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The Sun Sets on Facebook Photo-sharing
I ran an experiment just 12 hours ago. It wasn't terribly scientific, but I'll get to that bit... The experiment was at

Results as of last edit
Google+: 1317+1s, 83 shares, 375 comments.
Facebook: 96 likes, ? shares, 40 comments.
(results clear even when you consider the variable that I have almost 3x as many followers on Google+)

So, the experiment was sloppy, but the sloppiness may have canceled out on both sides:
- skewed Google+ -It was clearly a contest, so Google+ people were gung-ho
- skewed Facebook - Many of the comments on Facebook came from Google+ traffic !

I think most photographers generally like Google+ better, but it will be interesting to see if everyone likes it enough to bring their family photo-sharing over here. I certainly will... I'll bring all the kids photos over here and share them with my family circle.

Facebook will be around for a while. I think we all agree on that. It's got that "family" momentum behind it -- the "mom" factor that keeps it going. In my off-the-wall opinion, it is moms that really rule the world. Because if moms are not happy, everyone gets a little uncomfortable...

And moms, by their nature, love to keep tabs on what everyone is doing, who is dating who, what the kids and their friends are doing, and this sort of thing. Facebook has cornered the market on that. Moms tie together that Dunbar 150, that pleistocene part of our brains that we just can't escape...

Plus, as +Thomas Hawk and so many others have noticed, the Facebook thumbnail is so sadly small. And, no one really wants to click on it because it doesn't get much bigger after that! It doesn't even compare to Google Photos and the lightbox.

So, it is apples and oranges... and the experiment was not super-scientific, but it is about the best I could do within reasonable constraints.
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And you did it on top of the earthquake, too: Could've been even more comments otherwise, I suspect.
Just a quick "mom" note. My mother has refused and continues to refuse to join Facebook. A couple of "email those not using G+" emails with pictures of her new grandbaby?

She's on Google+ now. :D
Your sentiments mirror my experience with the two networks as well.
As a teacher, I still think of Facebook as a kids thing and not the audience we want. G+ is for professional exchange and incubation..
I think the fact that so many photographers love G+ is the effort a lot of the top circled photographers put in. The likes of yourself, +Colby Brown, +Scott jarvie and many more really make for an inspiring and discussion provoking experience. The popularity will only grow as the feature set across G+ does. Let's see what happens when they open up to the public!
yeah - I am glad so many other photographers are coming over too... and to think - it's only 60 days old or something!
And I love learning from guys like you +Trey Ratcliff . If were not for Google+.. well.. my camera would still be sitting in the closet.
I think even more will migrate once the photo album management is better here.
Gorgeous shout... I really need to get a decent camera again...
great photo Trey and love your experiment :)
"Photographers" is one of my favorite circle on G+. Photo shares on FB are mainly from family/friends. For me, they serve different purposes at the moment.. thank you for sharing..
I would be interested to see you run the same experiment without announcing it as an experiment.
+Trey Ratcliff Now try the experiment again, holding a daiquiri on a beach with a couple of female friends. Both girls will post that they look horrible on FB, and then they'll have 500 comments each telling them they actually look great. Facebook is only great if you're interested in gossip and fishing for compliments.

Great shot, by the way ;)
Eric W
Fascinating experience, thanks for sharing. I'm with you on using G+ more. I'm definitely on the outs with FB, methinks...
I'm not sure why, but clicking +1 is wayyyy less intimidating than clicking 'Like'

clicking 'Like' feels so childish..... +1 feels more mature...


does that even make any sense?
do you do tuitions? i know everyone has a different perspective but still..
I'm new to Google +, but blown away by it so far. I'm totally in awe of all the thought-provoking & inspiring posts;much different than fb. I enjoy both, but this one is much more stimulating. I love learning from all of you & I'm confident my photography will improve greatly. :)
Thanks for sharing=)
Hey, +Trey Ratcliff, you have 700+ ppl in your circles. How do you read all their posts on G+? Do you click between different circles, or use Stream?
also, when you put someone on your circle, it doesn't always mean you're a 'follower'

the other party only knows you're adding them to your circle.. that's it.

in facebook when you're following someone, it seems like you're a fan to them...

