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Free Student Scholarship for the Paris Workshop at the Chateau
(Only offered on Google+)

The Paris Workshop (Sold Out) will be an amazing event, and I can't wait to see you there!  We are still having the free PhotoWalk as well on Wednesday, and I know that will be a great time as well.

The only catch in winning the scholarship is you have to get yourself to the chateau (or meet us at the hotel and ride with me and +Miss Aniela).  

Go ahead and nominate any student that you think would enjoy the event.  Or if you're a student, feel free to nominate yourself - no shame in that! :)  We'll make a random selection... the team will contact you.  Bonne chance! 

EDIT: Winner chosen - +Steve Oldham  !  Will send you a special +note to contact our team to get details! :)
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David D
nice house!!!!!!!! its impressive!!!!!
How if somebody would just nominate and sprint for an airplane ticket we're in business. LOL This is a great opportunity and wish I could participate but good luck to all the students.
That's awesome! Nice pick!
I am stelf tought, and still learning, a student, I nominate me. 
sounds like an adventurous invitation...some kilometers away but i would be ready..and i`m student too :) so i nominate myself
I nominate myself! Fantastic oportunity :) 
For once a workshop that will happen near my neck of the woods! :D I would like to nominate myself :)
I would feel a bit selfish doing it but I would nominate myself to go. Sadly (for me at least), I don't think the logistics would work out in time (aka, I'm a poor college kid who can't scrape together enough money for the plane ticket and a room). Anyways, it's really awesome of you guys to offer this, so I'll have to ask around if anyone I know is interested and able.
Ney M.C
Muy buena foto :)
Hi Trey and the team, I start learning HDR photography almost 6 months now since the day I saw your work. You inspire me, now I only see outside through a new (HDR) sight and it puts a smile on my face. And now you're giving a great opportunity to be selected as a free student guest, so I'd love to share my work and the fun with all of you guys @ the chateau.
Is that one of Marie-Antoinette's little farms in the back of the Versailles gardens?
I'm a student and would like to nominate myself
Awesome opportunity to learn from the best, count me in.
I nominate myself...a student of historic preservation at the University of Colorado.

Ah Versailles! I would love to go back! Beautiful shot. 
I would love to nominate myself but sadly I wont be in France anytime soon!
I would not mind living or living next to that beautiful structure
I nominate myself, just as a majority of the rest the thread seems to have done XD Looks like a great opportunity!
I nominate myself. I desire this so bad and so much! 
Trey if the scholarship is for the entire workshop I would like to nominate myself. I am more than willing to grab a flight and hotel if it is for both days. Justin 
Yu Sam
really looks like Halloween house!!!
This like a ghost house, be under the spell of the curse and  the sky is dark but the garden is green and lush. I like garden and flowers but no house.
this house look so beautiful but i think once u go inside something bad will happen
I would love to come to the workshop in Paris
Nominating me..
I would have loved to be on this workshop in Paris Trey, but unfortunately cannot make those dates. Otherwise I'd have nominated myself! Hope it is a huge success and will definitely look to attend the next Europe workshop.
I'll take the 'no shame' option of nominating myself!  The chance at an opportunity like this seems too good to not try to be at after all.

I'm currently a PhD student in Nottingham, England, and can verify this quickly and easily if it comes to it.  And if it doesn't come to it, I hope whoever does win has an excellent time!
I nominate my friend +Stephen Hewitt because not only did he introduce me to photography he also introduced me to +Trey Ratcliff and since then i have spent almost all my spare time with photography (so my girlfriend kind of hates both of you now lol). I think some time with you would really help him continue to learn.

Ps great photo. 
Wonderful location for a workshop! Fingercrossing for the nominated ones!
I don't think I will get picked. But here goes nothing. I nominate myself. 
I nominate Skyler Greene. The best, and most unique photographer i know. Plus, I guarantee he would be a perfect fit for this event. 
soooooooo nice..great capture
I so wish I could join you guys!!!! What can I do?;) great idea +trey ratcliff!
I nominate me! I would definitely find a way to get there!!!
Would love to see the inside, bet it has just as must charm indoors.
This is really nice. Good luck to students applying.
I am a student of ever changing amorphous light, shadow, and texture.

