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The Giants Win!

I took this about an hour ago at the game here in San Francisco... I went there with +Tom Anderson for a long night of taking photos. We started out down on the field then ended up waaaaaay up here! :)
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Great photo Trey, full of colour and action.
To me it's beautiful in a sad sort of way. Thanks for posting!
I can almost see my house. Waaaay out there in the east bay.
Only a photographer would move higher up in the stands as the game went on :)
Wes Lum
Nice! Kind of disappointed in how far up you guys were though lol
Nice shot, +Trey Ratcliff! Pics like this make me want to enjoy baseball.

I have some awesome access down at the Sharks HP Pavilion if you're interested in getting some slick shots. It is playoff season....
you took a great pic and you had fun!! what more, keep up the good work
Hope my uncle was at the game, he loves baseball and lives out on the west coast!
Cliff Lee and Matt Cain both has remarkable games! Love old-school baseball!
Amazing view - good definition of the term "human tapestry" :)
Amazing shot and great perspective from there! Can you explain in a hangout sometime how you get the bodies so nice with HDR. or is this not HDR? Also in response to +Johnny Roquemore I agree, I would love to see some of your work in an ice rink, I can already image how cool it would come out!
Trey what is the brand camera your shooting with ?
The MLB let you walk in with a DSLR? I'd think they would be somewhat along side the NFL regarding their "intellectual property".
hehehehehe i dont know why im loling
WOW! You must have an awesome camera! Nice pic!
I would say, this shot alone makes the effort worth while. Nicely done.......
really nice colour's and perspective
cool - looks really amazing - nearly like dave hill effect. great work man
Giants! awesome, damn makes me miss the bay.
the day that saturation began to enter his mind ..
but I really liked the game until the end :D
yes, please you start talking .. and what you want to talk about. necibe..
awesome sala...............................................
who has a way of taking pictures which sensual..
Awesome!! Still pretty sad about Brian Wilson..that sucks :(
it's not just a good brother, a picture which has the subject of life..
try to enjoy once again ..
That is a beautiful stadium. I was there once many years ago...
Really conveys the excitement of the game. Feels like I am there standing behind the guy with the Posey shirt. Go Giants!
Aant SS
oh my GoD! amazing
Field not magnificent like this in my village
ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bade...............
The "San Francisco Giants" medallion under the AT&T Park sign looks like a Starbucks logo.
Amazing shot mate!!!! realy captures the moment (:
Even baseball Isnt our favourite game in Brasil with this picture i became a fan. Congrats!!
its cool
what camera u use took this pic :))
lunatick's.c.z-noldza kriminalac.vs.cexy
tabbletta..,za kompijuter..?!
u see same crowd in India for cricket......
wow....this is interesting... it looks like an old renaissance painting... i can't help it.
I do like this picture, thanks for your post!
great picture. What is your camera and how it is shoot?
awesome, i've never been going to stadium....
I saw the lights from the game as I drove over the bridge at about 11pm last night and said to myself "What fun it would be to shoot THAT!". And lookie who did! Nice! And GO GIANTS!!
Not exactly a good game if you like scoring.
What a night! Watching the Giants win in dramatic fashion with good friends +Samir Osman and +Michael Bonocore for my B-Day was awesome enough, but to have the evening immortalized by +Trey Ratcliff like this = best icing on the cake ever! Great seeing y'all :)
you feel like you're there. just brilliant.
not really popular in my country v v popular
Football and Badminton are really popular
gue ga ngerti peraturannya....
haha..... :p
vina er
keren fotonyaa...
Stadian mana ne..??
Dapatkan Berita Seputar Bola di timeline kami atau menjadikan agenliga menjadi temen kamu
terima kasih
my E is not good, so can you help me ? I see it's big
baseball muke gile sport idiot kyak banci...
The view of the Park.....we call that the nose bleed section!
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