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Girl in Paris

I saw this girl when crossing a bridge in Paris on morning.  She was with a friend while laughing and playing with a camera.  With my tripod still set up with my first camera, I grabbed my D3S and 50 prime on my sling. I pulled it up quickly to grab a shot of her when she covered her face from the cool wind of the morning.
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very mysterious : )
...lest anyone ask how to determine the difference between a pro and a hobbyist.
that is beauriful your no hobbyist i say your a professional
Great capture!   Especially when it was not staged.   Kinda like the old West gunslingers :)
zhou Su
blacks and white, feel nice!
Great timing and a great shot. I like the intrigue. Once again I really like
your people shots. Thanks for sharing. 
What a shot and she is so very pretty!
Kai Sun
What a beauty! Great shot!
Wow that's an amazing shot! Just checking out the detail, I'm WOWing repeatedly!
I like it, Look like she is speaking with you.
What a great snap shot! Love her eyes…seem to be just a bit of mischief in them. Excellent pic +Trey Ratcliff!
Max F
Gorgeous eyes!! Great shot.
Captivating A rich and beautiful photo. the eyes.......
Top shot Trey! I'm liking the intense eye contact and the mystique of the partially hidden face. The inclusion of the environment give the image context as well. Nice rich blacks, contrast and tones. GB D!
Either that or she was trying to cover her face from the creepy dude with 2 cameras...

Dig it.... the eye's can have so much expression without the other features of the face.... classic stuf!
beautiful moment captured. The eyes are really beautiful
I'm really enjoying the fact that the shot feels natural, real. Her hair is not perfect, the position of her hand is not perfect, but she, in that moment and place, and from the perspective of your shot, is perfect.
it has feeling ..the soul is there nothing fake she's breathing not dying she's alive and completely relax not forced ..she's free
ti is still a ADORABLE && CUTE PICTURE OMG!!!
I love that the D3s is your backup. Nice shot!
Been following for a while, this is the first picture that I felt compelled to comment on. Everything else has been good, that is why I followed in the first place, but this image is the perfect mixture of classic beauty and sex appeal. With my amateur eye I say well done. 
Amazing -- and mesmerizing -- those eyes!  d^¿^b
Super capture - nice job!
lovely...... so beautiful.... isn't it.....
pretty great shot trey thanks for sharing
cô ấy rất đẹp
Wish photographers here in NC could shoot that well on the fly! I'd schedule more shoots lol! 
Your camera focuses good ;) Nice shot, Trey. Love seeing your people photos. 
He just gets lucky by the day! good Pic
Excellent! I'd guess there's a nice smile behind that upturned collar...
You'r people and culture fotos looks amazingly natural with, don't know what, but has some midas touch.
Always looking forward for your uploads. Cheers.
Beautiful shot that only happens once in a lifetime.
Mik Mik
Very very good
Zoi Ch.
Th Kim
more than pretty..look at her eyes..something is there but i can't what is it?..
wow wow ! why did,nt u  taken her number ? beautifull eyes......
why did you take a picture of this lady?
reasons for taking the lady's picture?
It's interesting one comment wished the building was in focus, this piqued my interest in how you were able to focus the girl so quickly and effectively.
Tin Bui
Nice shot. Timing is spot on.
Methinks she's hot in everything she wears. :)
trey ratcliff is a genius with an unusual perception
love the crisp focus and the fuzzy backdrop, and you got her eyes perfectly.  
nice photo. You people are just gifted. I see a lot of great photos here on G+ and all are amazing. I don't know how you do it but you do. 

I take the worst photots. Really envy you guys.

Oh and the girl have really pretty eyes :) 
oh wow.. her eyes..... Trey you Rock.... 
she is gorgeous. I gotta get to paris man.
Great shot, I love it.
Very nice portrait, a bit of humour there too. Great stuff.
nice shot but it looks like a set up to me
oh,cant see her smile, but her eyes is smiling
Trey Ratcliff, u r photographer? it s good photo
Good job. I like the look in her eyes, makes u wonder what she was thinking right that very moment.
beautiful hand, although you seem to frighten her.
Mai, as Trya Banks would say; "smizing" lol cool pic btw
wow , very well composed , everything is right about this pic?
Great shot on those beautiful eyes. Did you get to her name or number??
Why You Saw her ? Why you want to click ? Why Why ?
Imagination exercise ... Feels good. 
such a pretty a girl.....
Great depth of field in this photo and the fact that she's covering her face with her jacket adds some kind of mystery to the photo. 
The soft light from the morning rays coming in from the left is also very flattering. 
nice picture, what lens are you using
Have u seen her eyes what say....
hay hay hay ...... bro r u in with her....
no no I'm sorry but as I think ............
Is she veiled? Is she a terrorist?
mah Tey
Gorgous image!! Nicely done !
+Trey Ratcliff You should do more portraits regardless of what is or is not popular but more so I wish you would talk to your subjects sometimes ;)
I looks less like she was covering her face from the wind and more that she saw you were about to take a photo of her and she's didn't like that... And not only did you take a picture of her (which really looks like she didn't want you to) but you decided to share it online for all to see...
Beautiful picture, a woman covering her face creates some mystery.
beautiful shot and beautiful eye
no comment on pic
dont you need get permission from her! LOL
her damn nice ;)
Di J
awesome !!
taking pics of random people... you can get your ass kicked for that.
Superb capture... Very pretty subject and pic :-)
amazing shot of her.  Thats a great camera d good work going....
Beautiful shot n she is looking beautiful too ... Awesome..! 
A blind squirrel get's a nut every once in a while. Nice shot, we might make a photographer of you yet ;-)
A nice snap
Very nice! It is a nice shot too.
difficult to guess whether photo is beautiful or girl in photo...
Don't you get arrested for that sort of thing?
her eyes is full of thoughts
she looked to be prity and beautiful. but trey i need ure help i have afootball academy am running in uganda but i need some financial any thing u can get to us am in uganda city is kampala East africa u can also check on ure frends i will send photo of the team online have a good day.
this might be one of my favorite shots of yours, funny its not even an HDR.
Nice shot sometimes peoples reactions to a camera show a hole new story in the pic rather than someone standing there ready to be snapped. spontaneous is great. D@lol
The cool morning wind is really not ideal easpecially when you have sensitive sinuses. I must say she is covering up in style...
I love her eyes!! I want my eyebrows shaped like that too!! 
rigth and shes beautiful.
but i cant see her half face?
beauty is not imp.....his talent in taking that photograph
I have similar expercince in my life and that was my causin
so beautiful ,gr8 pic
that a good shot the pretty girl. but he most pretty without cover
Cs Lim
hats off to u Trey ...great ....:)
beautiful amazing . . . 
Splendid shot!!!! I m sure ... One of the BEST among hundreds you have taken so far... great work of rare moments !!! 
B&W,sums all up.good,worthy catch
This is one of those shots that you just can't post or plan. Beautiful. 
Охренеть, столько Комментов из за ничего. 
What a memorable capture! You can be amazed at the result if the photo is natural and not a posed shot.
really a beautiful picture.
bit creepy snapping pics of people you don't know.
Raw beauty at first site kastro
This photo is my desktop wallpaper :) nice touch 
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