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30 Days and 30 Nights in Queenstown

(watch this 4K video in Full Screen in HD with good speakers/earphones!)

I'll have a full How-To video on soon that shows how I did everything, in case you are curious and would like to try something like this yourself. 

- About the Film -

I've just moved to New Zealand, and my first 30 days and 30 nights here made a powerful impression on me. I've never done anything quite like this before, so I thought I would share what I felt with you.

The music is from my friend... one of the few people on earth that makes my heart beat a little faster than normal...  +Hans Zimmer. Just go ahead and buy all of Hans Zimmer's work... let it be the soundtrack of your life. :)

Over 300 hours of work went into the film's creation. The Full How-To Video is coming soon, but I did everything myself... the shooting, the post-processing, the editing and sync, etc etc... I used a violent mixture of many tools: Photomatix Pro ( ), Magic Bullet Looks ( ) , Topaz Adjust ( ), Nik Software, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, LRTimelapse, Twixtor Pro, Final Cut X. Also thank you for logistical help to my assistant Abraham Stephenson. 

I created the entire piece myself here in Queenstown, New Zealand. All of the shots are from this little fertile crescent. I get many questions about that interior shot, and that is from the Commonage Villas ( ). I stayed there for about a month while house-shopping, and I think it has some of the best views in Queenstown! Besides that location, every shot was less than a fifteen minute drive from my home. 

What hardware tools did I use? With the exception of the Syrp Genie, I list out my hardware tools that I use on the site at .
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I saw this on Reddit! Your fist "successful" post there, evidently!  ;)
Len B
kمدال مثل مسواک یه وسیله کاملا شخصیه... و امیدواریم ورزشکارامون تا آخر مسابقات المپیک مراقب وسایل شخصیشون باشن و هی به این و اون تقدیمش نکنن و آرامش ملت رو به هم نزنن! البته این آخری و اگه صادق تقدیمش کنه که ......
Stunningly beautiful. But while I love Hans Zimmer's music to death, I have to say I think something just a bit more downtempo and less drum-thumpy might suit the video better. I keep waiting for a battle to break out, and the room light reflections in that window came on like arriving alien ships...
Beautiful the traffic scene!
Freaking. Epic.  Thats all, well done!
This is epic Trey! This is the best video I have ever seen! 
That is the coolest photographic compilation to music I have ever seen! Off to YouTube now to see how it was done...
Very beautiful! But the song makes it seem daring and scary
Beautifully done +Trey Ratcliff ! The clouds and colors of the changing skies, together with the dramatic landscape and music IMO well choreographed. The cars and traffic scene from the city reminds me of living cells under a microscope they way they move about , change colors, very interesting and creative! Love it! 
Just plain awesome. Can't wait to create some time lapse myself but unfortunately we don't have that kind of beauty around here.
Fantastic. I can vaguely imagine how you did it. Seeing myself doing anything nearly as inspiring (even if I had the tools) is something else. 
That was one of the most exceptional photography-related videos I've ever seen. Mesmerizing. Thank you!
NZ - definitely one of my dream locations for living; the weather....the scenery...the hobbits!  Can't watch the scenes of the wide open spaces and snow-capped peaks without wanting to shout, "What news of the Mark?"  Thanks for this great video +Trey Ratcliff 
As always, you truly do have a talent for entertainment/education.  Thank You for sharing your work with the masses once again! 
Damn I can't afford the Syrp yet!
how can one get a look at the real resolution stuff?