I've received plenty requests from people asking me to follow them on facebook... but unless your name is ansel adams, there's no way I'm going to be your 'fan'
Thanks! Yes... I don't think of you all as "followers" or this sort of thing... it seems awfully ENTJ, which of course I am, but not in that way.
ENTJ - A Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Inventory ... erm ... personality. As I recall, "Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging."
So are you going to drop FaceBook?
just read the description.. and yeah I can see +Trey Ratcliff to be ENTJ... and probably most successful photogs...
+Jim Clark no - I won't stop using FB, but since I am only awake so long, I'll just spend more time here.
Mine's about an even split right now between the two. But I'm more a follow-er than a follow-ee, and over there I have friends who'll +1 just to be nice.
I would have never seen these amazing photos if it weren't for G+
+Trey Ratcliff Facebook is like the kids table, it's messy, a little odd (thanks Catfish) and seems to be more about delving into people's lives. Google+ on the other hand, at least so far, seems to be the more aesthetic, organized and artistic approach to online social interaction.
On another note.........your thoughts, d7000 vs 7D. Thanks.
Let's not forget the "early adopter" factor favoring G+ over Facebook. Early adopters tend to be higher caliber interactive participants who add value in every imaginable way.
A lot of people are considering getting rid of FB, or posting less. As a generally unknown photographer, (and pretty decent one at that) I think getting my work out there, any outlet I can find, is important. For someone like Trey, who could discontinue all social networking and still get 100,000 hit a day on his website (OK, maybe not that much), it makes sense to maximize his valuable time, and G+ seems like the right choice. But for 99% of us, why not keep it and continue to post your awesome work??? I don't know, just makes a sense if you are trying to maximize your exposure. Just me 2 cents...
breathtaking. It makes me homesick. Interesting results as well. Though, without G+, I'd never have seen your work. Definitely preferring this to Facebook.
I still have been using facebook for all my photo sharing... and google+ for the occasional picture.. mostly because most of my friends are on facebook... and the ones which are on google+.. aren't very active here..

plus yes.. the family issue.. and I have actually been using groups a lot on facebook.. and share pictures with specific groups.. (same as circles) soo am happy there... for now :)
I must admit that I would never have come across your work on Facebook. Its just not that sort of venue to me.
right decision. facebook conceptually looks old suddenly
I never came accross ur work on facebook as well .... and thanks to G+ its a lot more intresting...
Don't let yahoo know, but I like this a lot more than flickr.
not a clear experiment and not a clear winner - very biased and slanted - G+ is vague and still can't figure out how things are happening and why people share...technolofy alone is not enough - the psychology is very important too - just look at the user base of G+ and you will know
I love g+ mainly for the opportunity to view so many wonderful portfolios, not many of my real world friends are here but I do not care. They stay on Facebook and I sti haven't deleted my acc there. However, I no longer use fb for photosharing, too glitchy, tried uploading 20 photos yesterday and was unable to do so, even downscaled to 800xsomething. So, no more fb photosharing for me, g+ is way better at that
Google+ is so photo friendly and I especially like the ability to flip through photos with the mouse wheel. Really enjoy my Photography circle.
My mum never joined Facebook, she didn't like the share with everyone idea, the thought of people always asking to be your friend and overstuffed messiness of the place. She is now on Google Plus. She will never make any public posts, but is enjoying sharing family photos.
This was funny: after reading your post, I didn't knew exactly what you meant with that FB thumbnail. Then two minutes later I experienced it. Your right, I still couldn't recognize people in the 'big' picture! :D
It would have been a better experiment if you didn't actually announce it as such. Interesting result nonetheless.

