. Interesting show.
from the Hangout , i am sure  you are a handsome guy !! LOL #Trey
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