+Chris Gillespie  go to the YouTube site and watch it there - click on the little Gear to upgrade the resolution to HD or "Original", which is 4k quality
David B
Amazing, +Trey Ratcliff. That was the best timelapse video I've watched. The Queenstown tourism board should pay you. I think I might visit next winter.
Wow that is amazing footage.
Khush N
+Trey Ratcliff  I thought I loved your work before but now you have a lifelong fan. Wow!
Thank you Trey, that was very cool. Made my want to watch Zena or something from Mr. Jackson. 
Great video! I liked the part with the mountains and the clouds. New Zealand is so beautiful.
what  photographic camera do you recommend me ? thanks.
Great work +Trey Ratcliff!  Queenstown looks like a beautiful place and this captures it so well.  I was inspired by this!
Absolutely loved Queenstown NZ when I was there. Certainly has a bit more going for it than my hometown of Queenstown, Tas
awesome.....looking to take a trip to NZ next year for a couple weeks and cant wait!!
Awesome! My favorite sections are at 3:30 and 4:10.
Khush N
I am so looking forward to seeing you +Trey Ratcliff in NYC on Tues. If you need any help with the logistics of the photowalk, do let me know. I will be happy to help.
superb work mate, cant wait to get back there next year.
Wonderful work in a spectacular location.
Glorious and above all, sharing how you did it requires a +1000000 ! Thanks a lot!
Fantastic. I was waiting for the Orks to decend. Well done.
Min San
That a amazing shot,,,like magic!!!
Truly superb. Trey always does awesome things, but he has outdone himself here, don't you think?

Also, I just wanted to say that +Trey Ratcliff sent it to me before posting it publicly. Maybe because he needed help with the fonts... did you see the sweet fonts I used in my illustrative graphic today?
Very cool, nicely done.  Hans Zimmer is da man too.
Roya R.
Awesome job, Thank you! :)
i hate the music. but new zealand is cool.
That was stunning! Well done.
Queenstown can be so moody...this is just a wee taste of it's colourful personality! Nice work!!
Very beautiful indeed, did bring back memories, hope to get back to NZ one day...
Nyi Nyi
Very cool! I especially like the shot with the rainbow -- did you just happen to be pointing in the right direction or was that played backwards? 
Saw it on a dutch web site this morning very nice views moody
clouds and fog top video of Queenstown.
Amazing time lapse photography some of the best I've ever seen! You should get an Oscar or golden globe award for this. And the music was full of emotion--ominous --enchanting --passionate--angelic--otherworldly--at different times and moved wonderfully with your video!! I'm awestruck by the patience you must have to shoot all this film. Thank you for such an awe-inspiring production!!
Joy Light
Absolutely breathtaking footage, practically HD quality on
My android. Loved it!!!!)

Stunning! Almost has a 3D feel to it. I own a 3D camera but I've never (and probably won't ever) attempt something of this magnitude. Well done!
I saw what you did at 4:19 and 4:27, so awesome!!
Great Job Trey... Love your HDR work, now your getting into the time-lapse stuff, that I really enjoy.  Good work!!
It was really amazing
Certainly, Queensland is one of the most amazing part of.New Zealand. I really found it as best part NZ itinereary early this year.
Great video! +Trey Ratcliff , given how popular you are on G+, I wonder if you could get to the bottom of the German blockage - by directly contacting +Vic Gundotra , a key figure behind G+. Maybe something can be done about the problem - and the story might even result in an interesting post.
+Trey Ratcliff  I'w twying to cowwent, hut hy jaw is still on the hloor. No witicism wrom he this tiwe. ;-)

Absolutely amazing!
Awesome video Trey. Hope you and your family are loving it here in New Zealand.
Queenstown felt a bit too touristy (funny, coming from a tourist :)) for me, but NZ as a whole is so amazing it didn't actually matter.
very interesting. seems like impressed with Koyaanisqatsi ;)
Nicely done! Excellent photography and music! Loved every minute.
Very fantabulous!
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Great film. I am truly impressed. Wowww
They, your talent and creativity never cease to amaze. Unbelievably well done! And thanks for the month in Queenstown I wish I could see in person! 

+Pascal Spörri  that is from the Commonage Villas, not my house...  and yes, some scenes have a soft diffuser on to make them more dreamy :)
Stunning presentation highlighting outstanding photography.
Awesome! More video's please.
Hans Zimmer and +Trey Ratcliff did an excellent job in presenting what might be the best promotional video for Queenstown!
arjay u
i've always wondered how the time-lapse videos were done with it panning in like that.  great video +Trey Ratcliff !
Simply amazing, thanks for sharing!
If you get: Lisa Gerrard on vocals, expecially with +Hans Zimmer (she is featured on most of the Gladator soundtrack)  then you have some good listening there...
So pleasant to watch again and again, +Trey Ratcliff. The music by +Hans Zimmer is very fitting and it draws me into the scene. It's almost as if I were there. Awesome work Trey!
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