Interesting but a slightly bias experiment based on the fact that photographers are generally more popular on google plus. Which is because the image quality of pictures on gplus are superior. Also sharing/commenting on google plus is less daunting with organised circles.

To summarise Google plus is for everyone to share with whom they choose.

Whereas Facebook is for a select handfull of people to share and is therefore more for spectators.
Im finding a lot more quality engagement here in G+, as a amateur Photographer I cannot stress how important G+ has beem on getting my work out there to the masses and being able to share it with other photographers.

In the past i was posting to my blog + facebook + twitter + 500px + stumbleupon.

Now day I find my self posting to G+ and only posting my best shoots to 500px. So far I have received good quality feedback from those two sites alone.
I much prefer G+ over FB, especially for photography.
G+ opened me up to so many Photographers and their work (not to mention their tips, tutorials and insights) Facebook never did. As someone new to photography, it's invaluable. +1 to G+
Gorgeous! :-) ~ this reminds me ~ hope to share some of my sunrise photos soon (ones from Acadia - Cadillac Mountains) ...
+Trey Ratcliff I've been following you for a while now and find your tips and photos fantastic, can you tell me when the Android app 100 cameras in 1 will be available? The iPhone app looks fantastic and I can't wait to try the Android version.
Heh, I was happy with my photo posts one +1 from +Thomas Hawk :). I think a large part of the success of the photography community on Google+, is

a) For most people when they move to Google+, their friends aren't on here so they seek out what interests them, for example I added photographers and developers, where as if you were to join facebook you would add your friends and call it a day.

b) The great cross promotion all the top photogs are doing for one another, barely a post goes by, without a mention of a few other photographers.

c) it's reached critical photography mass, there are enough of us on here linked, that we have an alive creative community going on, and it's only going to grow.
I have an account on facebook and G +. On the G + I communicate more with pro photographers and photography. I like it. Like the albums and their views and comments.
You certainly have a flare for photography.
I love your photos, +Trey Ratcliff. You have a special talent. Thanks for sharing them with us.
who uses FB for photo sharing? kind of apples to oranges, imo. put the same image on your flickr stream and see how many faves and comments you get... ;)

seriously though, what's FB max res? that alone should tell you high quality images are far from a priority.
I get the opposite to be honest. Quite a few likes and comments on Facebook and virtually none on Google+.
Nice picture!

(Entire two pages of FB v G+ commentary removed for my own sanity.)
Thats because I feel that G+ is truely more social than Facebook.
Putting on the comparison aside, that's a beautiful sunset NYC pic!
HDR - harm, disort and rot. Do you like this Marsian rise?
Other conditions affecting the 'experiment' are; G+ is still in Beta, has not been generally released to the public, does not allow Brands or institutions yet, does not allow minors yet. Give it six months and try again.
Simply amazing, really makes me miss the city
Maxim, I venture to say that those whom admire Trey and HDR photography do like this. And those whom do not, are polite enough to not comment in the first place.
Also consider you can't really "follow" someone on Facebook, either.
love how you can just tell straight away it's NY.. stunning shot..
Thank you for proving what I'd already suspected, that Google+ is the better place for sharing and following, especially when it comes to photos...
+chris combe I totally agree with you Chris, I've NEVER been there and it immediately appeared to me to be NYC. Love the shot too!
Joseph, my coment not to autor. But I dont like more hdr artworks. sorry if I offend you and Trey.
+David Murtagh The iPad/iPhone version of 100 Cameras in 1 has only been out for half a year...the Android one is in the works...