I nominate myself.
I am a student and I nominate myself. I would love this opportunity. I love photography. I am a self-taught and still learning photographer eager to to learn more.
Great shot Trey! :)
as always..
I'm also a student so I nominate myself!
I nominate me! I'm learning as much as I can, developing my style. Thanks for the opportunity!

a litttle creepy but cool
I nominate Elyse Phelps! She has an amazing eye!

I am a student and would love to have the opportunity to do this!! So shamelessly, but still humblily, I would like to nominate myself as well. After having experiences at PhotoWorld for the past 2 yrs, this could only help me along the way of my future career and dreams! :)
I nominate myself. A current student who is adopting photography as a new skill. 
Sign me up!  I love Paris, and it would be so exciting to take a step forward with my photography in one of the world's most beautiful and interesting cities!
I'm a student and would love to go :)
Self-nominated :)
I would love it! Self nomination :)
I  nominate Skyler Andrew Greene a student in berlin
I would love to go! Fortunately I leave close enough in order to make it :) Self nomination!
I would love to come! My class is even going to france soon. Though, the bills have to take priority.^^;
Putting in a tentative self nomination here, not 100% sure if I'd be able to though :S
I'll nominate someone other than myself! My girlfriend Ana is a currently studying for a bachelors degree in photography at the University of Salford, England. If she's lucky, I'll treat her to the flights and hotel over to Paris - it's only an hour or so from here. Thanks for the opportunity Trey, and good luck everyone!
I've been an admirer of both Yours and Miss Aniela's work on Flickr for many years. I would have loved to come to this workshop as I'm sure it's going to be an amazing event and I would learn how to be a bit more creative. Unfortunately I can't classify myself as a student (other than a student of life) and I'm sure there are more deserving people than me. 
Mark I would love to attend, I'm wouldn't be your typical student as I'm 54. But photography has been a passion of mine since I was an early teenager, and I feel it is a lifelong learning experience. 
I'm going to try a last minute entrance ;-) I am a very passionate amateur who would love to turn pro so I nominate myself (I'll be on your photowalk wednesday whatever the result ;-))
I've been hinting and hinting to my son that he might like to put my name forward for the scholarship..... but true to form he hasn't got round to it yet! So I'm putting myself forward as I have been dreaming about doing the course ever since it was first announced, but the cost of the course was beyond my means! I've got everything crossed now!
Oh, I'd love to go, but I would not be able to manage the plane ticket. :)  I look forward to seeing all the great photos that everyone will take.
Okay. Nominating myself. Would love to participate in this workshop!
Thanks for all the entries - winner will be announced in the next few hours! :)
Wow, that sounds great. I would love to nominate myself, but I have to drive back to The Netherlands after the photowalk.

Good luck to all who are nominated. 
Wow, that sounds great. I would love to nominate myself, but I have to drive back to The Netherlands after the photowalk.

Good luck to all who are nominated. 
What constitutes a student? I am a person who has a love for photography, i am continually learning and refining my passion in this field. I would love to nominate myself be in therunning for to attend this amazing opportunity.
Mike :-)
Ohh!!! I'm a student, I nominate me! I webt to your Sydney photowalk, great fun. I'd love the opportunity to go overseas and take photos. 
I'm not a student in the official sense, but I'm studying photography in my own way... I've just been made redundant from my day job, and I'd love to go to Paris with you...
Wish I could come but work calls... great shot!
pick me, pick me!!!! i nominate myself shamelessly :)
this is soooooo'cute
i want a little cottage like this
thanks alot for hard work guys...
I nominate Sofija Hamika, she is a student and she loves photography !!!
Good feeling.I like this style of landscape.
i would love to live in this house
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