Free Student Scholarship for the Paris Workshop at the Chateau
(Only offered on Google+)

The Paris Workshop (Sold Out) will be an amazing event, and I can't wait to see you there!  We are still having the free PhotoWalk as well on Wednesday, and I know that will be a great time as well.

The only catch in winning the scholarship is you have to get yourself to the chateau (or meet us at the hotel and ride with me and +Miss Aniela).  

Go ahead and nominate any student that you think would enjoy the event.  Or if you're a student, feel free to nominate yourself - no shame in that! :)  We'll make a random selection... the team will contact you.  Bonne chance! 

EDIT: Winner chosen - +Steve Oldham  !  Will send you a special +note to contact our team to get details! :)
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