and thanks everyone!
+David Murtagh It is a good question. I think maybe by now most people know not to follow too many people... they know they will have info overload. So, I hope this time around that they follow less.
Engagement may be the best word I think - there's such a radically higher level of engagement here on G+. Would love to see my brain scan when using G+ vs Facebook! ;-)
Wow, that pretty much says it all. I've essentially abandoned my FB page. Over there it took me 1 year to get the same number of followers/circlers it took me 3 weeks to gain here. And here I'm not only gaining followers, I'm being exposed to magnificent work by Pro-photogs that are inspiring and the folks (like say, YOU +Trey Ratcliff ) are super informative and I've learned more in the last month here than in 30 years of fooling around. And made some great friends and connections too! This place is photographer heaven.
I follow you on both networks. I have to say that I feel like there is more community, a higher level of exposure, and an all around more supportive and friendly vibe here on G+ than on FB. I can't get over how much more feedback I get here from people I have never met. And, in all honesty, I can't get over how much feedback and kudos I find myself dishing out-- a major departure from my FB ways. There is just such a great flow of art and engagement here that one can't help but get caught up in it. While I don't think I am ready to completely abandon FB yet (need to get more people to make the jump, first!), I do see the day coming in the not too distant future.
"mom" factor... my mom comments over my FB status, which she can't understand!
In G+ I can put her in "Mom's circle" and that's it.
"Mom factor" drives me to G+
Second (or third) +Catherine Vibert . I'm very glad to be around so many great photographers. Maybe Google+ will decay to some extent when we get more friend's farmvilles, funny useless shares and the like in our stream, but circles may take better care of it than FB.
wow again...the first photographer in my growing photographer circle
Soon the thumbnails on Facebook will be a few pixels bigger than on G+ and they'll claim it's a feature they've been working on for 6 months.
Yet another insightful post, +Trey Ratcliff. Your pictures are amazing, and this one is no exception. Thanks for sharing. I am going to make a circle just for photographers/artists and put you, +Dale Jackson and others in it.
+Trey Ratcliff I think your findings are quite consistent with the nature of G+ and Facebook. Via Circles, particularly the Following circle, G+ essentially incorporates Twitter. It encourages people to follow other people that you don't necessarily know, and at this stage of the field trial, I figure most of us enjoy G+ doing just that. Facebook is up to the neck with posts, updates and comments of friends. Following people outside this circle is either tough with all this friend chatter or the ergonomics of doing so is just a step or a step and a half outside that of G+. I think G+ users look forward to posts from their Following circle, and are thus naturally inclined to respond and engage more.

My guess is that even after G+ opens to the public, even after we all (hopefully) have our real life family and friends aboard as well on G+, the ease with which we can select which stream to view will ensure the current level of following we do.
+Kinley Dorji I agree with you! Almost 100% of my friends in FB (which I already deactivated long time ago) are my real friends, but most of my people on my circles are people that I don't know but I find interesting.. And I'm not bothered even one bit by it..

I figure I can just call/email my real friends if I want to get updates from them..
Ah yes and previously, +Thomas Hawk pronounced the death of Flickr. Millions of people just share photos to share them and don't measure the stats or use them to get more followers are friends and influence. These numbers are like comparing the drawer full of polaroids at my mom's house to another's moms house. Now to G+, love it and I'm migrating my content here and will use FB for Friends and Family.
I think it was +Robert Scoble who hit the nail on the head. In the short term, G+ will be king of interest content while FB will remain king of pure social content. For G+ it is so cool that I can follow so many talented photographers and photoshoppers to see their work - without the "friend" model that FB uses. In the long term, only time and features will tell?
+Trey Ratcliff that's an interesting comparison. I might suggest doing another one in the near future to begin a trend line.
The beauty of G+ to me has been the access to fellow photographers who willingly, and quickly, will offer advice and opinions. It's not a competition here so much as a family. It's nice to know that the likes of +Trey Ratcliff and +Thomas Hawk and +Vivienne Gucwa and yada yada yada are not actually Gods but down to earth people willing to help. It has made me fall in love again with something I love to do - capture moments.
+Trey Ratcliff I am more interested in Stuck on Earth, the other "secret" not so "secret" app.. I will buy an iPad when it comes out, I have been waiting for the killer app and it seems like just the thing..
I've absolutely quit posting pics on Fakebook... I will post a link to the PicasaWeb al;bum (that I uploaded thru G+) instead. Much better results here too, in my decidedly non scientific survey.
Agree on the 'keeping tabs on everyone through FB' thing. i just check in once in a while to know what my friends and relatives are doing, and who's birthday is coming up etc. (why can't we have birthdays here?!?) and then post content on G+.
Google is much friendlier as well. Plus with all the development tools, a professional photographer could easily hook LightRoom or which ever pre-post photography app to work very well with G+.

