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Palm Tree in the Caribbean

This is the final photo from the How-To Video I posted earlier today. Just check my stream to see that...

Many people asked for more explanation -- here it is: The "Fast" exposure was plucked from the 2nd set of five exposures where the leaves were clean and sharp. That was LR4'ed (a verb) to make it look as HDR as possible before re-integrating it with the whole via masking in Photoshop. That's sort of an advanced explanation, so I can understand how I might have lost a few people in there!
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I really love this palm tree photo scene... ;-) John
I completely understand what you did here.. but I'm a geek too . Awesome photo BTW, really like the the colors
Sometimes "a duck is a duck" ... nice shot - doesn't really need a lot of "talk" ... one of those less is said moments really
This sky looks AMAZING!!
Different sky in different world
The clouds are amazing. What part of the Caribbean are you in?
nid nid
"wOw beautiful
Endless combinations to experiment with....
Awesome. When I stare at the clouds in the background, then focus on the palm, the sky/clouds then seem to shift briefly. What a treat. Nice eye candy.
it looks like something from off the internet!
awww...wish i was there! looks so warm in the evening!
Personally still think the skies over the caribean are best I've ever seen. Great capture! 
Wanting, waiting, for you to justify my love... my love
beautiful fotography!!!...
so Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
You "had" me with the photo, so it doesn't matter that I'm lost in the explanation. (Based on "You had me at hello.") In other words, it's a beautiful photo I'm pleased to see.
thats nice location pics its all about location
<3 the pic......soooo beautiful !!!!!!!
what a beauty............................'''''
see there????????????????????????????????????
Hattsss offf...!!! Great photography.. all your clicks are awesome...
very nice ,like the composition :]
true beauty lies in nature......
this photo is an example of it......
I believe you took bracketed shots at high ISO, so I thought you were going to tone-map those and then use the result...but I guess the leaves would still have moved across those exposures. So you just bracketed those to make sure you got one with an exposure you liked?
it shows how the beauty of our earth i reall like it..
beautiful picture...... i would pay 1000 bucks for that
beautiful. nature is always too beautiful to explain.
wowwwwwww ................... really osom view !!!!!
now your just making me jealous ;) I so want to go now :)
Great Picture. Allows me to remember my visits and wish. Wish I was there. Wish I good smell the sweet enchanting scent of the living ocean.
Has anyone developed a camera that could feed all our senses ?
nice place to sex'n
nice pic.....................
wow that is so beautful i love it where were you at when u took the photo?
Nice, Shane. And I actually understood what you said, Love HDR when it's not too over the top.
oh what a lonely palm tree sitting alone waiting to have a friend
the blue sky so silent and the plam tree wants to touch it
Thanks, sharing this tip. Very helpful.
wooow.... so beautifull.... i like that...
i love places like dz till be my dream to vsit dr
Amazingly Great this one!
+Trey Ratcliff Seen Ur Video of making this Shot! Well I hope I'll use Ur Tricks to click such beautiful Shot!
its awesome.............................
Beautiful, but this makes me miss the islands so very much.
Rất tiếc! mình không biết tiếng Anh. Nhưng bức ảnh rất có hồn, gây được nhiều cảm xúc. Xin cảm ơn bạn đã gửi ảnh
a legendary giant confronting an army of angry clouds,impressive
Beauty of nature.
Very nice snap. Just love it
this is a great picture who took it.
i love it
pretty good view to enjoy with your loved one
Cambodia also has palm tree too
Neha g
beautiful sky
Jealous. But I did get to sleep in due to rain.
I have these in Cornwall,they wash up on the shore,and grow on the shore line.
i got same shot as this,from my mum's home town.♥
Simplemente hermoso!! Q buena foto :)
+Trey Ratcliff Very cool, I've not made it to the BVI's yet, but I've heard they are phenomenal. I've been to the Abacos many time though, and a few other Caribbean islands, and love them all so much.
I believe in being a kind person and helping anyone if I can. I preface this way beca[_]se I have to say, am I missing something? Its a nice pic, b[_]t I dont get the attention. The time I have lost typing this co[_]ld have been [_]sed to call my Mom and say I love her, ect. Same for 300+ others. I am sry if I there is a backstory for this. Peace and love to all. Not trying to be negative, God bless
அற்புதமான புகைப்படம்
No need of any comment, it's a thing which is one can enjoy
tres belle effet !! avec quelle appareil es tu prise cette tof ? et à quelle heure !! Bye de France !!
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