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Join me for a PhotoWalk!
On Aug 11th after my new talk at Google entitled "Artists and the Internet: Digitally Extending Your Natural Self", I'll be hosting a free PhotoWalk not too far from the Google campus over at Stanford. And, even better, there will be lots of Googler-photographers there you can pester with your questions around Google Photos!

The PhotoWalk is open to all skill levels and you'll find the group is very helpful and fun! Come along with any camera, and we will explore some awesome places around the campus. Bring your family, bring your's a very friendly event. I did a PhotoWalk here in Stanford last year in the rain, and it was still greatness... this photo below is the first place the group stopped.

To sign-up and see the path:

Previous Austin PhotoWalk:

Note my talk at the Google HQ is not open to the public, but the PhotoWalk is. However, the video will be recorded for later, and I'll see if I can get the YouTube people to broadcast it live.

Since there will be a lot of people, we'll have a many coaches to help out! We'll be graced with +Thomas Hawk +Lisa Bettany +Stu Maschwitz +Brian Rose +Frederick Van Johnson +Mike Wiacek +Catherine Hall +Cliff Redeker and +Topher Martini ! This will be a mega-epic Google+ PhotoWalk -- just WHO may show up? Awesomeness!

Life is too short not to do awesome things with it... so come join us!
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Are you always lucky/really patient with the skies or do you fake them?
Nice, I'm going to have to try and make it
Sounds fun guys, wish I could make it.
Gx Zeng
it is a nice picture indeed, but why always go HDR?
I was there last year and, in fact, was pictured walking with Trey on his blog. Maybe I'll make it out again...
Aw man, gonna be in the Bay Area on September 5th for a week but that's then, not August 11. Have fun! I love this campus. How did you get the clouds to do just that +Trey Ratcliff OnOne effect of some kind? So cool, it looks like the building is glowing.
Thanks! Yes this will be fun... even if you can't come, we'll feel you there in spirit!

+Gx Zeng I do this style of photography because I see the world in a hyper-romantic way, and that is how my memory works... a technicolor cinematic movie reel... I think I am not alone in this.
I'll be there - looking forward to doing it again!...
That is an incredible photo! It captures the emotion and mystery of the scene in an erie and intriguing tone.
As a non-photographer, it's difficult to accept that a picture can show what the eye can't see. but in some pics like this one, we have not the choice... only to accept ! :) thanks for these pics !
If I could cross an ocean and a continent I'd be there. Have a great time with it :) And thanks for sharing that beautiful picture!
Ok this sounds cool.... I will try to make it.... I would be happy just to go and take photos at Stanford... such cool architecture....
Wow, this is an awesome photo. I wish I lived closer so I could go on your photo walk.
Stunning, and that in no way is a good enough description.

+Scott Loftesness yes I hope you will be there again... you got caught in a photograph with me from some journalist didn't you? Be sure to bring your sweet rig again!
What time is the photowalk??
+Daniel Panichelli Are you asking Jesus if He has a magic camera? I don't think He does, but is a wonderful painter!
I just love the way you make a photo look like a painting Trey. Can never wait to see the next one. The Photo walk is not far from where I live but I won't be able to be there. I hope it is a big success and has a big turn out. I imagine it will.
I am truly amazed by every single photo you have taken- everytime I think I have a new favorite.. I get a new favorite!!!!
I have always admired your work Trey - the HDR images just blow away the imagination take you to a alternate reality in fact
This picture looks amazing, the way the gold looks like it's slightly more lit.
There is an emotion's communication here, and it has to do with spirituality, in my view
That's got an almost 3D effect to it - kickass picture!
< Another Googler who'll be joining on the walk :)
Awesome. Thanks. Hope will get to say "Hi" :-)
I love the glow of the building and the moody sky.
great! I will try to be there
Oh man, I would love to attend the photowalk... Just not around the corner for me... Have fun everybody! 
Feeling lucky as heck to have started work @ Google a few weeks ago. I'll be at both--and stoked x2.
Thanks for setting this up Trey. Count me in. Just wondering how long the walk usually takes as Ill regrettably have to leave around 8pm.
I'm in the Google Pittsburgh office, so I'll looking forward to watching your talk, but I'm sad to miss the walk. Perhaps you'll come visit the Pittsburgh office sometime? We've got a handful of good photogs here (and a few just starting out, like me), and we of course have some awesome locations for good shooting. For instance the Cathedral of Learning is just begging for a good hdr shooter.
+Trey Ratcliff best of luck with the Photo Walk would have been great to get over for it. Have fun and make sure to post loads of photos for those of use that can get there :)
Controlled, sensitive, and restrained use of HDR. Used in this manner it enhances the photography and the image instead of drawing attention to itself. Well done!
um, yeah I'll be there... will be making a two out trek but it will be worth it!
Beautiful.... That sky is absolutely stunning.
Cool, I'll try to make it. I tried to attend one of +Thomas Hawk's photowalks in Seattle a couple of years back when I was up shooting in WA, but I mist have missed the group by minutes. It'll be good to meet folks in person.
Stunning Picture. Your talent has inspired a brand new hobby for me!
One of my favorites. Awesome shot Trey.
Wish you can do a walk in San Diego. It is beautiful down here.
Enjoy and bummed it is not at the Santa Monica Google offices
+Trey Ratcliff Yep, got caught in that Stanford Daily photo walking with you - with my tiny Canon S95 on top of my tiny tripod! We had great fun that day - got some great HDR shots with the S95 inside MemChu!
Wish I could make it, but will be in Reno that day. It would probably be my one chance to meet you before the big move!
Photowalk! This is one of those times that I miss my native SF Bay area. Awesome shot.
I just ran by this today. Too bad I am leaving Stanford today.
Very cool shot. Love the clouds and the mosaics.
Min Liu
I knew it! Stanford is totally evil, haha
Just missing it by a week. The following week I will be in the area for my wife's family reunion. I could have snuck out and driven a couple hours to be there for the photo walk. Oh well, maybe next time. Meanwhile I will see what I find to photograph in the Ferndale area.
How wish i can join it.. Great Idea..
Amazing, love the apparent glow surrounding the religious scene with the ominous backdrop of dark clouds.
Trey -- you missed this comment --- it would really be great if you answered it because you have had via Google+ INSTANT MAGNIFICATION of your already deeply earned celebrity through S-I-C -- and so people truly want to know these things. It doesn't take long to answer creative questions now and then vs just chit chat. .............. Person asked a question (( Are you always lucky/really patient with the skies or do you fake them? )) -- it was sincere, not mockery
Thanks all!

