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Fog Over the Golden Gate into San Francisco

I found this spot last night thanks to +Stuck On Earth - it's a free app and you can find out more at ! I JUST released the Retina version with many other new features too - enjoy!

Last night I was going out late to watch the meteor shower, but I decided to stop here once I saw the fog rolling in across the Pacific Ocean to the bay. The bridge acted like a shield, holding the wall of warm moisture out in the Pacific. The fog would slam into the bridge and tumble over the edge, falling apart into the sea below.
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Dan S.
Love it! I sure miss the Bay Area. :-)
Very beautiful with the fog and lights of the city!
Le Yumi
oh hình ảnh đep quá ah?
Nearly "Fog Over the Golden Gate" :D

Beautiful pic!
Great photo. I am a photographer and this is awesome. My daughter is in the Air Force near San Francisco and I am going to tell her to log on to see this. Awesome.
Wow its so beautiful, almighty's creating sometimes so alluring
wow....that is sooo nice....
Nice - I knew I should have gotten out last night.
Whoaaaa.....That is magnificent......perfection....
Kumar R
Brilliant capture,.....
A unique bridge image.... hard to find... well done Trey
This is a photo? It's so clear, it looks fake, lol.
aww coolll!!! i love the picture
Wow thats really pretty!!
That is so beautiful!
You should try to jump off the bridge & take some pics on the way down.That would be cool !
beautiful capture, thanks for sharing.
Amazing Pic, I miss living there....sometimes
It took me 3 seconds to understand the photo angle... Beautiful!
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Lovely shot. There always seems to be a lot of fog in San Francisco?
Amazing pic. Am i able to get them anywhere. 
So amazing it makes me crazy............
that makes me think of the twilight zone...
+Trey Ratcliff wow I have seen so many photos of that bridge, but fog makes all the difference !
Well done
Agree with Serge - this has been photographed so many times but you have captured something rare and beautiful - congratulations.
Beautiful capture of the fog rolling in across the bridge gives it an
eerie look.
makes me wish I was there, just beautiful (doesn't look real)
Wish I would have known you guys were in town I have been dying to meet you all.
Love the fog rolling over the bridge, very dreamlike.
TY Trey for this awesome picture and the great APP!!!
I do have a little question about uploading my own pics for a location... isn't that working just now?? Thank you for the answer in advance!
wow so beautiful
i wanna see there
it's lovely & beautiful & gorgeous & AMAZING!!!!!
In this excellent shot, you transfered the reality to a dream!... I love it!...
Last year on family vacation to DisneyLand, we drove from Legoland SoCal to NorCal SF, it was quite a long drive to do at the end of the day, especially passing via LA downtown in peak hour, man the traffic is the worst in the world ! Around 0200AM we were almost downtown to our hotel for the night before the next day's tour, it was a clear night, crossing the Bay bridge, hardly any traffic.
I had the most exquisite view of the moon over the city, boy did I wish I could just stop in the middle of the road and take photos!
Thanks for taking one for us, +Trey Ratcliff
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