I've loved G+ from before beta and it's only getting better. Facebook is just trying to play catch up at this point. 
Wow, google + is a great place to be, plus, the photos looks so much better.
+Steve Hale Seconded! When I watch remarkable photos on G+, it feels like I am invited to master's personal workshop. I don't exactly know why but somehow it feels more intimate.
+Trey Ratcliff Beautiful shot. I've never been to New York, but this shot truly makes me want to be there.
I checked out more of your photos thanks to your contest, if that makes you feel better. They are incredible, every one.
+Trey Ratcliff Did you announce the contest on FB in the same way that you did on G+ or did you just post the photo on FB without equal fanfare?
GREAT Photo. G+ is great for artists and thought leaders to share their work, because of the format; however, the current G+ format makes it more difficult to see what my friends and family are doing, because their posts get drowned out by the many of the fascinating people I am following like +Tom Anderson +Robert Scoble +Leo Laporte and others. Ultimately, the stickiness of G+ does not compare to FB, because people log into FB multiple times a day to find out what their friends and family are doing. G+ is losing that battle. Here's my solution, people should be able to select which circles are visible in their feeds

It's important for users to have control over their streams, so they can see what they want to see. The reason +Trey Ratcliff is not getting the response on FB is because FB uses an automatic algorithm which makes his posts invisible to his FB friends.

This is where G+ can win over FB. FB does not want people to have 1,000,000 fans or followers like Twitter. They don't want individuals to have power to communicate to many, because they want people to buy advertising. FB may copy features from G+, but I do not see them changing their algorithm to limit what people see in their feeds.

G+ needs to give users control over their feeds, or else G+ will become twitter and not a hybrid of FB and Twitter.
Scott E
+Matthew Simmons I would have to disagree. You do have control in your stream. If you just want your family then you click your family stream. It is that simple and does not drown out people. You are just not filtering right. Actually you have more control than FB.
+Scott Easterday That is a nice control of the stream; however, it needs improvement. I would like my stream to default to family, friends, and acquaintances. Right now, I would have to either:

A) Stream through a zillion posts from strangers to find posts from friends and family.

B) Click on the friends circle, scroll down. Click on the family circle, scroll down, click on the acquaintances circle, etc...


C) Google+ can let me just choose which circles I want to show in my stream by default.

A lot of my G+ friends have uncircled artists and other strangers, because their posts were drowning out posts from their friends and family.
I think each social networking service have certain unique features that attracts a particular user. An avid twitter user may not like G+/Facebook the same way a Facebook user would not like Twitter or G+ and so on. My social networking time is mostly spent on mobile phone so I like twitter more than any other service for its faster access, easy to share/update info/pic, quick access to realtime information etc. I find G+ and Facebook more or less same when it comes to mobile experience. While G+ is more polished and professional than Facebook, it still has its limitations on mobile (inability to reshare and tag a user, just like Facebook) but to your point of sharing photos, I prefer G+ over Facebook. I doubt comparing results of a similar post across different social networks proves a point if one is better over the other. btw, love your photos and this is a stunning image.
+Trey Ratcliff - Why are you still on Facebook? You know who loves ya. Your loyal Google+ followers, that's who. That data should set things straight for you once and for all.
arjun v
stunnin' pic with a beautiful flare :)
Bravo!..what a Superb capture of the Perfect moment....
Nice, to be honest, Google+'s clean and organized look makes me wanna comment.

I like the fact that I don't have to mute the post just because I +1'd it.