+Richard Hoefer thx for the reminder - btw, understand that I get comments / questions on my 70+ threads here and my 3000+ threads on the blog plus Twitter and FB -- and it's just impossible to keep up and answer ALL questions, no matter how small. I literally get over 500 questions a day - hope you understand. But, in this case, my answer that I was lucky. But, in an assault on luck, since I have my camera with me so much, there are more chances for luck.
WOW - Amazing. I used to run across this place to get to class. Sky looks surreal.
:o I'm going to be in the area on the 12th, so sad I'm going to miss it.
will be there, although the sheer number of people is a bit overwhelming. Maybe we should call it a Photo Stampede.
I know for a fact that those clouds are for real. It was POURING the day Trey took this fabulous shot.
I'll be sure to attend the talk :)
Another great photo. Have fun with your walk.
+Trey Ratcliff Trey you're a CHAMP! That was kind of pesky of me. You're right; my apology..... And thanks so much for your answer. You inspire a lot of people -- and because you make yourself accessible and friendly, we love to learn and deconstruct. Thanks again, onward!
Awesome, I am flying in to do business in Palo Alto next week, so I will be able to join. Great idea +Trey Ratcliff
When are you coming to Southern California for another Photo Walk????
The Andy Goldsworthy sculpture can be fun (and a bit tricky) to photograph -- near the art museum.
100% there !! -- This is one of the super awesome perks of being a google employee .. awesome people come to campus to talk about what their life work! .. love it.
Joe M
+Trey Ratcliff, OK to use Stanford campus? Search for Search "University increases enforcement of campus photography policy".
Just signed up this morning! Looking forward to the tour and picking peoples mind :)

+Trey Ratcliff Have you ever thought about hiring an assistant or two to help read and reply to your post/threads?
Great !

+John Perez Maybe yes -- but I don't want the assistant to "pretend" to be me! It's a problem....
+Trey Ratcliff True. I'm sure that an assistant pretending to be you can cause problems. If you were a corporate entity I'm sure that having an assistant would be easy lol. Wish you luck w/ and tons of fun with replying to your wonderful fans. See you Thursday!
+Trey Ratcliff An 'automated assistant' could reply to all the "Is that real?" questions ;-)
Can you do a photo walk in Maine sometime? There are lots of gorgeous walks along the coast!
Wes Lum
Count me as another WISH I could be there. Can't wait to see all the wonderful shots!
Trey, just a heads up in case you weren't aware, Stanford no longer allows "Professional" photographers to shoot on campus without a permit. Pretty much any time they see a Tripod, security comes over and kicks you out! It's a crappy rule and I'm not sure why they've started doing this but I thought I'd mention it before the PhotoWalk is a bust :(
I was really hoping to make it as I live about 3 hours away but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Hopefully next time.
Great the contrast.
+Trey Ratcliff Can you please move this event to Saturday (jk). I'm from Florida and am brining my son to do a tour of Standford on Saturday. Am so bummed we will miss the awesomeness!
Hey folks,

Just wanted to pass along two bits of advice for tonight's walk.

First, apparently there's a National Swim Meet going on tonight, so come a little early for parking.

Second, as an alumnus of Stanford, I passed word of our little adventure to the Public Affairs office. Campus police would "strongly prefer" that we stay away from the Main Quad. As such, our walk will focus on the new architecture that Stanford wants to highlight (Knight Center,Y2E2, SEQ2, Clark Center, + Cantor/New Guinea). So, for the good of all and the goodwill of Stanford:

PLEASE, no shenanigans on the Main Quad! Especially if it involves 100 tripods. Thanks muchly!

The other schools (GSB, Med, Eng) are more supportive of our activities.

Otherwise, see you all tonight! This should be exciting!
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