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The 16,000 Pixel screen! Here are a series of panoramas taken by +Robert Scoble during my talk here at Google Zeitgeist. There is a video coming soon... It is a fun conference -- currently watching Sean Penn on stage talking about Haiti.
16,000 pixels of +Trey Ratcliff goodness

Trey Ratcliff, famous photographer, just got done with his speech at the Google Zeitgeist conference in Phoenix, Arizona. 

As he talked his images wrapped all the way around us. It was incredible.

I started this year in Yosemite with him and +Thomas Hawk along with a group of other very gifted photographers.

They are why I still love Google+. When I need a hit of beauty I come here, fire up my photography circle, and get a little hit.

But this 16,000-pixel screen is something else. It let me discover Trey's work in a whole new way: as an immersive experience.

His talk will eventually be up on YouTube, it was most awesome, but unfortunately you won't get the experience of Trey's images wrapping around you.

Oh, and we're talking about doing another Google+ photohangout on January 1, 2013. This time in New Zealand. Wanna go?
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That looks like it was awesome!
Can't wait to listen to your talk, Trey.
super awesome - can't wait for the video!
16000 across with about a dozen projectors... !
See, it's already begun...our cyber trip into our very own virtual reality...we will see this in our lifetime I do believe...a Google of awesomeness with Trey Ratcliff hehe! Bravo maestro! I hope to see this firsthand someday :)) PS Those annoying chairs need some content aware erasing magic poof! 
Super fantastic! What a moment ... must have taken quite a lot of time & energy preparing SO many pixels - congrats! Looks amazing :)
Wow ! Can't wait to see the video I am sure it will be awesome....
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