Facebook's thumbnail (as you mentioned above) is tiny, one of your photos may look like just another sunset photo and won't make me want to click + like.
I didn't know you existed until +Leo Laporte mentioned you on a Twit episode - and so located you here on G+. I imagine a lot of people found you here first, so why go to Fb to comment.
+Leo G I don't care what my family or friends are up to, if they want to tell me something they can send me an email or call me on my phone, also the reason why I don't have Facebook. On Google+ however I can follow interesting people while ignoring my uninteresting friends.
plus every G+'er's vote is worth 2 FBer's votes
very interesting! Thank you for sharing, will have to install the G+ now on our site :)
My experience is completely the opposite. Last night I loaded a picture to G+ and got one +1. Same pic on Facebook = 4 comments, 4 likes.

I think that G+ is great for people who already have their following and who instantly ballooned to thousands of followers on day 1, but for the rest I'm not so sure.
Consider (if not already in the thread): Facebook, having been around longer, is not available to some during traditional work hours as many work places have banned its use. The opposite may not be the case with G+. Plus, my limited reading of various photographers opinions concerning the two social media sites suggest that MOST of the MOST active photographers are jumping on the G+ bandwagon. This, in itself, is rather interesting to me but of a topic of a different sort.
+Trey Ratcliff - there's a lot lot more competition for attention on Facebook. That simple. (Draw your own conclusions for what happens if G+ is really successful)
+Trey Ratcliff your work is in a league of its own and I think G+ is off to a great start; however, I can't help but be a little skeptical in these results. Are you sure your recent visits and meetings in Google HQ had nothing to do with your G+ biased results? Not saying you would do anything intentional but it sure seems that it would be technically easy for some inside help to boost your G+ results...
Been thinking about this reply for some time. The number of hits in my humble view is more based on marketing and promotion than quality. I have seen some quality shots on here get very little comments or views. I take nothing away from the successful marketers but as an aspiring photographer who wants to learn from others this site so far has not fulfilled my hopes. Part of my learning is by commenting about a photo on what is good about it and not "nice shot". Learning to see creatively includes studying other peoples shots and what is good about them. If people say "nice shot" i agree but why the hell is it a nice shot? By telling others what is good about it we can learn more about the shot.

My experience of other sites:

FLICKR great for feeding your ego you force people to comment in these post one award 5 groups or post 1 rate 20

HDR Spotting, great for getting lots of views on your blog or website

FACEBOOK, not great for photography and only use it to share with friends, This has to be the one for photographers who want to get better. Here your shot is critically reviewed before it is accepted with recommendations for improvements

Redbubble, bit like flickr but have sold stuff there

Google+ so far, great for connecting with photographers. Hangouts look good wish they were not in the middle of the night for Scotland. Disapointing side is that I dont get comments on my shots. If they are bad I would like folk to say that and how they could be improved. My reason for joining was to learn from others how I can improve my photography. This is difficult if no one givesfeedback. I also see some other great photographers like +Klaus Herrmann who dont get the deserved ammount of exposure yet have amazing quality work.

So, constructively, Google+ comments, views and sharing can be more about good PR and marketting than good photography alone. Some people will get the deserved exposure that they want for their work others like me wont get the constructive feedback that they want. I am going to try an experiment suggested by Trey in a previous post to see if it makes a differnece and will feedback later.

Is it possible to set up a circle where photo's have to be approved by members and constructively commented on? For me this would be a learning experience, what is it that is lacking in my photography that others can help me with. Maybe it is about how to market yourself successfully.

So my plea is for everyone to take the time to constructivley comment on someone in their circles at least once a day to help them learn. Dont just throw a "nice shot" up everytime you see a favourite photographer post.
+Fraser Ross It might be possible to elicit more constructive comments by requesting such in each post. Some may be reluctant to come across as critical otherwise.
Most people are using G+ like twitter (following) and not like FB (friending) like me.... and since twitter is centered around 140 characters and not photos......G+ is the ideal location for photograhers
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